How to Draw A Wolf – A Step by Step Guide

Wolf Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Few animals represent a sense of power, freedom and mystery as strongly as the mighty wolf.

These apex predators have been prominent in many cultures and legends as brave and strong forces of nature.

Many people around the world are fascinated and captivated by the wolf, and that makes it a popular subject for art, movies and drawings.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a wolf, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading!

We created this simple guide on how to draw a wolf in 6 easy steps to make it easier than ever for you to draw this magnificent creature.

how o draw wolf in 6 steps

How to Draw a Wolf – Let’s get Started!

Step 1wolf drawing step 1

When you’re faced with a drawing challenge, the best way to make it less intimidating is to break it down into more manageable steps.

If you take it slow and follow this guide closely I know you’ll be drawing an awesome wolf in no time at all!

To start with, we will be drawing the head of your wolf drawing. For this step, you’ll definitely want to refer closely to the reference images.

A good starting point would be the ear closest to us on the wolf, which you can draw by doing a curved triangle shape without a bottom.

Once you have the ear drawn you can use it as a central point from which to draw the rest of the wolf’s head. Just take it slow and use the reference picture and I know you can do it!

Step 2 – Draw in the back and tailwolf drawing step 2

For the next step of your wolf drawing, we will be adding the back of the wolf along with the beginning of the tail.

You can add this by using a slightly curved line for it and a straighter one for the tail.

You could use a lighter pencil and then go over it with a pen or darker pencil once you’ve gotten it to look like the reference picture.

That way you don’t have to worry about not getting it right the first time so it takes a lot of pressure off!

Step 3 – Next, draw in the bottom of the wolf’s bodywolf drawing step 3

We will be adding in a lot of details and parts in this next step, so taking it slow at this stage would be really helpful.

First off, you can use a jagged curved line to form the neck of the wolf. next, we will be adding in some straight and curved lines ending in a paw shape for the wolf’s front leg.

Next, we will add in a curved line for the wolf’s stomach and then a much thicker back leg.

If you’re having a hard time with any of these elements then you could use a thin piece of paper to trace over the reference image until you get the hang of it.

Practice will definitely make perfect! For some of these trickier parts, don’t be afraid to really take your time with it until you get the hang of it.

Step 4 – Now draw in some face details with the other legswolf drawing step 4

For this next step in learning how to draw a wolf, we will be adding in some facial details along with the other legs.

Using a pencil, you could draw in the legs on the other side of the wolf using the reference picture to guide you. Once they look good to you, you could go over them in a pen or darker pencil.

Once you have the legs drawn in, you can add in the mouth and inner ears of your wolf drawing.

You can try to draw in a more complicated eye like the one in the image, or you could use a simple circle with a dot in it if that’s easier for you. Lastly, don’t forget to add his nose!

Step 5 – Draw in the final detailswolf drawing step 5

Your wolf drawing is almost complete, so for this next step we will be adding in some final details to give off a look of fur and muscle definition.

You can replicate the details we have in the picture, but don’t feel shy to add in or take out any details that you think would make your wolf look even better!

There are really no wrong answers with these kinds of details, so if you feel like getting extra creative with it you should definitely go for it!

Step 6 – Next you will be coloring in your wolf drawingwolf drawing step 6

The final step in this process of learning how to draw a wolf is to have fun while coloring in your beautiful picture!

We’ve shown one way you can do it in the picture we provided, but don’t be shy to use any of your favorite colors!

Wolves are usually grey and white, but you could use any of your favorite bright and beautiful colors to bring your wolf to life.

You could also experiment with multiple art mediums such as acrylics and watercolor paints for some beautiful color looks to your picture.

Bonus: Add Some Extra Details And Ideas To This Wolf Drawing

We had a great time creating this guide on how to draw a wolf, and we hope that it was just as fun for you to work through! If you struggled with the guide at all, we will soon have a section with some tips on how to make it easier.

