Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained Glass Easter Eggs
I saw the idea to make snowflake eggs in the Family Fun Magazine this month. After we made the eggs we decided to take them a step further and give them a stained glass effect.
To cut the shapes in the eggs, you use a similar techinque as you do in making paper snowflakes.
Stained Glass Eggs1
When you cut the shapes in the folds of your paper you have to make sure to not cut on the round edge. I tried to make a little illustration to show you what I mean.
Then unfold your egg to see your fun design. Ours did not turn out NEAR as cool as the ones in the magazine (I have no idea how they got theirs so lacy looking), but they are still cool.
Next put your egg on top of a piece of contact paper, leaving the sticky side up. You can see in the picture below we had an opps and accidentally cut a piece out of the rounded edge. No biggy but it doesn’t have the nice finished edge all the way around. (I actually didn’t even notice this until after we were all done making them.)
Cover all the holes in the egg with tissue paper squares. The contact paper makes them stick to the egg. We used spring colors to go along with the Easter theme.

Once all the holes are covered, place another sheet of contact paper over your egg, sticky side down, to seal your egg shut.

DSC0226 1

Lastly, cut around the edge of the egg to cut off the excess contact paper. Turn your egg over and you have a fun work of art! Here is my toddler’s egg. I like how her colors mixed together in the holes.

They look cool just as is but hang them in the window to get the real stained glass effect.




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