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Discover our unique castle coloring pages for children to print and color for free 

Some of us really like castles, others not so much. Castles are all unique, although some may look similar. They have their own architecture, their own history.

They make us dream, thinking we would live there if we could, or we find them too big. One thing is sure: castles do not leave us indifferent! And, it’s no wonder children are fascinated by them.

Now you can take your child on an adventure in medieval times with our amazing castle coloring pages. Download and print these sheets for free and let the coloring spree begin!

10 Brand New Castle Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first castles were built from wood and were pretty cheap and quick to build using local labour. They were pretty imposing, yet not as durable.

Once stone castles became all the rage, the cost went up considerably and it took an average of 10 years to complete. Castles became sturdier, built at the top of hills using stone and some natural features of the land to help with their defense.

Castles rule our lands today. They withstood ages of war and bad weather, they outlived their owners and now you can visit them anytime you want.

Or even better, you can print these castle coloring sheets and let your creativity flow free.Castle Coloring Pages for kids free download

Castles are made to be pointy and touch the sky. That’s by design, and they do have good reasons to be built like that.

Found all along the castle walls, towers, and arrow slits were quite narrow in order to allow archers to shoot arrows safely.

Towers have slowly evolved from square to D-shapes and then into a circular form, which gave a greater range of fire and eliminated the corner blind spots.

They were also more structurally stable and better resisted attempts to destroy them. Try these castle coloring sheets and go back in time!Castle Coloring Pages for adults free printable

It’s a shame that these architectural wonders do not always attract as many visitors as they deserve.

However, the world is changing, and the chateaux owners must also evolve. And that’s what they do more and more often!

Castles aren’t piles of stones and dust! Chateaux owners are vying for inventiveness and plan on making these architectural wonders more interactive and accessible for children of all ages.

Download our castle printable pages today and allow your child to experience all the medieval buzz.

After all, children are much more likely (and luckier) to enjoy a more intensely hued imagination than we do.Castle Coloring Pages free pdf download

Have you ever wondered why castles were built on hills?

Well, it’s believed that a higher altitude offered a significant defense advantage during the sieges and easy control of the surrounding lands in peaceful times.

Hilltop castles, like the one depicted here, offered the advantage of being almost impregnable during sieges while also ensuring the building wouldn’t sink over the years under its weight.

They also benefited the archers, who needed to shoot much further than their opponents, which had to get dangerously close to the walls.

Today, hilltop castles look stunning and they’re worth visiting every period of the year.Castle Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

What is it about castles that makes them so alluring to us? Is it the passing of time that made them so treasured? The myriad of fairy-tale and ghost stories?

We think it’s the medieval stone walls, sky-high towers, and bridges arching over glittering moats that make these architectural wonders so charming to our sight.

Despite their venerable age, castles are fascinating in their beauty and grandeur. They remind us of our childhood, and why dreaming about greater heights and better days is important.

Show these castle coloring pages to your little one, tell them stories and share their wonders while coloring.Castle Coloring Book free printable

Hilltop wonders everywhere! Have you ever wondered who lives in the castle …and why?

The keep or donjon was a multi-storied building inside the castle with a well-defended entrance, making it the safest place when under attack.

It served as the residence for nobility, the place where all the eating, drinking, and parties took place – it was also where everyone slept.

While this beauty reminds us of Neuschwanstein, the castle that served as inspiration for Disneyland’s logo, it’s easy to imagine it as whatever you want it to be.

Download our castle coloring sheets and let your imagination wander!Castle Coloring Book for kids free printable

Fun fact: did you know towers were once built with square tops?

Eventually, they were shaped into rounder constructions because they gave archers and knights a better view of their surroundings.

Medieval castle towers also came in various shapes and served a variety of purposes.

Although the central purpose of these towers was defense, they could also be used for imprisonment and storage purposes.

Now they serve as construction splendors for visitors and as an inspiration for architects worldwide.

Transport your child to the wonders of the medieval age by allowing them to explore and color these magical castle coloring pages.Castle Coloring Sheet for children free download

If you think back to any movie you’ve watched with a castle, you can probably remember a scene in which a massive, grated structure at the front of the castle gets lowered dramatically.

That’s the gate or portcullis – a wood or heavy metal barrier strategically located in the front or behind the castle doors that was quickly lowered in case of attack.

Portcullis were usually heavy and were held suspended in the air by a pulled and winch mechanism controlled on the gatehouse’s first floor by the castle guards.Castle Coloring Book for adults free download

For castles, flags generally impart some form of identification. They represented the country they belonged to and displayed the colors or arms of the family who owned them.

Times were tough back then, so it was important for nobles to come up with a variation on that theme.

The right “to bear arms” depended highly on ranks within the feudal system. In short, if you were lucky enough to own a piece of land, you could have your own arms.

Flags come in different colors, and badges and different nuances represent different things.

For instance, coloring yours in gold symbolizes generosity, while silver or white represents peace and sincerity.Castle Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Have you ever heard of a fortified gatehouse? Well, now you do. That’s where our last castle printable sheet sends us.

The fortified gatehouse of a castle was potentially one of its weakest points, and for the same reason, gates gained additional protective features over time.

The gatehouse is where the portcullis and other defensive measures were built.

Over time, this marvelous construction became remarkably strong and was even used as a residence, particularly by the castle’s constables.Castle Easy Coloring Pages


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