Fire Department Coloring Pages

Celebrate some real life heroes with these fire department coloring pages!

Movies and television shows are full of superheroes putting on colorful costumes to save the day, but it’s important to remember that there are heroes in the very real world working every day to keep people safe.

Every day the brave men and women of the fire department work hard and put themselves in danger to save lives, so that means it’s important to appreciate and look up to them.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing lots of bright colors for these free fire department coloring pages. From the red of their iconic trucks to the yellows of their uniforms, we look forward to seeing some vibrant colors and patterns!

These free fire department coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have lots of fun celebrating our brave firefighters! When you’ve finished coloring, please be sure to share your colorful creations to our Facebook page. We always love to see the colorful creativity on show!

15 Brand New Fire Department Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first fire department coloring page features the star of the department: the fire truck. These bright red trucks are what bring the firefighters right to the action, and they wouldn’t be very effective without them!

This fire department printable would look incredible with bright reds for the trucks, bright yellow for the stars and a contrasting solid background. Maybe a deep blue for the background would finish off this fire department coloring sheet.

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This fire department coloring page features a fireman who works hard to protect people and property from fire.

Our brave fireman stands tall waving hello, his kind eyes twinkling behind protective glasses. His sturdy helmet and jacket keep him safe as he rushes to help people in need. He looks like he is proud of his job.

I would use realistic colors or make him look more colorful. Consider adding some smoke clouds or fiery flames in the background for an exciting scene. new fire department coloring pages

The next fire department coloring page we have looks like it could be the logo for a fire department.

There’s a fire helmet worked into the logo with bold text to color around. What colors will you use for this printable? Will you use bright colors or more muted ones? We can’t wait to see!fire department logo coloring pages free printable

In this fire department coloring sheet we have a brave fireman wielding an axe and ready to go.

Firefighters often have to get into hard to reach places, and these axes are perfect for chopping down closed doors that have people trapped. Brave firefighters like this save many lives using these kinds of tools, so I’m thinking more bright colors for this fire department coloring page would represent that bravery really well.

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In the fire department printable, we have a young firefighter wearing a helmet and uniform.

In his hands is a big fire hose, ready to spray water at the first sight of smoke. He has a big smile on his face, showing his enthusiasm and courage.

For me, I would color the uniform and equipment in bold reds, oranges and yellows, which are the iconic colors of firefighting. Make the equipment shine by adding metallic department free printable

The image in this fire department coloring page shows another firetruck rushing out of the fire department and into action. Where do you think it’s heading?

I’m sure whoever called them will be happy to see them coming! Why not use a bright, crisp blue for the sky to contrast the bright reds of the fire truck for this coloring sheet?fire truck coloring pages free printable

The focus of this fire department coloring page is another logo-like image. A helmet with a gasmask has some more axes crossed behind it to make a really cool image. What colors do you think would make this fire department printable pop?

I think making the background a darker color with the image in the center being brighter would make it stand out beautifully.

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Our helpful hero is ready for action. This cheerful fireman is dressed in full gear, helmet secured and firehose in hand. He stands tall and proud, a slight smile on his face as he points the hose forward, prepared to spring into duty.

There are several ways to color this adventurous firefighter. But you can color a fun zigzag pattern on the hose or making each section a different color.

Also, add details like flashing lights or flames in the background. free printable fire department coloring sheets

We have an unusual image for this next fire truck coloring page. It has a happy face on it, maybe showing how a fire truck would look pleased with a job well done.

This fire department coloring sheet gives off a happy and friendly feeling, so I think bright reds and yellows would work great for this more lighthearted truck coloring pages preschool

Another cool logo is featured in this fire department coloring page. There’s a fire blazing in the background, and it would look really great to have that be bright yellows and oranges and have the helmet and axes in the front be a darker, more muted color palette.

What color will you use for the background of this printable? When it’s done I bet it would make a cool poster!

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There’s a great view of a fire department in this fire department coloring printable. It looks like a wonderful clear day, and hopefully it means it’s a day where the firefighters can relax a bit without having to rush into any danger.

Perhaps some more muted colors would work nicely for this more low-key sheet. What colors will you use to finish it off?fire hydrant coloring pages free printabes

Get ready for some firefighting fun with this aspiring young hero. Our smiling firefighter trainee looks ready to extinguish any blaze in his baggy trousers.

His helmet shines with a badge of honor – a star representing his firefighting dreams. In his small hands he grips a long red firehose, pointing it outward to practice his life-saving skills.

You can get really creative in this fire department coloring page. You can make the star on his helmet shine brightly in gold or silver. Consider adding fun details like stripes to the firehose or a spotted dalmatian puppy by his side.original fire department coloring pages

This coloring printable shows a fireman looking proud of himself, probably after a tough day saving lives on the job. The background is separated into segments, so you have an opportunity to play around with your favorite colors.

Will you stick to the themed reds and yellows that we’ve associated with the fire department or will you get bolder with some interesting color choices?

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For the final free fire department coloring page, there is a fire truck facing us head on in another image that looks like it could be another logo.

This coloring sheet would look so great with a combination of your favorite bright colors. What will you use for the background? I would use a deep blue for that but it will be great to see what you go for to finish off this fire department printable!fire engine coloring pages preschool

This firefighter looks interesting. He’s suited up and ready for action. Dressed in full protective gear from head to toe and holding an axe, he’s ready to chop down doors and take on any emergency.

His helmet and mask keep his face safe from smoke and flames. Attached to his mask is an oxygen tank and hose, providing fresh air while he works.

You can color his equipment red, yellow, or go creative with rainbow colors. black-and-white fire department coloring pdf

Fire Department Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Hopefully you had a lot of fun celebrating the fire department with these awesome fire department coloring pages! Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and printables are completely free for you to print and have fun with, so you can print out a few copies of your favorite pages if you want to experiment with different colors.

Maybe you could use some paints or colorful pens to bring some variety to the various images and really experiment with colors and mediums for more stunning images.

Please like and share our Facebook page so that you never miss out on other great coloring pages and other goodies! Also, be sure to share some of your completed pages to our page for us to see.

We always love to see your creativity on display!

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