For now, we wanted to focus on those of you that finished the guide and wanted to have some more fun with the design. For starters, in real life wolves hunt and travel in packs.

So, you could take what you have learned in this guide and add some more wolves to the image. All you would need to do is follow the guide again to add some more wolves.

With just a few small detail changes, each one could be unique. It could be the position of the head or the facial expression of the wolves.

These are a few suggestions, but you could make any changes you like. If you’ve had your fill of drawing wolves, then you could add some other animals you like.

You could choose some other predators such as lions or bears, or some more docile animals such as deer or birds. It’s up to you, and you would have thousands to choose from.

Another way to make your drawing even better would be to add a background setting. Whether you want to add some other animals or a background, then you would probably want to look up some reference images online.

These can help you as you add to your drawing, and it’s certainly easier than drawing from memory. We have given you a few ideas to try, but now you can show us the ideas you have!

3 More tips to make your wolf drawing easy!

There’s no need to howl in frustration with these 3 tips to make your wolf sketch easier!

When it comes to drawing, different art styles will be easier for different people. If the style that this drawing of a wolf is drawn in is proving difficult for you, then you could adapt it to a style you prefer.

This will depend on what you personally find comfortable, and you would have many options! One would be to go in a more cartoony direction and make the design of the wolf a bit more exaggerated.

Or, maybe you like to draw images with a lot of realistic details. Whatever it may be, you can use your skills to make this wolf easier and more in line with your style!

When creating this wolf drawing, you can use the real animal to make it much easier. We wouldn’t recommend getting close to real wolves, but you can find many photos and drawings online!

Using these real photos along with the images in our guide will make drawing the details and proportions much easier. Not only this, but they can also help you when making some variations.

For instance, you may like to have the wolf in a running pose or sniffing the ground. Find images of these poses will help you a lot as you adapt the design we created.

Finally, we would suggest using a light pencil to make this wolf sketch easier. Using a pencil in the planning stages is always recommended as you don’t need to worry about making any mistakes.

Once you have your pencil, you can then try to break down this design into some very simple shapes. Try to arrange these shapes to replicate the general outline of the wolf.

Then, you can try to add more layers of details and other elements until it starts taking shape. Finish off with your pen and then you can erase all of your pencil lines!

Once all the pencil is erased, no one will ever know about the planning!

Your Wolf Drawing is Complete!

We really hope that this step-by-step guide on how to draw a wolf was really helpful and fun for you to use!

If you follow the steps in this guide and try your best, we’re sure that you’ll find that drawing a wolf was easier than you may have previously thought!

Remember that the guide and reference images are there to help you, so be sure to refer to them as much as you need!

You can even use the images to trace over for any especially tricky parts you may be struggling with.

There are also plenty of things you could do to further personalize your wolf drawing.

Some ideas could be drawing in different backgrounds, changing the wolf’s expression and altering its body position a bit.

Along with the many colors you could use for it, the only limit is your imagination!

We will be uploading plenty of great drawing guides like this one in the future, so be sure to check our site frequently to never miss out on the fun!

Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring your wolf drawing, we really hope that you’ll share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

We always love to see the creative ways you all draw and color with these guides and we can’t wait to see your incredible wolves!

Here Is A Cute Wolf Drawing To Inspire You!

cartoon wolf drawing

Wolves are known as apex predators, and so they can be a bit scary in the wild! This cute wolf drawing for kids shows a very different side of a wolf, though.

Our artist Amanda created this cute depiction of a wolf to give you something to use as an example as you draw. She used a lot of small, pointy lines to make it look like the wolf has a lot of fur.

Amanda created a lovely environment for this wolf with some detailed background details as well.

This helps to give the picture a more defined environment, but you could add some of your own additions as well.

One fun way to customize it would be to add some snow to the plants and trees in the picture. What other ways could you customize this cute wolf sketch?

how to draw a wolf in 6 easy steps


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