Astronaut Coloring Pages

Discover our new Astronaut coloring pages suitable for kids of all ages. 

On this page, you will find 15 all new Astronaut coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Does your little one dream about exploring outer space? Help them get closer to the Moon in a fun way with these astronaut coloring pages!

Space is a fascinating topic that every child would love to learn more about.

Your children can do it in a fun way. These printable sheets are a fantastic opportunity for you to teach your little one about outer space, the Moon, the stars, and the planets.

15 Brand New Astronaut Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first astronaut coloring sheet captures a happy astronaut exploring the Moon and having a fantastic time in outer space.

This sheet shows the astronaut wearing the special suit and walking on the Moon and probably waving to people from Earth.

This printable sheet is a realistic depiction of the Moon, showing the lunar craters and the circular shape the Moon has.

Coloring this astronaut is a great opportunity for your little one to learn more about astronauts and even do an imagination exercise and think about how the life of an astronaut is in space.Astronaut Coloring Pages for kids free download

Do you want to be an astronaut when you grow up? If you do, you will love this astronaut coloring page of a happy astronaut in a space suit.

This astronaut is ready to explore outer space and discover new planets and stars. Look at the details on the space suit, such as the control panel, the pockets, and the headphones. Can you imagine what they are used for?

When coloring the space suit, use some metallic or shiny colors for the helmet and the control panel.astronaut coloring pages for kids

Can your little one imagine what it is like to float around in space? This astronaut coloring sheet is an excellent opportunity for them to imagine how it feels!

Our next coloring sheet captures an astronaut wearing an astronaut suit and floating around in space. Can you imagine what they are seeing from up there?

Print this astronaut coloring sheet and invite your little one to color this adorable astronaut using whatever colors they like most.

Although astronaut suits are typically white, your little one can reimagine this suit whatever color their imagination dictates. A pink astronaut suit? Why not?Astronaut Coloring Pages for adults free printable

It looks like a good day to explore outer space for this adorable little astronaut in our next coloring sheet.

This printable page is an amazing exercise to encourage your little one to imagine what they would feel like to be in an astronaut suit up there.

Would they enjoy floating around in space? Would they be amazed by how Earth can be seen from space?

This astronaut coloring page has plenty of design details that your little one can color. For example, they can color the astronaut’s suit using their favorite color.

Or, they can use their creativity and draw on the white background to add a personal touch to this sheet.Astronaut Coloring Pages free pdf download

Who is ready to go on a space adventure? This astronaut coloring page features a smiling astronaut with a backpack in front of a beautiful starry sky.

The astronaut’s pose is active with arms outstretched as if soaring through space. His expression conveys excitement and wonder.

You can color the astronaut with color silver, grays, white, neon bright and earth tones. You can also draw some aliens or spaceships in the background to make it more fun.original astronaut coloring pages

This astronaut looks very excited about being so close to the stars in the sky. Would your little one enjoy touching a star like this cute astronaut does?

Use this printable coloring sheet to encourage your little one to imagine visiting outer space!

This astronaut coloring sheet features an adorable little astronaut exploring space. He looks like he enjoys looking at the stars and floating around in space.

Invite your little one to allow their creativity to run free while coloring this page. They can color this astronaut’s suit using their favorite colors.

They can draw more stars or a spaceship next to the astronaut. More importantly, they can use their imagination and picture themselves in the astronaut suit.Astronaut Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Did you know that spacewalking feels more like a space ballet on fingertips?

Yes, walking in space is a lot different and more difficult than walking on Earth due to the zero-gravity in outer space. This printable sheet perfectly captures how weird it feels to walk in space.

You can use this astronaut coloring page as an opportunity to teach your little one about spacewalking. You can also ask them to imagine what it feels like to walk in zero gravity.

This coloring sheet can be a fun lesson about spacewalking for your children.Astronaut Coloring Book free printable

How do you feel about floating in space? This coloring sheet features a cheerful astronaut who is enjoying the weightlessness of outer space.

The white spacesuit has intricate detailing such as tubes, controls, and embellished accents for creative coloring.

I would suggest coloring the astronaut’s space suit and helmet with rainbow colors. You can also add some more details to the background, such as comets, asteroids, or satellites. astronaut coloring printable

Did you know that a space suit weighs nothing in the microgravity environment of space? Another interesting fact is that putting on a spacesuit takes about 45 minutes.

Our next coloring sheet shows just how complex spacesuits are and how many special undergarments there are to keep astronauts cool.

The astronaut in this next coloring sheet has a very complex suit used to explore outer space.

Your children can color each design detail of our astronaut’s suit while imagining how they would feel wearing such an intricate outfit.Astronaut Coloring Book for kids free printable

Since there’s no gravity in space, astronauts are constantly floating up there, just like the astronaut in our next astronaut printable sheet.

It looks like this astronaut is reaching out to grab something. It can be the spaceship or a colleague astronaut. What do you think?

Invite your little one to color this printable sheet while you teach them a thing or two about space and what it feels like to float in microgravity.

Ask your child to imagine what they would like most about being an astronaut to encourage them to use their creativity.Astronaut Coloring Sheet for children free download

What do you think it feels like to walk on the moon? This astronaut coloring page shows a brave astronaut who is taking a giant leap on the lunar surface.

You can see the Earth and some stars in the background, as well as some craters and rocks on the moon.

The astronaut has an excited expression, as if thrilled to be moonwalking. Kids can imagine feeling weightless in the low gravity with each giant leap.

You can color the space suit with any colors you like, but make sure to use some gray or white for the helmet and boots. astronaut coloring sheet free pdf download

Our next coloring sheet captures a very curious astronaut exploring outer space.

The astronaut on this page looks like he or she is pointing towards a planet or other astronomical objects. Can your little one imagine what this astronaut is looking for?

Coloring this sheet is a lovely and fun way for your children to learn fun facts about being in outer space.

Gather some exciting insights about space and share them with your children while they color this page.Astronaut Coloring Book for adults free download

Is it fun floating in space? Encourage your little one to imagine what it feels like while coloring our next astronaut-inspired coloring sheet.

This astronaut coloring page captures an astronaut floating around in space, surrounded by various astronomical objects like space rocks.

The astronaut is wearing a complex spacesuit to help them stay cool and safe while exploring outer space. Invite your little one to get creative with colors and ideas on how it feels like to be in space.Astronaut Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

It looks like the astronaut in our last coloring page is waving to their friends from Earth. Can your child imagine what Earth looks like from the Moon? Maybe you can show them some photos.

Coloring this astronaut printable sheet is a great way for your little ones to allow their creativity to run wild. They can exercise their coloring sheets and their imagination at the same time in a fun way.

Your child can use various color shades for this page. They can color the astronaut’s suit using their favorite colors, and they can color the Moon using white and yellow hues.

Or, maybe they imagine a pink, blue, or green Moon. Encourage them to let their creativity run wild.

We constantly update our coloring sheet collections, so visit us again for more fun printable coloring pages!Astronaut Easy Coloring Pages

Have you ever planted a flag on another planet? Here we have a proud astronaut who has just accomplished this amazing feat.

This astronaut is wearing a space suit with a helmet and a backpack, and has a smile on their face.

I would color this astronaut with colors pink, red or yellow, orange or green. You can also add some more details to the background, such as a moon, a comet, or an alien. little astronaut coloring printable


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