PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Suit up for coloring fun with these PJ Masks coloring pages!

Superheroes are everywhere these days. From comics to films, books, clothing and video games, these costumed heroes are everywhere to fly into action and save the day!

The PJ Masks series follows the superhero adventures of some heroic kids who by night take on their superhero personas to fight crime!

These free PJ Masks coloring pages for kids are perfect to have some colorful superpower adventures with your favorite heroes and villains from the series.

You’ll have a chance to use all manner of bright and vibrant colors to finish off these varied characters, and you could work in your favorite art coloring mediums for extra vibrancy.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite free PJ Masks coloring printables, we hope that you will share them on our Facebook page for us to see!

We always love to see your colorful artworks and can’t wait to see what you come up with for these pages.

40 Brand New PJ Masks Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first character featured in this series of free PJ Masks coloring sheets for kids features the heroic Ladybug.

This hero character has a more muted color scheme to her superhero outfit and has a grey color scheme with hints of a beautiful purple-red.

Will you stick to her established colors or use your own to get this series started?pj masks coloring pages free printable

This free PJ Masks coloring page shows off Catboy, one of the main characters. He has a blue color scheme with darker blue for his outfit and light blue stripes on that darker shade.

Will you use his normal color scheme or give Catboy a new look? Either way would look amazing in its own way!pj masks coloring pages for kids

PJ Robot, the robotic helper of the PJ Masks team, is up next for you to color in this PJ Masks coloring printable.

This cute and helpful robot character has a color scheme that is mostly made up of blues, whites and reds.

These colors definitely make him a striking character to look at! Maybe you could use some bright blue colored pens for his eyes to make it look like they’re lighting up.pj robot pj masks coloring pages free printable

Night Ninja is leaping with excitement high up into the night sky, arms stretched up and one leg playfully kicked back as if he’s flying over the city.

Known for being mysterious, use your most vibrant crayons or markers to color in Night Ninja’s bold blue and black ninja outfit. Add wispy white motion lines to show how high he’s jumping.

Draw in buildings, trees and a moon background to show Night Ninja joyfully exploring from up above. pj masks coloring pages

The brave yet clumsy Batarina is here for coloring fun in this PJ Masks coloring page. This villain turned hero has a beautiful purple color scheme to her outfit.

If you stick to this color scheme, what colors will you use for the background to help this lovable character to stand out?batarina pj masks coloring pages free printable

It’s time for some stylish martial arts coloring action as An Yu is here for you to color in for this awesome PJ Masks printable.

This master fighter has a very colorful and unusual set of colors to her outfit, as it’s made up of some lighter reds with bright yellows.

Will you stick to these bright colors? If you do, I bet it would look great to use a colored yellow pen for those elements to help the colors pop!an yu pj masks coloring pages free printable

Here we see Catboy, one of the three main kid heroes from the PJ Masks gang. He’s posing full of confidence, with both hands on his hips and an excited yet focused look, ready for any nighttime adventure.

Carefully color in his signature blue cat ears, long striped tail, black eye mask and vibrant blue and red super suit using your brightest pens.

As the fastest of the group, don’t forget his special cat paw gloves and boots for sprinting at super speed!pj masks coloring printable

Owlette is on this next page, and she has a lovely red and pink color scheme. You can use the show or reference images online to help you as you color.

Don’t worry too much about getting the colors exactly right, as sometimes it can be fun to create your own interpretation of these amazing characters!pj masks coloring book for kids

Lionel the lizard is up next for this PJ Masks coloring page!

This pet to the PJ Masks team is a bright and beautiful green, so I bet that he would look really nice if you used some paints to color him in to make his colors nice and bright!

What mediums will you use to color in Lionel the lizard?lionel the lizard pj masks coloring pages free printable

This cute owl is the star of this next PJ Masks coloring sheet! What colors will you use for this pet owl?

I think that it would look really nice to use some colored pencils to give this owl a softer color scheme that still has some really nice color details.owl pj masks coloring pages free printable

Catboy is back for some more action on this next page. We left the background very blank here, and so you could add some background details by drawing them in.

Perhaps you can think of a setting from the show, or you could draw a whole new unique setting for him to be a part of. What do you think you would like to add?pj masks coloring sheet for kids

The cat in this PJ Masks printable looks a bit like it could be the hero Catboy in animal form!

When he was turned into a cat in one episode, the kitty has a similar dark and light blue color scheme to Catboy’s regular outfit. Will you stick to these colors for this cat?cat pj masks coloring pages free download

Are you ready for coloring fun with Owlette? This brightly colored hero is here for some coloring fun times in this next PJ Masks coloring page.

