Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages

Relive some of the greatest basketball moments of all time with these Kobe Bryant coloring pages!

There’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His list of sporting accomplishments was practically endless and his skills as a player are matched by very few who’ve ever played the game.

Sporting legends face many highs and lows in their careers and the same was certainly the truth for Kobe Bryant.

There was as much pressure and dramatic moments as there were triumphant victories, but that’s all a part of being the best!

These free Kobe Bryant coloring page printables for kids are a great way to remember some of Kobe Bryant’s best moments on the court.

We’d love to see how you commemorate your best memories of the legend himself by sharing your colored pages on our Facebook page so we can all recall our favorite moments from his illustrious basketball career.

15 Brand New Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Kobe Bryant coloring page in this collection gets things off to an action packed start. He’s leaping in the air with the ball, apparently going for the basket.

It’s a dramatic and suspenseful moment as we’re not sure if he’ll make it or not!

I think the excitement of this scene would look great if there were a bright flurry of colors in the background to really highlight the feeling of this moment.kobe bryant black and white wallpaper

Kobe Bryant was one of the most legendary basketball players of all time. In this Kobe Bryant coloring page, we see him gazing intensely with the basketball in his hands, mentally preparing for his next big play.

As you color in his stern expression and the details of his face, think back on some of his most epic moments on the court. Did you see his 81-point game live? What about when he led the Lakers to 5 NBA championships?

Don’t forget to use bright, vibrant colors on the basketball to represent Kobe’s energetic and competitive spirit. Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages

This second Kobe Bryant coloring page printable looks like it could follow on from the previous coloring page, and it looks like he got the point!

He’s surrounded by stars and giving a triumphant shout, so maybe he won the game with that basket.

Such an amazing moment would look great with bright and warm colors, I’m thinking some bright reds and yellows to capture the triumph of the moment would look really amazing.kobe bryant coloring wallpaper printable

This close-up portrait of Kobe Bryant highlights his trademark beard and intense focus that made him a fierce competitor.

He inspired generations of players to work hard and never give up on their hoop dreams.

He had an unrelenting work ethic and pushed his body to the limit every day to be the best. Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” made him famous for making difficult shots look easy.

Use dark colors for his hair and beard to capture his signature style. Make his piercing eyes pop with bright colors to show his total commitment to dominating on the court.Kobe Bryant Coloring Printable

From the action of the previous two coloring pages, we have one that captures a more uncertain moment.

Kobe Bryant is standing with his basketball and looking on at something. Maybe he’s waiting for a verdict from the referee after a tense moment.

After the more frantic printables, maybe the background of this one could have some deep blues and greens to represent the more uncertain feeling of this page.Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages free printable

Kobe Bryant is back in action after the last printable and dribbling the ball before making his next move. He’s looking a bit tired in this coloring page, so maybe it’s been a tough game to win!

This would probably also look great with a more muted background, maybe a lighter blue would finish it off nicely. What do you think?Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages free download

In this Kobe Bryant coloring page, we see him driving to the basket in the heat of a tough game. He’s giving it his all to lead the Lakers to another epic comeback victory.

Kobe seems to be flying through the air as he prepares to make another jaw-dropping play. Use neon or metallic colors to make his uniform shine bright.

Give the basketball a fiery glow as Kobe readies to throw down a monster dunk. Do you think he’ll electrify the crowd by slamming it home?Kobe Bryant Coloring Sheet

This coloring page looks like it could be the poster for a movie, as we have a close up on Kobe Bryant’s back with his name and number on his shirt in clear view.

Don’t you think a warm red background contrasted with his yellow shirt would look great? I think it would make it look even more like an iconic movie poster!Kobe Bryant Lakers Coloring Pages pdf

Here we see the legendary Kobe Bryant focused intently on making an impossible shot during a key moment. He was known for coming through in the clutch again and again.

Use vibrant colors and cool effects on his jersey to show off his superstar style. Make the basketball glow with power as it leaves Kobe’s hands, destined for the bottom of the net.

With his killer instincts, unique moves and mamba mentality, Kobe cemented his status as an all-time NBA great.Original Kobe Bryant Coloring Sheet

In this coloring book image, Kobe Bryant is looking like he’s contemplating his next big move. It looks like he’s concentrating really hard, so it must be a tense moment of the game!

Don’t you think a deep blue background would look great for this quieter moment?Kobe Bryant black and white image

If the previous coloring sheet was Kobe Bryant planning his next move, then this printable could be him acting it out and going for a dunk!

It’s an exciting, tense moment and the expression on his face certainly speaks to this! For this image the excitement would be highlighted with some bold, bright colors. Maybe some reds and yellows? How will you color in this free printable?Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages free print out

In this joyful scene, Kobe smiles just before hitting a game-winning basket, as he did so many times throughout his career.

As you color in his big smile and pumping fist, think of all the dramatic last-second shots he hit to crush his opponents’ hopes.

Use bright gold and purple on his Lakers jersey to highlight the team’s iconic colors. Give the basketball a trail effect to emphasize Kobe’s perfect follow-through.

Draw his teammates cheering while the other team looks devastated.New Kobe Bryant Coloring Printable

No one can deny that Kobe Bryant was one of the biggest stars in basketball history, and this is made apparent in this coloring page as he’s once again surrounded by stars.

Does this printable make you think of a favorite moment from a Kobe Bryant game you’ve seen? We’d love to live through your favorite moves and games by seeing how you tribute them with your coloring of this page!Bryant Lakers Free Coloring Pages

Here’s a triumphant moment in this coloring page! Kobe Bryant is looking thrilled with himself for the move he’s pulling off, and rightfully so!

I always think bright and vibrant colors work wonderfully for high action moments like this one, and much like one of the earlier printables maybe a flurry of colors in the background would give a sense of momentum and movement.Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages for kids

In the final image of this Kobe Bryant coloring page collection we see Kobe Bryant looking worn out, probably after an intense, close game!

We’ve had a lot of fast paced images in the previous printables, so it might be fitting to use cooler greens and blues for the background of this image to reflect a job well done.Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages for adults

Kobe Bryant Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a great time celebrating the legend Kobe Bryant with these free coloring sheet printables!

There were moments of excitement and drama along with quieter moments of contemplation and planning. Those moments are just as important as the moments of glory, and we hope you had fun getting creative with portraying the many aspects behind a game of basketball!

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We love to see all your colorful creations!original and free kobe bryant coloring pages


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