Coloring Pages For Teens

Have some trendy coloring fun with these free coloring pages for teens!

On this page, you will find 15 all new coloring pages for teens that are completely free to print and download.

Being a teenager is a stressful yet exciting time! It’s the transition to adulthood where more responsibilities start popping up, but you also start to figure out who you are.

With how stressful things can get, it can be fun to unwind with some coloring, and that’s what we will provide with these free coloring pages for teens!

These pages feature some trendy, fashionable teens in some fun poses and scenarios, and you should get to use all your favorite colors!

Each of these pages are free for you to print and enjoy as you please, too.

Once you have picked your favorite pages, you can share the finished artworks on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to show them off!

15 Brand New Coloring Pages For Teens – Free to Print and Color

This first coloring sheet for teens that we have for you features a really cool-looking and fashionable young lady!

She not only has a really awesome hairstyle, but she is covered in some beautiful floral tattoos.

There are so many great details to color in here, so you can really have some great times bringing it to life!Coloring Pages For Teens free download

We have another gorgeous page for you to color here! This one features a girl who has a modest yet really classic style.

We would use some milder colors for this one, as there is a calming mood given off by this image.

What kinds of colors will you choose for this wonderful picture?Coloring Pages For Teens free pdf

This third free coloring page for teens that we have for you is another one that gives off a calm, elegant feeling.

She seems to be finishing off her hairstyle in this image, and there is a graceful simplicity to her style.

Will you finish off this feeling with lighter colors or create a contrast with brighter colors instead!Coloring Pages For Teens free printable

Now here’s a page that gives off some confidence and style!

The facial expression shown on the face of this girl really gives off a feeling of confidence, and for that reason we would use some brighter colors for this one.

Will you go with a similar idea or do you have something else in mind for this trendy girl?Coloring Pages For Teens free download

Just because it’s time for bed doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish! This next girl looks ready to settle in for the night, and she’s decked out in some comfy pajamas and a unicorn face mask.

There are so many great details to color in here, and pretty much any color scheme you can think of would look amazing.

We will be interested to see how you color this one!Coloring Pages For Teens free download

It’s time to cool off as we color in this next coloring printable for teens! This girl also has a more muted style, and she seems to be enjoying her drink on a hot day.

If we were coloring this one, we would use some bright colors for the background to give off a Summer feeling.Coloring Pages For Teens free download

There are some amazing details to color in this next page! This fashionable girl is wearing some awesome glasses along with a bandana with some great pattern details on it.

These details along with her clothing give you a lot to work with as you bring this one to life.Coloring Pages For Teens free printable

For the next picture we have for you, there is a mixture of style and warmth coming from it!

This girl is looking cozy in a funky beanie, so for that reason we would use some lovely rich, warm colors for the details and background for this one.

That is what we would do, but what colors do you think you’ll use?Coloring Pages For Teens free download

What a dramatic pose we have for you to color in next! There is a lot of attitude and a bit of mystery suggested in this pose, and there are lots of colors you could use to highlight the mood of this one.

If you can’t decide which colors to use, you could print out multiple copies so you can experiment!Coloring Pages For Teens free pdf

It’s always great to enjoy a sweet treat, and that is what this girl is doing in this tenth coloring sheet for teens that we have for you.

This stylish lady is licking a heart-shaped lollipop, and we think the lollipop would look great with some bright, neon pinks. Is that a color that came to mind for you, or will you try out something else?Coloring Pages For Teens free download

There is a bit of a vintage style to this next page! This girl is dressed in clothing that is simultaneously funky and modern while being inspired by fashions from previous eras.

You could use colors that go for a more modern feeling to contrast the vintage style, or you could lean into colors that suggest that more vintage look instead!Coloring Pages For Teens free printable

We have a page that features a girl who has a surprised expression on her face! This is a really fun picture, and there are some more awesome details to color.

It is another one where we would use some bright, happy colors if we were to color it in.

What colors will you pick?Coloring Pages For Teens free download

In contrast to the previous page, this one has a more muted, moody feeling to it. Even so, there are plenty of details to have some fun adding color to.

Also in contrast to the previous one, we would probably go for a lighter color scheme for this one if we had to choose!Coloring Pages For Teens free pdf download

This next page is really striking! There is such a great amount of detail in the hairstyle this woman is sporting, and that opens up so many possibilities for color.

We think you may want to use some art mediums that allow for smaller details, and some ideas would be some colored pens and pencils or paintbrushes with thin tips.Coloring Pages For Teens free printable

For the final free coloring page for teens that we have for you, we have another girl whose fashion sense seems to have been inspired by 90’s styles.

If you agree with this, you could complement that theme by using some bright, neon colors to really make this an image that pops.

How will you close off this collection?Coloring Pages For Teens free download

Have Even More Fashionable Fun With These Coloring Pages!

In this collection of free coloring pages for teens, we saw many different fashionable characters. The details really help to bring these pictures to life, but there are so many more details to add.

You can add some of your own details in order to make these pictures even more fun and fashionable.

It could be a pattern on the clothing or maybe some small accessories that they’re wearing.

If you have a particular style that you like to wear in real life, you could make your favorite characters in these pages match it. Another fun way to do this is by using some of the top trends.

You can look up pictures of celebrities at recent awards shows and find the styles that you like the most. Then, you can use these to style your pictures from this collection.

It can also be fun to create your own unique looks and styles to imagine what you would wear to a fancy event. To complement these styles, you can also use some crafts and art tools.

If you want some extra sparkle for the various clothing items, you can use some glitter, special glues and maybe even some beads. These help to add a little extra something to your artwork.

There are no wrong ways to go about it, so feel free to get really creative with it! You could share these pictures with your friends and then see how everyone went about coloring and decorating them.

You’ll probably find that each person will have a unique interpretation depending on the styles and colors they love. We have given you something to start with, but now it’s up to you!

How will you take your favorite coloring pages even further?

Coloring Pages For Teens – Which will you choose?

That brings you to the end of this wonderful collection of free coloring pages for teens! We hope you had a great time bringing some colors to the trendy fashions shown off throughout all 15 pages.

Remember that these pages are not only free to print and enjoy, but you can also share them with others to enjoy! There is certainly! plenty of fun to share and enjoy with this collection.

When you have chosen and colored your favorite pages from the collection, you can share the results of your creativity on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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