Owlette has a beautiful pinkish-red color to her outfit, so this should definitely be one of the most brightly colored characters in this coloring page collection!owlette pj masks coloring pages free printable

Gekko is striking an awesome pose on this next page! He has a striking green color scheme, and this has darker elements with lighter highlights.

Colored pens would be a good choice for the colors, as they would help to make them nice and bright. Acrylic paints can also help you to achieve bright and vibrant colors.pj masks coloring printable for kids

Strong and powerful Owlette has her arm pulled back, ready to deliver an epic punch with full force.

Her large brown-and-gray spotted owl wings are spread out wide behind her as she focuses, eyes narrowed with determination.

Use various shades of brown and gray to color her realistic wings, and bright red and blue for her iconic PJ Masks outfit.

With colored pencils, quickly sketch zig-zag motion lines around her fist to show the sheer power of her punch.pj masks new original coloring pages

We have another great image of Owlette striking a cool pose in this next PJ Masks coloring sheet. Maybe for a fun extra detail, you could draw in a background for this picture.

You could draw in a city full of skyscrapers behind her or have her in a more natural setting. What details would you draw in for the background of this picture?owlette pj masks colouring pages free download for kids

Catboy is leaping into action on this PJ Masks coloring printable! You can almost hear the kind of phrase he would yell when performing such a move.

If you have a quote in mind, then you could write it in a speech bubble above his head. It could be a line from the show, or you could come up with your own quote for him.catboy pj masks coloring printable

Night Ninja is dashing at full speed down a moonlit road, an excited smile on his face as he explores the city’s nighttime world.

Known for mystery, color his ninja outfit in your brightest, glow-in-the-dark neon markers.

Draw buildings, trees, street lamps or anything you like along the road as his fun background scene. With his super fast ninja running, it looks like he’s having an awesome time seeing the city at night!pj masks coloring sheet

This next PJ Masks printable may look like it features a character we haven’t seen before, but this is actually Amaya, the unmasked version of Owlette.

Those of you who watch the show would have definitely known that already!

Although she’s not wearing her mask, she is wearing the rest of her owl-themed suit so there is plenty of room for more beautiful reds in this image.amaya pj masks coloring pages free pdf

This page shows Catboy pointing at something with an excited look on his face. What do you think he could be pointing at on this page?

This would be another awesome page to add a background to. That way, you could show off what you think has him looking so excited!catboy pj masks coloring sheet for children

We have another unmasked hero from the PJ Masks team in this fun PJ Masks coloring page. Greg here becomes the hero Gekko when he suits up.

His costume is in shades of bright and beautiful greens, so that means this should be another bright and colorful page!

If you want to keep this image accurate to the show, you can finish it off by adding some brighter yellow for his blonde hair.greg gekko pj masks coloring pages free printable

In the previous two PJ Masks coloring sheets, we saw unmasked versions of two of the team, so it’s only fitting that we show the unmasked version of the team’s leader: Catboy.

This brave hero has an outfit with many shades of blue to it, so maybe you could use some paints to give the colors a richer look.

To finish off this picture, you could use a nice dark brown for his hair to have him look like his show counterpart.catboy pj masks coloring pages free download

Gekko is looking a bit shocked on this page. It makes you think that he is perhaps looking at some challenging situation before him!

As suggested earlier, adding speech bubbles or background elements can be a great way to build a scene around a pose such as this, so feel free to do so!gekko pj masks coloring sheet for children

We’ve colored in a lot of heroes in this collection of PJ Masks coloring printables, so now it’s time for some bad guys to color in.

The Wolfy Kids are three siblings that like to cause havoc and mischief around town. It’s appropriate that there’s a full moon behind these werewolf triplets, and will also make for a lively yellow spot behind them.

If you keep the rest of the night sky a dark blue or purple I bet that would finish off this picture nicely!pj masks characters coloring pages free printable

It’s time for more villainous coloring action with the arch-enemy of the PJ Masks team: Romeo! This mad scientist is a dangerous foe for the team and is constantly causing trouble!

He’s an avid inventor, so maybe you could draw in some weird and crazy inventions behind him.
I’m sure you would come up with some incredible machines for this crazy supervillain!romeo pj masks coloring pages free print out

Graceful yet powerful Owlette leaps into the air with arms outstretched and head tipped back in joyful excitement. She seems to be dancing playfully!

Neatly color her iconic red and blue PJ Masks super suit, then use big, looping marker swirls for a colorful rainbow background, like she’s happily dancing under magical skies.

