Scooby Doo Coloring Pages

Solve some spooky coloring mysteries in these Scooby Doo coloring pages!

When there’s a mystery to be solved and ghosts and monsters seem to be running around, you need someone brave to come in and save the day!

Sometimes though, the next best thing is a cowardly dog and his friends, and the best example of such a dog would be Scooby Doo!

This beloved character has delighted audiences both young and old for decades, and these free Scooby Doo coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have some spooky coloring fun!

There are plenty of scenes for you to have a great time coloring in, and you’ll get to use all manner of fun colors and art mediums when filling in these pages.

Once you’ve finished coloring in your favorite Scooby Doo printables, we hope you’ll share them to our Facebook page for us to enjoy! We can’t wait to see what coloring adventures you went on with Scooby.

25 Brand New Scooby Doo Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first image in our collection of free Scooby Doo coloring pages for kids shows Scooby himself posing for a nice picture!

The background looks like he might be in a desert setting with some rock formations behind him.

For that reason, I would use warmer colors like reds and oranges for the terrain and then balance it off with a light blue sky above him.

Will you go with similar colors or will you use other ones to get this Scooby Doo coloring series started?scooby doo coloring pages free download

Look at Scooby Doo standing tall with his head held high and ears perked up in a happy, playful doggy manner!

His collar is neatly around his neck and his tail is raised up behind him to show he’s in a delightful mood.

There’s a sturdy wooden fence bordering the background. As you color in this cheerful pose, think about what would make a fun-loving dog like Scooby Doo so joyful and upbeat.

Use bright, vibrant colors to capture his perky, energetic spirit and bring some life to the scene.scooby doo coloring pages

After a nice hot day in the desert, we’re taking a trip to a scary midnight graveyard in this Scooby Doo coloring sheet.

Scooby and his best friend Shaggy are cowering under an atmospheric night sky.

I think that for this image, you could use a very dark blue for the sky and then some shades of purple for the clouds. Coloring in the moon a bright yellow would really make for a creepy scene!scooby and shaggy coloring pages free download

If there’s one thing that Scooby likes to do after solving some mysteries, it’s eating a lot of yummy food!

He’s ready to feast on a pizza in this Scooby Doo coloring printable. Maybe it’s a reward for doing such a good job!

You could try to color in the pizza to look like your favorite kind of pizza, and I would again use brighter blues for the sky.

This is a much more joyous picture as Scooby is looking very happy to have a delicious pizza, so I would definitely use some happy and bright colors for this scooby doo coloring pages for kids free print out

Look how incredibly fast Scooby is running. His collar is streaming out behind his neck as he zooms past, moving his four furry paws as quickly as possible.

What in the world has Scooby Doo so spooked that he’s fleeing at such a speed? Is he running from a terrifying ghost or creepy monster that popped out to scare him?

Or maybe his hyper-sensitive nose picked up the irresistible scent of delicious, mouth-watering Scooby Snacks waiting up ahead!

Draw the answer into the background to create an exciting, adventurous scene!scooby doo coloring printable

We have a really fun picture for this Scooby Doo coloring page! This one’s a bit more stylish with a background you could use all manner of colors on.

I think it would look really nice to use yellows, blues and green to match the colors of Scooby’s collar. What colors will you choose for this Scooby Doo picture?

We hope that you’ll show us how you decide to color in this image by sharing it on our Facebook page for us to admire!black and white scooby doo coloring pages free print

This next Scooby Doo coloring sheet has a very energetic scene for you to color in! Scooby is running away from something, and I’d bet it’s some bad guy in a costume.

For this action packed page, I would use some colorful mediums like colored pens and acrylic paints to highlight the intensity of the scene.

What do you like to mostly use when coloring in? Maybe this picture would be a great opportunity to try out a medium that you wouldn’t normally use that much.

It can be fun to try out a new way of coloring!funny scooby doo coloring pages free download

Scooby is poking his head through a painting in this Scooby Doo printable! I think that it would be cool to use different mediums for this one as well.

You could use acrylic paints for the painting that he’s sticking his head through and something else for Scooby’s head.

That would really make it look like he is sticking his head through a real painting! Will you use different mediums for this picture?realistic scooby doo coloring pages free download

Scooby Doo is taking a nice break to relax and get some good belly rubs and pets. His tail is wagging excitedly behind him in eager anticipation of some gentle ear scratches too.

I would suggest using warm, comforting colors like yellows, browns, and tans to capture his happy, carefree mood.

Since Scooby loves affection, treats, and spending time with his friends, you could draw colorful hearts around him or some of his favorite snacks like Scooby Snacks and pizza nearby to show just how sweet and adorable he is.scooby doo coloring printable for kids

In this Scooby Doo coloring page, Scooby is wandering through a scary forest at night time.

The cowardly dog would normally be really scared in a situation like this, but Scooby is looking pretty happy in this picture!

My first thought was this would be taking place at night time, but you could make it a daytime scene with a bright sky blue. What time of day will you make this calmer image?scooby doo coloring sheets for kids free printable

It’s another really beautiful day outside for Scooby in this Scooby Doo coloring sheet! It would probably look really pretty to use some watercolor paints for this image.

Watercolors can create a softer look to an image, and I think it would create a really pretty look to this outdoor image.

I know it will look amazing no matter what colors or mediums you use, so I can’t wait to see how you finish this picture!happy scooby doo coloring pages free printable

Scooby is taking it easy in front of some mountains in this serene Scooby Doo printable. There is some snow on the mountains, so that makes me think that this is probably quite a cold place to be.

For that reason, I would use some cooler, milder colors for this image to create a chilly mountain look.

