Easter Egg Sensory Play and Learning

I put together an Easter Egg Sensory Bin for my daughter last week and it was a hit! We are still working on recognizing our numbers so I decided to incorporate some learning in the bin with number and color matching.  

I used 12 eggs, 2 of each color of green, purple, orange, yellow, pink and blue. I also covered 6 empty toilet paper rolls in coordinating colors of paper and cut them in half. I placed them in the bin. There is also a bucket of coordinating colors of Poms. (We received our Poms for free from Craftprojectideas.com but all opinions expressed are 100% our own.)

Before breaking the eggs apart, I wrote a matching number on each side of the egg. I realize it looks more like a matching game, but since we did use a couple of each color of eggs, at least she had to sort through each color to find the match.


Once she made sure she had the right match, we talked about what number it was and she got the fine motor practice of putting the egg together.

Once she started matching the numbers together I did not give her any direction at all. I just let her explore the bin. She matched all of the numbers and to my surprise, matched all of the eggs to the coordinating colored toilet paper rolls even though I didn’t tell her to. We still have this bin put together and I think I might add numbers to the toilet paper rolls in order from 1-12 so she can match them that way also.

She also discovered how fun it was to add the split peas inside the eggs before connecting them together. She shook them like musical instruments with a giggle and a smile on her face.

The Poms got dumped into the bin at some point and she started opening up eggs and putting them inside.

It was fun to see her shove as many poms and split peas in the eggs as she possibly could and still try to close the eggs. She kept saying, “Mommy, did I put too many in the egg?” 

It turned out to be a beautifully colored, spring sensory bin and my daughter has loved it! 

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