Ships and Boats Coloring Pages

Navigate through the seas with these fun ships and boats coloring pages!

We have all dreamt of sailing on a ship or a boat as we wander across the ocean. Ships and boats are both a type of sailing vessel.

The key distinction between ships and boats is that a ship is a square-rigged craft with at least three masts, while a boat isn’t. Ships are also significantly larger than a boat.

Below is a compilation of ships and boats coloring pages for you to enjoy with friends and family. With these free ships and boats coloring sheets, coloring activities are made fun and easy.

Simply choose an image, print it, and color it!

The most fun part is, you can color these ships and boats coloring printables with any color you like.

Once you’ve printed an image you like, why not try experimenting with various coloring materials like watercolor and oil pastels?

Let your imagination run wild and use your creativity!

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Ships and Boats Coloring Pages — 15 All-New Free Printable Sheets

It’s a clear, sunny day on this coloring page! This is the perfect weather to sail across the sea. The enormous ship in the image doesn’t look like it’s having any trouble cruising.

Hopefully, there won’t be a storm coming in the way anytime soon!the letter b is for boats coloring pages for toddlers

Join the crew of this awesome tall ship coloring page. It’s a proud vessel with three soaring masts and billowing white sails.

Can you imagine how fast she zips across the sparkling blue waves? A bright beam of sunshine guides her way as flags flutter in the breeze, telling tales of faraway lands.

It’s fly flags that tell us where it came from and where it is going. The sky is full of clouds, but there is a ray of sunshine that makes the scene more beautiful. Ships and Boat Coloring Pages for Kids

This coloring page shows a boat navigating through the calm seas. It’s a cloudy day and the boat seems to be sailing effortlessly.

The boat has three boat flags, two of which are huge and the other one is small.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that boat flags are not just used for decoration? They’re actually nautical flags designed as a system to communicate with other ships or a shore nearby.ocean fishing boats coloring pages

Huge waves are fun when you’re surfing, but they aren’t too enjoyable when you’re sailing in a boat. In this coloring page, a large boat is sailing on a sunny day!

Despite the seemingly calm weather, turbulent waves are hitting the boat. Hopefully, the boat reaches the shore safely.realistic ships and boats coloring pages

This grand vessel has three towering masts and waves of billowing white sails. Can’t you just imagine it racing across the ocean blue?

Flags flap in the wind, telling tales of faraway lands this ship has seen. Sunbeams guide the way as seagulls soar overhead.

It’s time to let your creativity set sail on this stately ship! Make the sea froth and foam with blues and greens. Paint the weathered wood grain on those sturdy decks and masts. Original Ships and Boat Coloring Pages for Kids

With the gloomy clouds and gigantic waves, the weather in this coloring sheet appears to be calamitous.

Despite the bad weather, the boat is sailing across the violent ocean. The boat has a huge flag with a star printed on it. Which colors are you going to use for this boat?fishing ships and boats coloring pages

What a great day to sail and have fun! This coloring printable shows a gigantic ship sailing across the tranquil ocean.

The sun is peeking through the clouds and the skies look calm. It looks like it’s going to be a peaceful voyage

We think the deep blue color of the ocean would perfectly match the color of the clouds in the skies. Which colors will you pick to make this ship colorful?big ships and boats coloring pages for kids

Have fun with this cute sailboat coloring page! This boat is a type of watercraft that has three sails, two of which are open.

The boat has a cabin and a deck with railings. The water is wavy and there are clouds in the sky. You can color this boat in any way you like, and make it look more realistic or more artistic.

You can use different shades of colors, such as light blue, dark blue, or green, to make the water and sky more interesting.New Ships and Boats Coloring Pages

Rainbows usually appear after it rains. It signifies good weather after a bad one. In this coloring page, the boat is sailing smoothly.

The ocean must be calm and free from violent waves. Imagine sailing on a double-decker cruise ship like this on a sunny day. That would be so fun!big boats coloring pages free printables

This next coloring page features a ship and boat. This is a type of watercraft that has a single mast and a triangular sail.

The boat has a small cabin where you can rest and enjoy the view. The boat is on the water with waves and fish swimming below.

You can use different shades of colors, such as light blue, dark blue, or green, to make the water and sky more interesting.Ships Coloring Pages for Kids

The sun is shining and the ocean is calm—it’s a good day for a sailing expedition! The gigantic ship in this coloring printable is voyaging across the ocean effortlessly.

The ocean is steady and free from waves. It must be nice sailing on a sunny day like this!toy ships and boats coloring pages free printables

In this coloring page, an enormous ship is voyaging across the ocean. There are clouds in the sky and a flock of birds flying. There’s also a massive sphere in the background.

Is it a moon or a sun? No need to guess which is it because you can make it whichever you like. You can make the setting daytime or nighttime depending on the colors you will be boats coloring pages free printables

The sky is filled with clouds and there’s a flock of birds flying around, indicating good weather for an adventure in the ocean.

In this coloring sheet, the boat is sailing in the peaceful ocean. Which colors will you use to make this boat colorful?

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pearl harbor boats coloring pages

The vast ship in this coloring page is on a journey to a faraway island. The weather is calm, and so is the ocean.

In the background, there are mountains on the horizon. Imagine sailing on a ship and enjoying the views of mountain ridges far ahead—so exhilarating! Which colors would you pick to create a lush natural scenery?angry birds boats coloring pages

This next cool ship coloring page features a ship boat which is a watercraft that has two masts with sails and a smokestack.

The ship is sailing on the ocean with waves and clouds in the background. The ship has a round window on the side and a flag flying from the mast.

This ship is a symbol of innovation and creativity. It reminds us of the progress and development of technology and transportation.

You can use different colors, patterns, or textures to make the ship and the background more interesting.Boats Coloring Pages for Kids

Ships and Boats Coloring Pages — What are the colors of your ships and boats?

We hope you enjoy these ships and boats coloring pages. Feel free to mix and match a variation of colors to create unique and colorful ships and boats!

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Once you’ve finished coloring these ships and boats coloring sheets, you must be very proud of yourself—as you should be!

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We can’t wait to see all of your colorful ships and boats!

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