Frog Coloring Pages

Hop into some coloring fun with these frog coloring pages!

Frogs are creatures that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with some being big and kind of gross looking and some being smaller and really cute.

No matter what type of frog you may be looking at, one thing that you can count on is that frogs can come in all kinds of bright and beautiful colors.

From ones that are shades of brown to poisonous frogs that are bright reds and yellows, no colors are off limits!

These free frog coloring pages for kids are perfect to have hours of fun using your favorite bright and beautiful colors on some cute frogs!

You could also experiment with other mediums for some extra fun, for example some watercolor paints would create a softer look for some pretty variations.

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10 Brand New Frog Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first page in this collection of free frog coloring pages for kids features a cute and happy looking frog! When coloring in frogs, the first instinct will often be to use a bright green color for their body, and that can look really pretty!

However, frogs do come in many bright and beautiful colors, so you could use any of your favorites to color in this cute little guy.

Once you’ve colored in the frog, what colors will you use for the background of this frog coloring printable?frogs coloring pages free download

The frog in this second frog coloring sheet is taking it easy on a lilypad and looks like he’s having a great day!

The lilypad would look great with a nice green, so maybe you could use a complimentary color to green like red as the main color scheme for this frog. That would create a brilliant color contrast for this picture!simple frog coloring pages free printable

There’s a very excited looking frog for this cute frog coloring printable, and the stars that are dotted in the background behind it could look really great with a beautiful bright yellow coloring.

You could always alternate some other favorite colors for the stars as well, but if you do go for yellow then maybe you could balance it off by making the frog have a pink or purple color scheme. That would help compliment the yellow in the background really and white frog coloring pages free

We have a top down view of what looks like a tree frog for this free frog coloring page. Poisonous frogs are often really brightly colored as a protection to warn off animals that may want to eat them.

For that reason, you could make this little frog a beautiful bright red, yellow or any other color you could want to really make it pop with beautiful color.frog coloring pages for kids free pdf

It must be nice to get to chill on a lilypad all day in the pond, and that’s what this frog is enjoying for this frog coloring sheet!

You could use some beautiful lighter blues for a lovely clear pond along with some pretty greens for the lily pads and reeds. What color will you use for the frog to finish off this peaceful frog coloring page?cute frog coloring sheets for kids free printable

Using watercolor paints can create a beautiful softer look that works especially well for outdoors scenes.

For that reason, if I were to color in this frog coloring printable I would use watercolors for a beautiful look to this outdoors scene of two cute frogs relaxing on a pond.

What medium do you think would suit this picture best?hard frog coloring pages free printable

We have another more realistic frog sitting on a lilypad for this frog coloring page!

For this more detailed frog, maybe you could keep the colors slightly more light and muted to show that this is a more realistic depiction.cartoon frog coloring pages free printable

The next free frog coloring sheet that we have shows a really cool and creative image! This top down view of a frog on a lily pad also has some pretty flower shapes, and that gives me an impression of a brighter Spring or Summer feeling for this one.

I think that some pretty bright colors for the flowers and the background details would look really great, but I bet any colors you use will look beautiful!simple frog coloring pages free print out

Frogs go through a long process of change from starting out in a tiny egg to growing to a tadpole and finally transforming into the full grown frog.

That process is on display for this interesting frog printable, and shows off the process that a frog goes through in its life. What colors will you use for this educational frog coloring page?tadpole and frog coloring pages free printable

The final image in this collection of free frog coloring sheets for kids has four detailed little frogs and each with their own separate background!

I think that this image would be great if you really went wild with your favorite bright colors and gave each section and frog it’s own color scheme for an explosion of bright colors.

This could also be a great chance to use some colored pens and pencils for bright and beautiful detailing.four frogs coloring pages

Frog Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a fun few hours of coloring with these free frog coloring pages for kids!

All of our coloring pages and printable goodies are totally free for you to print out and enjoy, so please feel free to print out multiples of your favorites for some colorful experimentation with different mediums and color choices!

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Lastly, we’d love it if you’d share some of your finished frog coloring printables to our Facebook page for us to admire. We love to see your colorful creativity!

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