Avatar Coloring Pages

Enter a whole new world with these Avatar coloring pages

In 2009, a film would be released that would take the world by storm. The film was Avatar, directed by legendary director James Cameron.

This movie transported people to an incredible new world filled with color and wonder, and it told a story that captured hearts and conveyed a great message.

Since then, there has been a successful sequel, tons of merchandise, video games and even theme park attractions. Now, we present a collection of free Avatar coloring pages for kids.

This collection will allow fans young and old to enter the world of Pandora and immerse themselves in some coloring fun.

You will see some of your favorite characters and bring them to life with amazing colors. So let’s begin and journey to a strange new world as we begin!

15 Brand New Avatar Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Avatar coloring sheet that we have in this collection features an awesome Na’vi warrior, and he looks ready for adventure.

There is also the word Avatar written in bold text, and that would be perfect for some extra colors as well. You could alternate between one or two colors or try out a whole bunch.

You could also try to replicate the way the Avatar logo looks in general. There are so many ways to color this page, so let your creativity flow and see what happens!New Avatar Coloring Pages

Next up, we have a stunning close-up view of a Na’vi warrior, and this view allows you to get a closer look at all of the markings and details of these characters.

Coloring such small details can be a tricky task if you don’t use the right tools for the job.

I like to use colored pens and pencils for details like these, as they make it much easier to get into the smaller spaces.

You should use whatever you’re most comfortable with, though!avatar coloring pages for kids

Here, we have two Na’vi warriors instead of just one. This is such a cool picture, and it gives you so much to work with!

The warrior on the left has a spear, while the one on the right is holding a bow. This simple picture sure does give you an idea of the different ways they handle warfare.

The best part is that there are so many amazing details to color on this page. You could spend a good long while on this page and have so much fun bringing it to life!

Take your time with it and see what happens!original avatar coloring pages

There is an awesome pose on this page, as this warrior is busy aiming her bow. It makes you wonder what she could be up against.

She could be hunting, or maybe she could be protecting her village and people from some kind of threat. There are some subtle ways that you could showcase what you think it could be.

By drawing a background, you can create a bit of a story around the picture, even if it’s subtle. What are some stories you could build around this picture?avatar coloring pages for adults

This Avatar coloring printable really shows off the nobility and bravery of these characters. He is gazing out and has so many amazing details on his skin and gear.

The background has been left pretty vague with some segments there, and you could add your own ideas to that background in a few ways.

You could simply color the segments of the background, or you could also draw a background setting for the character to be a part of.

These are a few ways that you could do it, but how else could you fill in the background?avatar coloring printable

The Na’vi in Avatar will ride around on massive winged creatures known as Banshees in the films, and they make for some of the most thrilling moments in the movies.

This page shows a warrior riding one of these banshees, and it’s a really cool picture to color. Not only do you get the details of the warrior, but also the banshee creature.

It looks ferocious with its sharp teeth, and this combined with the warrior’s pose makes me think they are riding into battle. Once you have colored this page, it will look even more amazing!avatar coloring sheet free download

We have another stunning portrayal of a Na’vi warrior riding a banshee on this next page. There is a bit of a closer view for this example, and it gives you an even better view of the details.

You can also see some clouds in the background, and it makes it feel like this warrior is soaring high in the sky.

Even though there are already some background details, you could always add some more of your own.

Adding some more creatures and characters to the background would make it even more epic!new avatar coloring pages for adults

You wouldn’t want to be facing down this Na’vi warrior from this viewpoint in real life! They look absolutely ferocious as they aim their bow, and it’s a terrifying sight for anyone up against them.

Luckily we are safe from the warrior’s fury, and so you can instead take your time to admire and color all of the details. This is another page that would be perfect for some colored pens and pencils.

These mediums would allow you to really get in there with the details and make them pop with color.cartoon avatar coloring pages

The detailing on this next Na’vi warrior is really fantastic. From the strands of her hair to the beads and details on her chest piece, there are so many to admire.

She is also armed with a bow, which always makes for a really cool pose. When coloring these pages, you can use the movies as inspiration to get the colors accurate.

Or, you can also use your own color choices and ideas to create something wholly unique. It’s entirely up to you, so have fun with it!avatar coloring book

It’s always great to have more than one character on a page, and this next Avatar coloring page delivers just that.

You have two warriors that look so awesome, and there are so many details on each of them.

Remember that you can also add text and other flourishes to the pages. Sometimes it can be good to stick to what is there, but other times it can be great to add your own details.

You’re in charge here, so you should definitely add anything that you feel will make the picture even better!cartoon avatar coloring pages

The Na’vi spend a lot of time in battle or building their society, but sometimes they will take some time to relax and take it easy.

That is what is shown on this page, as this Na’vi villager is sitting down for a rest.

Because this page has a calming feeling to it, I would use some more muted colors for this one, perhaps with some colored pencils or watercolors to make the colors even softer.

That’s what came to mind for me, but what do you think you could use?realistic avatar coloring printable

This next character is probably one of the most detailed that we have seen so far. They are decked out in all sorts of subtle clothing and jewelry decorations, and it’s a sight to behold.

When you’re coloring such a highly detailed page, you don’t need to stick to just one art medium. For example, you may like to color most of the page with crayons or paint.

Then, you could do a layer of finer details with some colored pens to make the colors stand out in different ways. Switching up the art tools you use can yield some unexpected results!avatar drawing coloring pages

The markings on the Na’vi are so distinctive, and they always look so pretty and intricate. This page that shows two characters gives us a great look at the markings on the Na’vi.

The view is close enough to the characters that you should be able to do some interesting things with the colors that you use. As we’ve touched on before, you could make the colors film accurate.

Or, you may have some unique color choices that you prefer to use!avatar drawing coloring printable

This page stands out a bit, as it has another close-up with a pattern in the background. It makes for quite an intense image, and you can really feel what she is feeling by the look on her face.

When you have colored her, you can also decide how you would like to color the segmented background behind her.

Some may like to make the colors bright and vibrant, while others may go for something more muted.

Either approach would work, so it depends on your own preference!avatar drawing coloring book

We’re ending this collection of Avatar coloring pages with a really action-packed shot. This warrior is riding a banshee while performing a very cool pose.

It makes it seem as if this character is in the midst of battle, and it’s a very awesome picture. The best part is that there are so many amazing details on this page!

You could color it in so many different ways, so you should definitely let your creativity flow. If you want to try out lots of colors and art mediums, you can print this page as many times as you like!new avatar drawing coloring book

Avatar Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

The Avatar films and other media have captured the imaginations of millions of people worldwide.

We wanted to capture that wonder with these free Avatar coloring sheets for kids.

To do this, we wanted to portray many of the amazing characters from the series with plenty of details to fill in.

This way, you will be able to show off your creativity and try out all sorts of different approaches.

We know that each page will look amazing once you have finished with it! You can print these pages as many times as you like, and you can also share them with fellow Avatar fans.

We would love to see how your trip to Pandora went, so please share your finished coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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