Stranger Things Coloring Pages

Relive your favorite moments from this show with these Stranger Things coloring pages

In 2016, the world was introduced to Stranger Things, a science fiction show with elements of horror and character drama.

It was soon a big hit, as audiences grew to love the characters and interesting story.

It is also famous for its monster designs, while the characters are also popular options for Halloween costumes. The popularity of the show is strong to this day, as fans can’t get enough!

This collection of free Stranger Things coloring pages for kids is here to give fans a new way to show off their love for the show and these characters.

You will find some of your favorite characters here, and you can color them in any way that you please. So let’s begin and experience some supernatural coloring thrills!

15 Brand New Stranger Things Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Before we focus on the famous characters of the Stranger Things series, we will first look at the mysterious Upside Down in this first Stranger Things coloring sheet.

This shows not only the Stranger Things logo but also a look at the twisted landscape and creatures of this dimension. Darker colors will be needed here in order to make it match the look of the show.

If you want to give this other dimension a unique look, you could definitely do so, as you’re in charge of these pages now!New Stranger Things Coloring Pages

The main monster of the Stranger Things series is the Demogorgon, a horrifying monster from another dimension. These creatures are known for their heads that look a bit like open flowers.

This page shows the demodog, a smaller version of this horrific beast that has dog-like qualities. Once again, you have the option of matching this beast to the show or using your own colors.

You could also draw and color some background details as well. What background could you add?stranger things coloring pages for kids

Now, we bring the focus to Dustin, one of the core members of the Stranger Things gang. He is an eccentric, enthusiastic kid who also has a passion for technology.

His positive attributes allow him to help his friends through some tough situations, and he is a fan favorite for many reasons. This page shows him as well as his name written in bold letters above him.

That means that you can color the character and also color the letters of his name in some interesting way. It will be a great homage to the character once complete!stranger things coloring printable

The character of Steve from Stranger Things is one that has undergone great growth. He initially is portrayed as a bit of an unlikeable bully, but he would gradually grow into something else.

As time went on, he would become a more sympathetic and brave character, and this has made him another favorite of fans. This page shows him in the earlier seasons, armed with a nailed bat.

He is ready to take on some monsters, and adding some color to the page will really help to finish off this awesome scene!steve from stranger things coloring pages

The next Stranger Things coloring printable that we have for you shows Mike. At one time, you could have considered Mike to be the leader of his group of friends.

As with most characters in the show, his role would change and evolve throughout the series, and his character arc is quite complex and interesting.

There are some great details on his clothes and accessories, and you can also have some fun coloring his name above him.

You could try to use some colors that you think suit Mike’s personality when doing so!mike from stranger things coloring pages

While there is no real ‘main character’ in the series, it could be argued that Eleven is pretty much the central character of the show.

Because of experiments done on her as a young kid, she has amazing telekinetic powers that she uses in the gang’s battles against otherworldly beings.

This page shows her from the first season with her signature shaved head. She has a nosebleed, which is a symptom of her using her immense powers.

The picture really captures her character well, and it will look even better once you have added some amazing colors!eleven from stranger things coloring pages

Next up, we have a page dedicated to Will Byers. In the show, Will is absent for most of the first season due to being trapped in the Upside Down.

He plays a much larger role in subsequent seasons, however, and now he is here for you to color. The details on his jacket and clothing are really intricate and look great.

I would probably use some colored pens for his clothing details, as that would make it easier to color the small details. What will you use to add some color to Will’s clothing?Will Byers stranger things coloring pages

The next character in the spotlight is Lucas, another core member of the gang. He has also played an important role in the series, and he is known to be reliable and loyal to his friends.

This character page gives us a look at the whole character, instead of some of the close-up views that some other pages have provided.

It means that you can add color to his whole outfit and character, and you can replicate your favorite Lucas moments from Stranger Things while doing so!lucas from stranger things coloring pages

You would not want a Demogorgon to sneak up on you, as it would put you in a lot of danger. That seems to be the case on this next page, as this kid has one right behind him.

It makes for a really intriguing scene, and fans of the show may recognize this moment. Even with the context of the picture aside, you have a highly detailed image to color.

You could really portray some interesting color choices here, and it will make this scene look even more awesome.stranger things coloring sheet free download

Steve is back for his own poster on this Stranger Things coloring page. We saw him in the middle of a pose earlier, but here he gets to have his name written out as well.

This page captures his look from a bit later in the series, and so you have something to work from if you want to make him look screen accurate.

If Steve is your favorite character, then you could use this as an awesome poster for your wall once it is complete! Which colors will you use for it?steve from stranger things coloring pages

Eddie Munson is not only a great character in terms of how he is written, but he is also one of the most visually distinct characters.

His look makes him look like a bit of a rockstar, and this is an aspect that has made him popular. Here we have a page that focuses on Eddie, and it also has some text for you to color.

Additionally, you have loads of great small details on his outfit to color as well. Eddie will look ready to rock once you have finished this page!eddie munson stranger things coloring pages

Many of the pages in this collection have focused on singular characters, but now we have a collection of some of the main characters in the show.

Mike, Will and Lucas join Eleven in this image, and it captures the camaraderie of the show brilliantly. This is another page that would make for an awesome Stranger Things poster once done.

You can color the characters as they appear in the show, but then you could try out some awesome colors, shapes and other aspects for the background.

How will you finish off the background?mike, will, lucas, eleven stranger things coloring pages

We’ve seen a lot of the heroes of Stranger Things, and now we will take a look at the monstrous Demogorgon.

This page really captures the fear of this beast, and its distinctive look gives you loads of details to color.

It seems to be on the loose in the real world, and we can gather this from the small background details on the page.

If you want to do some drawing, you could also draw a more detailed scene around it.

You could recreate a scene from the show or create a brand new Stranger Things moment!demogorgon stranger things coloring printable

You wouldn’t want to be on Eleven’s bad side when she is mad! This page shows her looking very angry, which will make her powers even more devastating.

Because of the feeling this image gives off, I would use some bright and intense colors for this page if I were coloring it. That would be a great way to make the power felt in a strong way.

That is what I would choose to do, but you should definitely go for the colors that you think are right for this page!eleven stranger things coloring sheet

We’re ending this collection of Stranger Things coloring sheets with a highly detailed picture! This one shows three of our favorite characters with the Stranger Things logo and plenty of background details.

For pictures like this, I often like to use darker colors for the characters and then lighter colors for the background. That can help to bring the emphasis to the characters.

Using multiple art tools and mediums on a single page can also help you to achieve different color intensities. It would be great to see how you finish off this page to close off the collection!stranger things logo coloring printable

Stranger Things Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Stranger Things is filled with so many amazing characters and moments, and this collection of free Stranger Things coloring printables for kids help to capture these elements.

You hopefully found some of your favorite Stranger Things characters in the collection to color. Once your pages are complete, you could hang them up on your wall or gift them to friends.

Coloring one or two images from the collection is a great option, but you could also color each and every page if you wanted. You can print the pages multiple times to try out all of your ideas.

When your pages are complete, please go ahead and share some of your favorites on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see and enjoy!

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