Thomas the Train Coloring Pages

Introduce coloring to kids through these awesome Thomas the Train coloring pages.

A popular children’s show, Thomas and Friends has been a household name for many years now. The show follows the adventure of Thomas, a tank engine, and his friends in the imaginary town of Sodor. Every vehicle in Sodor has its characteristics.

Thomas the Train is the main protagonist and the most famous character in the series. He is the no. 1 blue engine. Thomas is a cheeky little engine who often gets into trouble because he likes to assume the responsibilities of bigger engines.

Thomas the Train is the lead character of the series that sent all kids obsessed with trains.

We created 10 Thomas the Train Coloring Pages for kids of all ages to enjoy! They are free to download and you can print them anytime to make coloring more fun!

10 Brand New Thomas the Train Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Thomas the Train has an iconic blue color, which is also the official color of the North Western Railway. His blue color has red and yellow accents.

On this Thomas the Train coloring page for kids, Thomas is seen happily working. Thomas likes to work hard every day and makes sure he is a Really Useful Engine.

If you’ve got a kid who’s a big fan of the show, this free printable will be an easy one for thomas the train coloring pages

Did you know that Thomas is not a prominent character in the first series of the Railway Series? He came in next in 1946 and eventually became the most popular character.

In this free printable, Thomas the Train is seen working on his usual day. Mountains and clouds are behind him.thomas the train coloring pages online

Fun Fact: Thomas the Train can be found on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway 0-6-0 E2.

This image from our Thomas the Train coloring pages features a basic Thomas portrait perfect for kids who are just starting on coloring.

Big bold lines are used in this image. It’s possibly nighttime as there are large stars in the background.thomas the train coloring pages to print

Thomas is cheeky and this often gets him into scrapes. His characteristic of being overly eager to do the things assigned to bigger engines always lands him in trouble. But this doesn’t stop him as he gets back up on his feet again – ready to work.

As seen in this Thomas the Train coloring page for kids, he is on and about his usual day working.
The printable is pretty straightforward and contains big bold lines that beginners can start with.simple thomas the train coloring pages pdf

Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Alec Baldwin, and Pierce Brosnan were just some of the famous voices who provided the narration for Thomas and Friends.

Our Thomas the Train coloring pages provide kids with access to easy-to-color illustrations while giving them a friendly and familiar character that they can look at fondly while doing the coloring and white thomas the train coloring pages

Thomas has his character and personality but it doesn’t mean he works alone. His driver’s name is Bob and they go on adventures together.

Seen on this coloring page is the full feature of Thomas. This illustration is simple and basic.

This little engine character has been around for years and has sustained the appeal it has to its viewers. Why do you think it’s a hit among kids?printable thomas the train coloring pages for kids

Thomas the Train has a blue tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy boiler, and a stumpy dome as well.

In this printable, Thomas the Train looks like he is at the beach, trying to possibly relax from work or doing something adventurous with his printable thomas the train coloring pages pdf

Thomas just turned 1!

Even though they’re trains, they also get to celebrate their birthday. It started as a book in 1945 and has now evolved into endless TV hits, movies, and toys around the world. In reality, Thomas is more than 75 years old now!

Or this isn’t probably a birthday cake, but a celebration cake for being the no. 1 blue engine. What do you think?happy birthday thomas the train coloring pages

In this Thomas the Train coloring page for kids, our main protagonist is seen leaving the train station. There are bricked walls behind him

This printable is a challenging one and apt for more advanced kids as some various lines and shapes need precision. Once done, this page can be turned into a poster as the work put into it will surely make one proud!thomas the train coloring pages free printables

Hooray to Thomas for being the no. 1 blue engine!

Here he is in this last image of our Thomas the Train coloring pages with stars shining above him.

It’s possibly night time and he’s about to go get his night’s rest to gear up for work in the morning.

Kids with little coloring backgrounds will get to enjoy this printable as bold and simple lines are used in this illustration.easy thomas the train coloring pages free

Thomas the Train Coloring Pages – Fun and Easy Free Printables

Much to the delight of children around the world, Thomas the Train (or Thomas the Tank Engine previously) has been around for years, continuing to entertain and influence kids.

Originally from a book series, the character has evolved into popular TV series, multiple movies, games, and of course, toys. Thomas and his friends are wildly popular among children that their influence on kids is truly remarkable.

This set of Thomas the Train coloring pages highlights Thomas and his iconic features. It aims to provide comfort to children who are starting to color as well as more advanced ones. It’s a combination of easy-to-color illustrations and complex images.

Surely a comfort to kids everywhere, these free Thomas the Train printables will be enjoyable.

Download these pages for free and share them with friends or family looking for fun and easy coloring pages.

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