Angels Coloring Pages

Fly high up towards the heaven with these divine angels coloring pages

According to various religions, angels are spiritual beings believed to be messengers of God. They are also known to be superior to human beings in terms of power and intelligence. They embody human form with a pair of wings and they wear long white robes. Some even believe that angels act as our guardian angels.

Angels are undoubtedly very fascinating, thus it has created a huge demand for angels coloring pages. Well, you asked for it, so we delivered. So without further ado, we present to you—free angels coloring sheets.

With these angels coloring printables, coloring activities with friends and family is made more fun and easy. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and finally—the most fun part—color it! Once you’ve chosen an image, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials like watercolor, brush pens, and oil pastels?

Have fun and unleash your inner creativity!

Angels Coloring Pages — 10 All-New Printable Sheets

Dove is a symbol of purity and innocence and for that reason is often associated with angels. In this coloring sheet, an angel wearing a loose flowy dress is levitating in the air. She’s carefully holding a dove with both hands. The dove has its wings spread wide open, possibly getting ready to take off.

The angel looks divine with her huge majestic wings. Imagine having wings similar to an angel’s. It must be fun flying around all day!free angels coloring pages

This coloring page shows an angel with a serene facial expression. Her eyes are closed, probably quietly praying. She is wearing a long robe hanging loose.

There’s various geometric patterns in the background. It looks pretty similar to the patterns you would see on traditional cathedrals. We recommend using a variety of vibrant colors to perfectly match the faint color of the printable angels coloring pages

The angel in this coloring page looks mesmerizing with her luscious hair and cosmic wings. She holds her hand over her chest with her eyes closed, She looks peaceful and calm.

There are glittering sparkles all over the background, adding an extra effect to the angel’s magnificence. What colors will you add to this printable?free angels coloring pages for kids

Not all angels represent an adult human form, some of them take the appearance of a young child. In this coloring sheet, there’s an adorable little angel floating in the air. The angel looks extremely pleased with those gleaming eyes and wide smile.

There’s lots of stars in the background, so it must be nighttime! Which colors would you pick to create a vivid night sky?little angels coloring pages free download

This coloring page shows a cheerful young little angel. She looks divine with her long sleek hair and glorious pair of wings.

Her palms are pressed together in a praying position. She’s probably reporting what the humans have been up to.female angels coloring pages download pdf

Angels have lots of talents, including having the ability to play various musical instruments. In this coloring printable, the young angel is playing the harp.

She has a gentle expression on her face and she looks pleased with the music she’s hearing. We’re sure music played by an angel sounds amazing!gothic angels coloring pages download

The beautiful angel in this coloring sheet is wearing a long robe. She looks peaceful with her eyes closed as she floats mid-air. An angel’s robe is believed to be white.

However, you have the freedom to make it any color you want it to be to make it more fun and colorful! Remember, imagination has no boundaries.girl angels coloring pages free printable

This coloring page shows an angel hovering in the clouds. The angel is in a praying position with the palm of her hands pressing together. Is the angel talking to God? Perhaps delivering some news about the world and the humans.

The angel looks divine with her long hair and huge pair of wings. Imagine seeing an angel when you look up in the skies. That would be exhilarating!free religious angels coloring pages

In this coloring page, the young little angel is holding a dove. She looks charming with those gentle eyes and the halo floating above her head.

Did you know that halos are a symbol of holiness? It is a glowing light that resembles a circle shape situated around the head of a saint or holy person. We think a combination of white and yellow would create a stunning glimmering effect to the halo.singing angels coloring pages

This coloring sheet exhibits a little boy angel floating mid-air. He looks at peace with his eyes closed. Imagine having a pair of wings and being able to fly.

That must be fun! We recommend using a variation of bright, vivid colors for the background to complement the subtle colors of the angel.singing angels coloring pages download

Angels Coloring Pages — Which image will you pick?

There’s no other supernatural being as fascinating as an angel. There may be very little chance of seeing an actual angel in real life, but these angels coloring pages enable us to see angels up close. You can even color them however you like using any color you prefer!

Remember, all of our crafts and coloring printables are 100% free for you to print and color. We are always updating our website and uploading new content. So, don’t forget to keep re-visiting our website to continuously enjoy all-new printable sheets.

Once you’ve finished coloring your angels coloring sheets, you should feel proud of yourself for completing a masterpiece. Don’t hesitate to show off your work and share it on our Facebook page. We’re sure it looks impressive!

We are always excited to see all of your colorful creations!original and free angels coloring pages

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