Jordan Coloring Pages

Celebrate this basketball legend with these Jordan coloring pages!

Sports stars come and go, and some will reach the top of their careers with great playing and notable exploits. However, some will ascend even that to become something more: a legend.

Not many sports stars reach this prestigious level, but Michael Jordan is one that certainly has. Considered one of the best basketball players of all time, his name has become synonymous with the sport.

He has even appeared in other media, such as the smash hit Space Jam in 1996. Now, he is the star of this collection of free Jordan coloring pages for kids.

Fans of this sports legend will get to portray him and his best moments using their color creativity, so let’s blow the whistle and kick off the collection!

15 Brand New Jordan Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Jordan coloring sheet that we have for you would make for an excellent poster once it is complete. It has Michael Jordan’s name written in bold letters, allowing you to color those as well.

You can choose any colors that you think would suit his style, whether it’s a new color for each letter or a smaller selection.

Coloring the background will also help to create an awesome feeling for the page.

Once complete, hanging the page on your wall would be an amazing tribute!New Jordan Coloring Pages

This second page captures a quieter moment for Michael Jordan. He is standing posed with a basketball, and it could be at a game during a break in the action.

You could show what you think is going on by drawing a background for this page. This way, you could show him having a quiet moment during a game, or perhaps he could be training instead.

Drawing a background is a great way to challenge yourself in a whole new way, plus it allows you to use all sorts of amazing new colors you wouldn’t have been able to use ordinarily.original Jordan coloring pages

It’s always amazing to see a master player go for a tricky move, and this page captures the dramatic nature of such a moment brilliantly.

Michael Jordan is running with the ball, and he has an intense look on his face.

The background has been left fairly blank here, and you could add to it in any way that you like. You may want to use simple colors or shapes to keep the focus on Jordan.

However, you could also add some elements such as the silhouettes of other players trying to stop or aid him. What will you choose to do?original Jordan coloring printable

Even if you were to watch a classic Michael Jordan match live, you would be unlikely to get a view of the action as great as this one is! The only exception would be if you were on the other team.

If that was the case, then you would not want to see Jordan this way, as he looks determined and ready for an incredible play.

This page allows you to imagine what it would be like if you could get this close to the action, though.

You can use your colors and art tools to imagine what that amazing moment would be like!black and white Jordan coloring pages

If you ask me, this Jordan coloring printable shows the moment right before he goes for a hoop. You can tell from his posture as well as the intense look on his face.

This moment would be almost unbearably exciting in a game, as you would be asking whether he will get the hoop or not.

Knowing Michael Jordan, there would be a great chance that he would get it!

I would use some bright, intense colors to highlight the excitement of such a moment in a real basketball game. Do you think you will too?Jordan coloring sheet free download

Michael Jordan is on the move again on this next thrilling page. Do you ever find yourself wondering what would be going through the mind of a legend during a typical moment of a game?

If you have an idea as to what he could be thinking, you could add some text, either above him or in a speech bubble. That would be a great way to show what his internal thoughts could be.

What would you be thinking if you were Jordan at this moment during a game of basketball?cartoon jordan coloring pages

The next page that we have for you to color gives you a great look at the uniform that Jordan wore during his time with the Chicago Bulls. This includes his number, the Bulls name and their logo.

Coloring these smaller details will be tricky if you don’t use the right tools for the job. Colored pens are my choice for these kinds of details, even if I don’t use them for the rest of the picture.

What do you like to use to bring color to small details such as the Bulls logo?Jordan drawing coloring pages

We have a close-up of Jordan for this next page, and it gives us a good look at the legend himself.

The look on his face looks quite confident, and if anyone has the right to feel confident, it’s Michael Jordan!

You can imagine that he may look this way during a game that is going his way, and so if I were coloring this page, I would use some happy, confident colors.

However, using lighter colors would make it more reflective too. It’s up to you to decide which approach works best, and either would look amazing!Jordan drawing coloring sheet

This next page captures a moment during a basketball game that would likely have everyone watching holding their breath.

There are few moments as exciting as watching a player go for a hoop.

That is exactly what is happening on this page, as it captures the moment right before he goes for it.

You can feel the tension and concentration he is feeling thanks to the look on his face.
You could use colors to bring the focus directly to Michael Jordan for this amazing page.Jordan coloring pages for children

Often, legendary players will be given an affectionate nickname from fans and the sports press. This awesome next Jordan coloring page shows the name His Airness written around the man himself.

This was one of the names that Jordan had in his career, and it’s great to see it represented here. Not only does it pay tribute to him, but also allows you to use some amazing colors.

This is another page that would look amazing as a poster on your wall when it’s done, so make sure to use all of your favorite colors!Jordan coloring pages for adults

I love the composition of this page. It shows Michael Jordan on the right, and on the left we have Jordan written vertically.

This way, you can make a great association between the man and his name using certain colors. You could do this by using his uniform colors on the letters of the word.

As for the background, I think that I would use a single dark color for the background to bring the focus on Jordan and his name. That’s my idea, but what would you like to use for the page?Jordan coloring book free download

I would imagine that there are times as a star baseball player where it feels like you’re soaring through space. This page really captures the joy of such a moment.

Jordan has a look of elation in his face as he soars through the air, and the background is made up of some swirling lines.

Seeing as Jordan appeared in Space Jam, you could use some colors from the film for the background.

That’s one idea, but how will you decorate this amazing moment with your colors?Jordan coloring book for adults

Once again, Jordan is going for the hoop on this page, but this time it’s a little less certain whether he is going to get it or not. Jordan rarely missed a hoop, but it did happen sometimes!

The look on his face is a bit less certain here, so perhaps it is showing a leadup to a rare miss.

It’s still a great moment, as it teaches us that even the best miss shots from time to time, so it’s okay if we do!

Do you think he will get or miss this hoop?jordan basketball coloring book

Michael Jordan is known for his basketball skills above all else, but he also has a lot to do with various brands and products. Perhaps his most famous is his line of Jordan shoes.

This page shows a close-up on one of these coveted shoes, and now you get to color it! Coloring this page will allow you to imagine what it would be like being on the Jordan design team.

You can create your very own Jordan shoe design, so use any colors and details that appeal to you!jordan sneakers coloring pages

While we may never reach Jordan’s level, we can aspire to do so to be the best that we can be! This final Jordan coloring sheet shows the slogan Be Like Mike, which is a great goal to aspire to.

Having these words allows you to use any colors you like, and the pose for Michael Jordan is also really cool.

It’s yet another page that I think would make for an absolutely awesome poster for your wall once it’s done!

It will be great to see how you finish off this collection with your coloring skills.Michael Jordan coloring pages

Jordan Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Jordan coloring printables for kids was a great way to honor this sports legend. There were so many great moments, poses and opportunities for color.

We hope you had a great time looking through the collection! You can color all of the pages as many times as you want, or you could choose a smaller selection instead.

It’s up to you, and you can have a lot of fun representing this incredible player. We would also be thrilled to see how the pages came out!

When you have finished them, please share some of your favorites on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see and enjoy!

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