Tooth Coloring Pages

Have some good clean coloring fun with these tooth coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 15 all new Tooth coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

You may not spend much time thinking about your teeth, but they’re a really important part of your body! We need them to eat and survive, and they also help finish off a smile on your face.

It’s important to take good care of our teeth so that they’re healthy and happy, and there are many things we can do to keep them bright and healthy!

These free tooth coloring pages for kids are perfect for hours of fun coloring in and remembering the importance of looking after our teeth.

The pages you’re about to color in have some fun and creative images that encourage you to have a great time using your favorite colors to finish them off.

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We always love to see your colorful artworks and look forward to seeing some happy, colorful teeth.

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15 Brand New Tooth Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first picture in this collection of free tooth coloring pages for kids shows a superhero tooth ready to go! What do you think this tooth superhero would be called?

You could use your favorite colors for his mask and cape, and then use some bright yellows for the stars!

Finishing it off with a darker background would look great, but so would any colors you choose for this tooth coloring sheet.tooth coloring pages free printable

This happy tooth is smiling wide and waiting for you to color it in! What colors will you use for this tooth’s pearly whites? Maybe a bright white with some pale yellows mixed in.

And don’t forget the pinks and reds for its healthy gums! After you color this tooth, think about your favorite healthy foods that help keep your teeth strong.

Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery can help clean your teeth while you snack!tooth coloring pages for kids

The spotlight is on this happy tooth for this second tooth coloring printable.

This tooth is looking happy to be cleaned, and this is understandable as the more you clean your teeth the healthier they’ll be!

If I were coloring in this tooth coloring page, I would use a yellow for the circle it’s standing in to make it look like a spotlight and a dark blue for the background.happy tooth coloring pages free download

We have a really happy looking tooth in this next tooth coloring sheet, and the reason is that it’s just had a good cleaning!

For this image, I would suggest using some bright and cheerful colors for the floor and background to fit in with how happy this tooth is looking to be nice and clean.

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tooth coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

This sharp tooth has popped out of a sea of bubbles, and it looks like it’s having a bubbly good time! Let’s think about how you can paint this tooth coloring page.

The bubbles could be all different colors of the rainbow, or maybe pick two of your favorite colors and alternate them.

Since this tooth looks so happy, it must take good care of itself. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes each time.original tooth coloring pages

Using contrasting colors against each other can make for a striking image, and there’s a great opportunity to do that in this tooth printable.

There’s a lot of background space, so to create this contrast I would color in the tooth with a light blue and then use a bright orange or yellow for the background.

What colors did you think of when you saw this tooth coloring sheet?smiley tooth coloring pages free download

We have what could be a great tooth poster in this tooth coloring page! Tooth is written out in bold letters, so the thing to decide is what colors to make them.

I would alternate red and green for each letter for some bright colors, but I look forward to seeing what colors you choose!

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realistic tooth coloring pages free download

This cheerful tooth is flashing its pearly whites! When coloring this, think about the colors you see when you look in the mirror and brush your teeth.

There are whites, yellows, pinks and reds that make up each tooth.

Use light, quick strokes when you color in the whites so they look extra shiny. Press harder when you color the gums red and pink.

The great thing about teeth is that no two smiles are exactly alike. Your smile is special to you. After coloring this, look in the mirror and appreciate your one-of-a-kind smile!tooth coloring sheet free download

A toothbrush is a tooth’s best friend, and that’s why they’re looking happy to hang out in this tooth coloring sheet.

Maybe you could color in the toothbrush to match the color of your own toothbrush at home! What color will you use for the background to finish off this fun image?free printable tooth coloring pages

Teeth must feel like royalty after a good brushing, and this tooth coloring printable shows one looking like a king!

The background is segmented, and for this image I would use darker blues and purples alternating for the background. I’d then finish off with a bright yellow for the crown this tooth is wearing.

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girl tooth coloring pages free printable

A super happy tooth is here, complete with eyes, hair, a big smile and even two mini teeth! Start with bright colors for the eyes and hair. Maybe neon pink or green hair would look fun!

For an extra challenge, try mixing two colors to make the perfect tooth shade. Start with white and mix in small amounts of yellow, grey and even a tiny bit of blue for dimension.

Make sure to floss every day to get rid of icky plaque between your teeth and to prevent cavities. Flossing keeps your teeth and gums strong!new tooth coloring pages

There’s a good motto featured on this next tooth coloring page! I think to help this good message to stand out you could use a different color for each letter of this phrase.

Once you’ve finished coloring it in, maybe you could hang this as a poster for your wall to remind you to look after your teeth!brush your teeth coloring pages free printable

Everyone enjoys a nice day outside, and that’s true for this cute tooth coloring sheet as well. This outdoors scene would look great with some bright greens for the grass and a lovely clear blue for the sky.

Using some bright colors of nature would really finish off the happy feeling of a beautiful day outside for these teeth.happy teeth coloring pages free printable for kids

Let’s think about what colors would make this tooth coloring sheet pop. Start by outlining it thickly in black and then filling it in with bright whites and pinks for a healthy tooth color.

The dots could be turned into colorful confetti by using all the colors of the rainbow! Another idea is to make the dots musical notes since everyone loves a good tooth song.

Stars and hearts would be fun too! After coloring, sing your favorite tooth brushing song while you brush to make sure you’re brushing long tooth coloring printable

For this last image in this collection of free tooth coloring pages for kids, we have a happy tooth getting a good cleaning!

For this last page, I would use the brightest of your favorite colors to make this image pop. I would use a yellow for the circle this tooth is standing in with the brightest red I have for the background.

What colors will you use for this sparkly clean tooth printable?

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brush your teeth coloring pages free download for kids

Tooth Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that this series of free tooth coloring sheets for kids were lots of fun for you to color in!

Hopefully they can help us all to remember to take good care of our teeth. Remember that all of our coloring sheets and printable art are completely free for you to print and enjoy!

You could print out a few copies of your favorite images to really get creative with. Maybe you could try out some different color choices and even some new mediums! If you have some watercolor or acrylic paints, they can help to give even more color looks and styles for your coloring.

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