Jojo Siwa Coloring Pages

Celebrate this pop icon with these Jojo Siwa coloring pages!

Pop music is filled with many stars and rising stars, and in recent years Jojo Siwa has entered this world of superstardom.

At only 20 years old, she serves as a reminder to aspiring singers that it’s possible to achieve success.

She is well known for not just her songs but also her unique sense of style and fashion. With fans around the world, there is no sign of her popularity slowing down any time soon!

This collection of free Jojo Siwa coloring pages for kids was made for fans of Jojo to show off their love for this pop star. There are 15 pages showing different sides of her for you to color and enjoy.

So let’s visit the colorful world of Jojo Siwa for a while as we take a look at the first page in the collection.

15 Brand New Jojo Siwa Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We’re feeling the love on this first Jojo Siwa coloring sheet! Jojo likes to spread positivity and acceptance with her music, and this page shows off this love that she has for people.

She is not only decked out in her signature hair bow, but she is also making a heart shape with her hands.

It makes for a great way to begin this collection, and now you can bring it to life with your colors.
Which colors will you use to start the collection?New Jojo Siwa Coloring Pages

This next page really captures Jojo’s sense of style and energy. She is known for wearing bright and vibrant colors, and that would be the perfect way to color this page.

Using some tools such as colored pens or bright markers would help to make the colors look as vibrant as you would expect from Jojo Siwa.

There are other art tools that would be just as great, so you can choose what you think will get the job done! What will you use for this fun depiction of Jojo?original jojo siwa coloring pages

It’s fair to say that Jojo Siwa has a lot of attitude, and that is captured on this next page! Using some fun and funky colors would be a good fit for this page.

Using bright, neon colors would be a great way for you to bring this depiction to life, and it would be true to Jojo’s style.

You can also go for your own sense of style, even if it’s not the same as her normal style.
Whatever you choose will look amazing in its own way, that’s for sure!original jojo siwa coloring sheet

I love all of the details on this next page! Jojo is listening to some music on some giant headphones, and these are so detailed along with the clothing she is wearing.

You could work in so many amazing colors on this page, so you can really let your creativity flow. What music do you think Jojo is listening to?

If you have a favorite Jojo Siwa song, then you could incorporate some of the lyrics on this page to make it look like she is listening to that song.original jojo siwa coloring printable

The outfit worn on this Jojo Siwa coloring printable is so fancy and cool! The feathery collar looks so glamorous, and it really fits in with her style.

What if I told you that you can make this collar actually fluffy? You can buy fluffy material from craft stores, and then you could paste it over this portion of the image.

If you do it just right, you will create a 3D effect and some very real texture. What other craft supplies could you use to take this to the next level?jojo siwa coloring sheet free download

This next outfit that Jojo is wearing is certainly something quite unique. Parts of it look like her normal style, but others are a bit unusual.

There are some large frilly elements attached to the outfit, and they look so elegant and pretty. I would imagine that these frilly elements would be a bit transparent and soft.

For that reason, I would use some watercolor paint or colored pencils to make these elements look as soft as they probably would be in real life.

That’s a few ways to do it, but you can use any mediums that would work for you!jojo siwa coloring printable free download

Jojo is busting some moves on this next fun page. It looks like she is dancing to something, and it’s another case where you could incorporate your favorite Jojo Siwa song.

You could start by picking the song that you like to dance to the most.

Then, you could write the name of the song or some snippets of the lyrics on the page to make it look as if she is dancing to that song.

Playing the song as you color would also be a great way to create some fun vibes as you work on the page!jojo siwa drawing coloring sheet

There are so many details on this next outfit that Jojo is wearing. It is covered in an intricate pattern made up of lots of shapes, and this opens up some possibilities.

You could use one color for the background of the outfit and then another for all of the shapes. Or, you could also use lots of different colors for these shapes instead.

Doing that would be a challenge, but it would make this outfit explode with color! So many possibilities, so what will you choose for your version of this page?jojo siwa drawing coloring printable

Jojo’s sense of style and vibrant personality are really captured on this awesome page. She is striking a dramatic pose, and she has so many fun accessories on her.

The background has been left fairly blank, and so you could add some background details of your own to this area. Perhaps she is at a concert or in a more everyday situation.

These are a few ideas, but you can probably think of many more locations to use as a background for this page, so feel free to go with them!jojo siwa full size coloring sheet

Jojo likes to wear themed outfits, and this Jojo Siwa coloring page shows her wearing an outfit with an ice cream theme. Not only is her outfit awesome, but she is also on stage rocking out.

Coloring the ice cream details would be a great way to add some amazing and unconventional colors to the image. Then, you can color the segments of the background in some interesting ways.

I would love to see this page once you have finished adding some amazing colors to it!jojo siwa full size coloring sheet

Jojo Siwa is all about peace and love, and this page shows her flashing a double peace sign. It captures her essence brilliantly, and it also shows her in some fashionable clothing.

This is the kind of picture that would be well suited to a wide range of colors and styles. You could really go for anything here and it would look great in its own way.

There are no wrong answers when it comes to this page, so let your creativity take over and see what happens when you do!jojo siwa coloring book

The next page has a bit of a close-up on Jojo Siwa, and she is dressed in a more casual outfit. When I saw this page, I thought of using some more subdued colors and mediums to add color.

The reason I felt this is that the depiction gives off a more casual feeling, if you ask me. That was my idea, and you may feel the same way.

If you want to go for something more bright and vibrant, then you should definitely go for it! What came to mind for you when you saw this picture?jojo siwa head coloring sheet

We have another super stylish outfit for you to color and enjoy on this next page. I especially love the polka dots on her skirt, as these shapes allow for lots of different color details.

The background is also separated into various sections and these allow for even more color details. For these larger sections, I would use some paintbrushes to fill the larger spaces easily.

You could also use large markers to fill these larger spaces, but you should definitely use anything that you feel comfortable using for these sections!jojo siwa coloring sheet free pdf

Jojo is showing off some serious popstar moves on this next page! She is performing a really cool move as she sings here, and it really shows off her charisma as a performer.

There are also some cool shapes in the background, so you have lots of ways to add some amazing colors to the page. Her outfit is also highly detailed, making it perfect for color variety.

You could also use some crafts like glitter and beads to add some extra magic and sparkle to the page! What else could you use?easy jojo siwa coloring sheet

We’re finishing off this collection of free Jojo Siwa coloring pages for kids with something a bit different. This page presents a stylized version of Jojo Siwa, and it’s such a cool interpretation!

I would use some bright, poppy colors for this one to fit the more cartoony style of the page.

Her outfit is detailed, but blank enough that you could incorporate your own style in some interesting ways.

There are so many possibilities, so feel free to print multiple copies and spend some time experimenting with different approaches! What will you use to finish off the collection?jojo siwa coloring

Jojo Siwa Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Jojo Siwa coloring sheets for kids provided a great way for you to enjoy some fun with this famous star!

With her amazing fashion sense and style, you can use any and all of your favorite colors.

There is so much room for creativity whether you want to replicate some of her most popular looks or add your own style to the pages. This collection is perfect to share with your friends as well.

We’re sure any Jojo Siwa fans would be thrilled to have this collection as well! When you have some finished pages to show off, you can share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see.

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