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Travel to Derry, Maine for these Pennywise coloring pages!

The character of Pennywise was introduced in 1986 in the classic horror novel It by Stephen King.

He immediately grabbed readers attention and has terrified readers and film fans in the decades since.

Pennywise has been portrayed in a few different adaptations by actors like Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard in the most recent films. Because of these adaptations, it allowed fans to be terrified of him in a whole new way!

While he’s scary, there is also an entertaining charisma to the character that is hard to deny. This collection of free Pennywise coloring pages for kids aims to capture this fear and charisma.

Some pictures aim to capture his scary side, while others capture his funner side. Get ready to color this horror icon as we take on the first page of this collection.

15 Brand New Pennywise Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Pennywise is often associated with balloons, and sometimes will even use them to float around. That is what is happening on this Pennywise coloring sheet, as he floats above the ground.

Not only is it a great depiction that captures his character well, but it also allows you some great opportunities for colors.

His outfit is brilliantly detailed, but the background also has loads of details to color.

New Pennywise Coloring Pages

This will be an amazing start to the collection once it’s complete, so how will you bring it to life?

You wouldn’t often use the word ‘cute’ to describe Pennywise, but this page does make him look kind of cute. It almost looks like he’s a small doll or maybe a baby version of Pennywise.

Because of the style, I would use some bright colors that make it look like a picture out of a picture book. That’s one idea that came to mind for me, but you could use any colors you like.

What kind of style will you use for this page?original pennywise coloring pages

This page captures the scary side of Pennywise, as his sinister nature is really captured here. In the more recent films, his costume has lots of frills and details, and they are shown off here.

Coloring these small details can be made easier with art tools and mediums that allow for precision like colored pens. You could even use strips of real fabric and stick them over the picture.

Using unusual things for coloring pages can make them really look amazing! So, don’t be afraid to try some new things for this page.pennywise coloring sheet free download

Even monster clowns need to settle down for a snack now and again, and this page shows Pennywise eating a tasty cupcake.

It’s a fun take on Pennywise, as it humanizes him in a way we don’t see in the films.

You could theme the cupcake and other elements to the film, and there are some cool ways that you could do it.

Adding some more snacks by drawing them in would also be a fun way to make this a colorful party!

What other snacks do you think Pennywise would add to this scene?original pennywise coloring printable

This next Pennywise coloring printable shows another different side to this character. He looks kind of cute in this one again, and he is holding a rose instead of something horrifying.

The rose would allow you to use some lovely rich red for that detail, and it would match the red in his design. You could also use other colors that roses come in if you prefer.

It could even be a black rose to fit the spooky nature of this character! What colors would you like to use for the rose that he’s holding on this page?pennywise coloring book

We have another unique and interesting take on Pennywise for this next page. He’s drawn in a fairly cute style again, and he seems to be surrounded by apples and other fruit.

This style along with these details allow you to try out all sorts of fun color details. It can also be fun to mix different color tones and art mediums when applying color to a page with so much detail.

It would look great whether you decide to use bright, happy colors or some more muted, moody color schemes.little pennywise coloring pages

There’s something kind of unsettling about this next page. We have three versions of Pennywise, almost like a family of them.

That’s enough to be off-putting as it is, but they also have an interesting animal design to them.

It makes for something truly creepy, and if I were coloring this page, I would use colors that match that mood.

You could also create a contrast by making the colors bright and happy to go against the creepy look of the image. It will certainly be interesting to see what you choose for this page!pennywise coloring pages for adults

This page reimagines Pennywise as a cartoon character, and shows him running full speed somewhere. It almost makes it look like a Disney reimagining, which is an interesting thought!

If you wanted to make this page even more developed, you could draw a background that fits the cartoony style. You could even make a whole scene or a small story out of it.

What kind of story or moment could you imagine for this page that would fit this cartoony interpretation of this scary character?pennywise coloring printable free download

There is a moment in the It story where Pennywise is in a library, tormenting one of the characters. This page looks like it could be from that scene, as he is sitting with a book.

Reading never looked so intimidating before, that’s for sure! The cover of the book is blank, and that means that you could add some detail there of your own.

Writing the title of your favorite book on the cover would be an interesting way for you to add your own personality to the page.pennywise reading coloring pages

I love the details on this Pennywise coloring page. He’s done in a stylistic fashion, but it still manages to capture the menace of his film counterpart.

The outlines are dark and thick on this page, so I would use some darker colors and art mediums if I were to color this page. That would help to compliment the style of the picture nicely.

Of course, that is just one way to color the page, and you may prefer to use other kinds of colors and art tools instead!pennywise coloring book for kindergarten

This page shows another unusual side to Pennywise, as he puts some apples in a bowl. When coloring the apples, you could use colors like red and green to make their colors pop.

Then, there are other details such as the bowl that the apples are in, and of course the colors on Pennywise’s clothing.

If you wanted even more details to color, then you could draw some more elements in the background.

What sort of setting do you think that Pennywise could be a part of in this image? It would be interesting to see what settings you come up with!original pennywise coloring book

The next page that we have must be one of the most detailed that we have seen so far. It really captures the character well, and it closely matches his appearance in the films.

There are some shapes in the background, and it could be interesting to add some more, such as balloon shapes. When you color a page, you don’t have to stick to what is already there.

You can also draw your own additions and then color them. This way, you can make a page entirely unique to you and make it unlike any other on the planet!easy pennywise coloring pages

You certainly wouldn’t want to be this close to Pennywise in real life, as it would mean that you’re in trouble! Luckily, we’re safe looking at him here, and can instead look at the amazing details.

In the films, Pennywise has a painted face, and you could portray that in your own image. Using paint like acrylics or watercolors would be a great way for you to show that painterly makeup look.

There are other mediums you could use for that, but I think that paint would be perfect for this close-up!pennywise head coloring pages

At first glance, this picture of Pennywise is cute, showing him as a small doll. But as you look closer, you will see the scary face he has and that cuteness goes away fast!

It makes for an interesting take on Pennywise, as there are two sides to it: the cute and the scary. You could make this contrast show with the colors you use.

For instance, you could use a combination of bright and dark colors to make the colors contrast as much as the style.full size pennywise coloring pages

This final Pennywise coloring page shows him with two balloons, which is normal for him to be seen with.

The balloons that he holds are almost always bright red, and so you could use that for these ones.

Of course, if you wanted to use other colors for the balloons, then you should do so! It would also be another page that would be well suited to a custom background.

If you can think of a cool background setting, then it would be fun to draw it and color it as well to finish off the page!pennywise drawing coloring printable

Pennywise Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Pennywise can be a rather scary character, but hopefully there was nothing scary about taking on this collection of free Pennywise coloring pages for kids!

We wanted to show different sides to Pennywise, so you could use all kinds of amazing colors.

Whether you want to match the films or give Pennywise a brand new look, you have the freedom to do so.

These pages are free to print and enjoy as many times as you like, so you could try out all sorts of different looks for Pennywise. You could also share the images with your friends and family.

If you want to share the terror of Pennywise, you can do so by sharing your finished pages. This can be done on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and we would love to see them!

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