Taylor Swift Coloring Pages

Have some musical coloring fun with these Taylor Swift coloring pages!

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular music artists on the planet. She had humble beginnings making her way up from the bottom, and now she is certainly on top!

She started out as a country singer first and foremost, and while elements of that can still be found in her work, she has since branched out to other styles and formats.

This collection of free Taylor Swift coloring pages for kids is meant for any Taylor Swift fans out there that want to relive their favorite moments from her life and career.

You will see her on stage, during the writing process and moments from her earlier life. Whether you color all of the pages or stick to just a few, you will have a wonderful tribute to this famous star by the end!

15 Brand New Taylor Swift Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Taylor Swift coloring sheet shows her doing what she does best, singing with her guitar! It makes for a great interpretation of her look, and captures what makes her special.

You not only have a great look for Taylor herself, but also can color her name and the small shapes in the background. I think this page would be an incredible poster to hang on your wall when it’s done.

What colors will you choose for this first page in the collection?New Taylor Swift Coloring Pages

There’s a feeling of contemplation on this next page. We get a great close-up on Taylor, and it shows off some wonderful details for her hair and her outfit.

You could take her fashion sense into consideration as you color, but you could also use colors that suit the mood this image gives off.

For example, I would go for some lighter colors and mediums, as that would fit with the contemplative feeling of the image. That’s what came to mind for me, but be sure to use what you think will be best!taylor swift coloring pages for adults

Taylor is wearing a beautiful outfit on this next page. It’s a fancy, elegant outfit and now you can bring some amazing color to the outfit.

You can use a variety of different art tools and mediums on an image such as this. For example, I might use paint for some details while using colored pens for the finest details.

That’s one for the many ways that you could tackle this page, but there are so many more! It would be great to see what you choose for this page.original taylor swift coloring pages

This next page is so pretty, as it offers a very tight close-up on Taylor’s face. We also have her name written out in a bold font for you to color, and I really like the floral details in the background as well.

It looks pretty enough as it is, but it will look even better once you have added your amazing color choices. There are so many ways you could color it, so feel free to print multiple copies to experiment!

It can be fun to try out lots of ideas.taylor swift head coloring pages

On this Taylor Swift coloring printable, we get a look at Taylor on stage performing. The style it is drawn in makes her look a bit like a doll, which is an interesting take!

When you color the pages in this collection, remember that you don’t need to stick to standard coloring tools and mediums. You can also use crafts and unconventional art supplies as well.

It can really make a huge difference to use some simple crafts for some smaller details, so don’t be shy about experimenting a bit!taylor swift full size coloring pages

You can practically hear Taylor singing on this next page, as she seems to be in the middle of a song.

If you have a favorite Taylor Swift song, then you could add some clues as to what she could be singing.

It could be some small pictures and symbols of what it is, but you could make it more blatant by drawing the lyrics of the song that you have in mind.

You could take it even further by playing the song as you color for some extra fun! What song would you like Taylor to sing for you if you could choose?taylor swift head coloring sheet

The details on this page are stunning, as there are so many small sections to her hair and other aspects of the drawing. When you have a picture like this, there are a few ways to color it.

You could go for a realistic rendition of the image to show how she would look in real life. Or, you could go for something more stylistic to create a mood instead of realism.

Either approach would work, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see which one you prefer! You could even do one of each if you like.new taylor swift head coloring sheet

Some of Taylor’s songs are slow and soft while others are loud and exciting. This page captures the feeling of one of her pop songs, and it radiates excitement and joy.

It will be really fun to bring color to this amazing page! If I were coloring this page, I would use bright colors and vibrant mediums to make the colors pop.

I feel like that would help to give off the exciting feeling that the picture suggests. Which colors do you think would work best for this vibrant picture of Taylor Swift?cartoon taylor swift coloring pages

We have something a bit different for this next page. Taylor is on her city tour, but she’s traveling around in quite an unconventional way!

Instead of driving around in a bus, she is instead soaring above the city. It feels a bit like a dream, and now you can bring your interpretation to the image.

Perhaps this is a dream you would like to live out, and now you can bring it to life with the colors and art tools that you use to make it look amazing!taylor swift drawing coloring pages

This Taylor Swift coloring page shows another close-up that gives you another great look at the details.

The background also has a great pattern that would look amazing with some bright and varied colors.

Once again, you could make this realistic or portray a mood instead. Different people will have different preferences, so you can discover what yours would be.

It could also be a cool idea to do several different interpretations of the same image, so feel free to print out a bunch of copies!taylor swift coloring printable for kids

Fans of Taylor Swift are sometimes known as Swifties, and it is a name that they wear with pride! If you are coloring these pages, there is a good chance that you are one yourself.

This page not only has a beautiful portrayal of Taylor Swift, but also has the word Swifties written below. It would be a great page to show off your fandom once it is done!

This is your chance to show off your love for Taylor, so let your creativity flow and see what happens.taylor swift coloring book

This next page shows something a bit different, and it makes for an interesting change. The page shows her when she was a bit younger sitting at a piano while she writes a song.

It feels like this is showing her working at her craft before she became a household name. It’s a lovely callback to show that everyone needs to start somewhere.

While it’s a great picture as is, your color choices will make it look even more incredible. It will be great to see how you decide to finish off this page!taylor swift and piano coloring pages

The stylish design of this page is really cool-looking. It shows a close-up on Taylor’s face, but the thick outlines give it an almost comic-book look.

If I were coloring this page, I think that I would use some bright and stylish colors for the picture. I think that would suit the image nicely, but it’s totally okay if you have other ideas!

What comes to mind for me may not work for you, so it’s all about going for what feels right for you. Will you go with that came to mind for me or perhaps something unique?taylor swift drawing coloring pages

One of the biggest dreams of any Taylor Swift fan is to get to see her live in concert. Not everyone gets to live out that dream, but this page helps you to imagine what it could be like.

Perhaps you have seen her in concert, in which case you could replicate what it was like. If you haven’t then you can use this page to imagine the privilege.

It’s all about creating the ultimate Taylor Swift experience from the comfort of your home, so make sure you have lots of fun with it!taylor swift playing guitar coloring pages

For the final page of these Taylor Swift coloring pages, we end things on an elegant note. Taylor looks stunning in this pretty dress, and the background is separated into segments.

Once you have added color to the dress and Taylor herself, you can color these segments in interesting ways as well. When I saw this page, watercolor paint came to mind for me.

I feel like that would be a great medium for her frilly dress, but there are so many ways to color these details. What will you use to close off this collection?taylor swift dancing coloring pages

Taylor Swift Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

You have seen all of the pages in this collection of free Taylor Swift coloring pages for kids. Now that you know what is in the collection, you can choose which ones to color and enjoy.

You could color each and every page if you wanted to, or you can pick some of the pages that speak to you the most. It’s up to you in the end!

If you know other Swifties, then it would be wonderful to share the collection with them as well. We would also love to see how you colored these pages.

Feel free to share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so that we can share in the Taylor Swift fandom with you!

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