How will you color in this mountain?scooby doo halloween coloring pages

In this Scooby Doo coloring page, our doggy friend is completely engrossed in focusing on balancing and playing with that ball, with his tongue sticking out as he concentrates intently.

Though Scooby may be easily frightened by spooky creatures, when it comes to fun games and activities, he becomes a pro.

When coloring, you can draw in a detailed background like a basketball court, soccer field, or baseball diamond and add some related sports equipment or details to really create an enjoyable coloring pages for kids

It’s a ghostly party in this Scooby Doo coloring page! Scooby and Shaggy don’t look like they’re enjoying this visit from a bunch of spooky ghosts at all.

For this creepy image, I would use some darker colors for the sky and the background to finish off the scary vibe of this image.

I think that using paints would also help to create a richer color look for this picture to really finish it off!scary scooby doo shaggy halloween coloring pages

Scooby is joined by the smartest member of his crime solving gang: Velma.

It looks like they’re close to solving a mystery, as Velma is making sure that they’re both being really quiet at this crucial moment.

This is another picture that I would use lighter colors on to give it a quieter feeling for this picture. How will you convey this moment of crime solving?scooby doo characters coloring pages free printable

We’re joined by another member of the gang, Daphne, who’s looking just as scared as Scooby in this picture!

Daphne wears mostly purple with fiery red hair, so that should add some lovely warmer colors to this coloring page.

Maybe you could incorporate some colored pens and pencils for even more color intensity to this picture.scooby doo daphne coloring pages free download

It’s time for some puppy power coloring with this next Scooby Doo coloring sheet. Scrappy Doo is Scooby’s little puppy cousin who thinks he’s much bigger than he actually is!

This brave little puppy is ready for action in this page, so I would use some big, bright and beautiful colors for the huge personality that Scrappy has.

I also think that this would be a good image to incorporate some brighter mediums like paints, pens and colored pencils for a bright and vibrant image.scrappy doo coloring pages free download pdf

We’ve seen all the members of the Scooby gang except for one up until now, so in this Scooby Doo printable we have Fred to finish off the whole gang.

Scooby Doo is obsessed with delicious Scooby snacks, and he’s trying to get at the box that Fred is holding in this image.

This is a really fun and happy printable, so I would again use some fun and happy colors to finish it off!

Fred has blue and orange to his clothing color scheme with bright yellow hair, so that should add some great color variation to this picture.scooby doo fred coloring book free print out

It’s time for some groovy dancing color fun with this next Scooby Doo coloring page.

Scooby is showing off his best dance moves in this fun picture, and I bet he’s celebrating another mystery solved!

Maybe for this picture, you could draw in some music notes and waves in the air to suggest some music being played.

If you used all kinds of different colors for those lines, it would especially make it look like he’s listening to some lively music.

What kind of music do you think Scooby is dancing to here?free printable scooby doo coloring book for kids

Scooby is taking a nice stroll outside in this Scooby Doo coloring sheet. It looks like a beautiful day outside in this page, so I think that it would look really nice to have some light blue for the sky.

Maybe you could draw in a trail of treats that Scooby is following to show why he’s licking his lips in this coloring scooby doo coloring pictures to print

Scooby Doo is standing completely still with his ears perked straight up and his tail raised high. Something must have really startled him! What kind of creepy creature or spooky villain do you think caught his attention?

Since Scooby is known for being jumpy and easily frightened, it could be anything from a little mouse scurrying by to an enormous scary monster!

Let your creativity flow by adding fun details and characters to the background that show exactly what has made Scooby stop in his tracks. scooby doo coloring sheet free download

We have another happy and cheerful image for you to color in with this Scooby Doo coloring printable!

I wonder why Scooby is looking so happy? Maybe you could draw in your favorite food on a plate in front of him to show why he’s celebrating.

What food would you draw in for Scooby? I would draw in a nice steak if I were coloring this in, but I’d be interested to see what you would choose!scooby doo colouring pictures free download

Scrappy Doo is back in this adorable Scooby Doo coloring page. Scooby and his cousin are hanging out and enjoying a wonderful day out together.

How will you color in this lovely day out? If I were coloring this in I would use some more bright outdoor colors with some mediums like colored pens and paints to really make the colors pop.scooby doo and scrappy doo coloring pages free printable

Scooby is taking a break and having a great day in this next Scooby Doo printable. He’s looking very proud of himself.

Perhaps he’s feeling good after overcoming some obstacles to solve another case.

Maybe you could draw in your favorite Scooby Doo villain in the background to show that this victory will be short-lived! If you were to do that, which Scooby Doo bad guy would you choose?scooby doo mystery machine coloring pages

This final page in this collection of free Scooby Doo coloring pages for kids has Scooby posing with a well earned box of Scooby snacks.

He’s usually awarded these treats for accomplishing something brave, so maybe these ones are being awarded for a great job of coloring!

What colors and mediums will you use for this last Scooby Doo printable? We hope that you’ll share the finished sheet on our Facebook page so we can see how you closed off this collection of fun coloring pages!scooby dooby doo coloring pages free download

Scooby Doo Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a really fun time coloring in these free Scooby Doo coloring sheets for kids!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and art printables are free for you to print, color and enjoy!

That means that you can print out multiple copies of your favorite images to try out different mediums and color styles for some unique looks.

We’re sure to see a nice variety of happy outdoors scenes and creepy night time settings.

Remember that you can use different things like watercolor paints and colored pens and pencils for some different moods to these pictures.

Please be sure to like and share our Facebook page with your friends to never miss out on any of our awesome free coloring pages we’ll be bringing out constantly.

We also hope you’ll share your favorite Scooby Doo printables to our Facebook page once you’ve finished coloring them in!

We always love to see your colorful artworks and we’ll be looking forward to having some spooky adventures with you and Scooby.

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