How to Make a Pop Up Easter Card -Easy Easter Craft for Kids

Making homemade Easter cards is a fun and easy craft for kids to enjoy for Easter. In fact, kids will have a blast making handmade greeting cards for any holiday of the year. Pop up cards are especially fun for kids to create so today we are sharing how to make a pop up Easter card.

The pop up Easter bunny centered on this handmade Easter card resembles one of those iconic Peeps bunnies that are super popular this season every year.

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The other pieces of this DIY Easter card include simple shapes for Easter grass and Easter eggs and combined together they create colorful, happy Easter cards for all to enjoy.

We debated creating some sort of egg pop up card, but the idea of a cute pop up bunny centered around tall grasses at an Easter egg hunt won by a landslide among my kids.

Preschoolers, kids of all ages and even adults will love learning how to make this simple pop up Easter card. Grab your supplies and the template and get ready for some fun Easter crafting.

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How to Make a Pop Up Easter Card

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Supplies needed for Pop Up Card:


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How to make a pop up Easter card -This homemade Easter card is a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to make for Easter. Simple pop up handmade greeting cards.

Instructions for Easter Card:

Step 1: Purchase the vase template in our shop and print it out. You can do this a few different ways. The first way is to print off page 4 on white cardstock. Then use the pieces as a pattern and trace the grass on green paper and the eggs on colored paper.

You can also use pages 5-7 and print them on the appropriate colors (white cardstock for bunny, green paper for grass and colored paper for eggs). This option is especially helpful if you are making this craft in a classroom setting. Set the template aside to use in a few steps.

If you prefer not to purchase our template, you will need to use the photos in our Easter card making tutorial as a guide to draw the template pieces needed for your DIY happy Easter card.

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Step 2: Begin by making your pop up card. Fold a piece of green cardstock paper in half. Then cut two slits about 1-inch in length along the folded edge of the card, in the center, about 1-1/2 inches apart.

Step 3: Fold down and crease the green cardstock along the slit you cut. Carefully open up the green cardstock again, invert the folded piece of the paper so it stands upright in the crease to create the pop out on the inside of the card.

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Step 4: Make the sky background of your card. Do this by cutting a wavy line about one-third of the way down a blue piece of paper. Use a glue stick to glue the blue sky at the top of the pop out card.

Step 5: Cut out the pieces of the template you printed out in Step 1.

Step 6: Use markers (or crayons) to color a face and ears on your bunny. Then use your markers to decorate each of your Easter eggs.

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Step 7: Fold each of the grass sections in half along the dotted line of the template. Then use scissors to cut slits along the edge of one side to make blades of grass.

Step 8: Glue the grass piece that doesn’t have a fold in it at the bottom of your bunny.

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Step 9: Add glue on the pop out section of the card and attach your bunny to it. Then add glue on the bottom of each of the grass sections and glue them on your card.

Step 10: Glue the Easter eggs on the different sections of grass on your pop out card.

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Step 11: To fold your card, lay down each of the folded grass sections with one hand and then use your other hand to close the card.

You can keep your Easter card to display at home as a decoration or give it away as a card. Write a personalized message in the sky or bottom of the card and then place it in a large envelope for mailing.

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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Pop Up Easter Card

Watch the video below for a step by step guide for making this pop up Easter card.

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