Quickly add some music notes floating around her to show she’s joyfully dancing away over the city she protects.pj masks coloring printable pdf

Continuing our run of villains for this PJ Masks coloring page series we have another character to color in, the villain Octobella.

This aquatic villain lives underwater and has a blue and green color scheme to match her theme.

For this picture, I think it would look great to use some watercolors as they’re perfect for water-based images!octobella pj masks coloring pages free printable

This next depiction of Gekko has him looking happy, as if he has just celebrated a victory. You could also add other characters beside him to help him celebrate.

If you don’t want to draw them yourself, then you could cut them out from other pages and stick them onto the page beside Gekko. Which characters would you add?gekko pj masks coloring pages

This moth-themed villain is here for more villainous coloring fun in this PJ Masks coloring sheet. Motsuki is a half wasp, half-human villain with a more muted blue and purple color scheme.

The ends of her antennae glow with a purple light, so I think it would look really cool to use a purple colored pen or paint for that element to make it look like they’re shining.motsuki pj masks coloring pages free download

After a bunch of villains, we’re back to another hero as Catboy returns for a cool picture. He looks like he just pulled off a stylish superhero landing in this picture!

I think that it would look really nice to color in the sky with a deep, dark blue with dots of yellow to make it look more like a nighttime scene.catboy pj masks coloring images free printable

Catboy is dancing with joy on this page! Do you have a song that makes you dance like Catboy is dancing here?

If so, perhaps you could write a few lines or words from the song above him. That would make it look like he is dancing to the song that you like, which would be a really fun touch!
catboy pj masks coloring book

Owlette is back for more action in this PJ Masks printable! If you colored her in earlier for another coloring page, maybe you could switch it up and use another art medium for this depiction.

You could even use your own unique color scheme to give her a new look!owlette pj masks coloring sheets free printable

The interesting looking Munki-Gu has appeared for this PJ Masks coloring page. This mischievous monkey character has an unusual and distinct color scheme.

He has reds, greys, yellows and more, so if you want to keep him looking like he does in the show you could look up some pictures of him to use as a reference.

You could always give him a color makeover, too!munki-gu pj masks coloring pages free download

Luna Girl is another villain who’s flying into this PJ Masks coloring sheet for coloring action. This character has darker colors with a mostly grey and black color scheme to her outfit.

There are also bright purple lights on her technology that help to brighten up her look as well! She’s often accompanied by an army of flying moths, so you could draw some in for an extra fun detail.luna girl pj masks coloring pages free printable

The mysterious Night Ninja is up next to color in for this PJ Masks printable.

This ninja character has a dark outfit made up of mostly dark and light blues, and so I think that watercolors would work well for this character.

What colors and mediums do you think you’ll use for this character?night ninja pj masks coloring pages free download

We have Owlette back for one last time in this collection of PJ Masks coloring pages for you to color!

I always think it looks great to draw in a background for these pages, so what setting would you put Owlette into?

Maybe you could replicate a scene from your favorite episode featuring Owlette into this picture!easy pj owlette coloring pages free printable

Catboy is also back for one last appearance in this PJ Masks coloring sheet. This is a much more laid back image of this hero, so maybe you could draw in a nice calm background for him as well!

He could just be taking it easy in his bedroom after a long day of crime-fighting.
I can’t wait to see how you color in this picture of Catboy!catboy pj coloring pages free pdf

Owlette is soaring through the skies on this PJ Masks coloring sheet. It would be great to add a background to show where she is gliding.

A fun touch would be to use the area you live in as inspiration for the background! What other locations and landmarks could you use as the background?owlette pj masks coloring book

We have a masked version of the hero Gekko for this PJ Masks coloring printable. As mentioned before, this character has a lovely bright green outfit.

Because of this, I think that it would look great to use some beautiful green acrylic paints for this one. That would really give this picture a lovely bright look!gekko pj coloring pages free printable

Our final image in this awesome collection of free PJ Masks coloring pages for kids brings the villainous Romeo back for one last appearance!

I’ll be interested to see what colors and mediums you use for this last picture!

I would use colored pens and markers to color in this depiction of Romeo, but what came to mind for you when you saw this picture?romeo pj coloring pages free download pdf

PJ Masks Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that this series of free PJ Masks coloring sheets for kids provided hours and hours of heroic coloring fun for you to enjoy!

All of our coloring pages and art printables are totally free for you to print and enjoy!

That means you should feel free to print out multiple copies of your favorite images to experiment with and share with your friends!

It can be lots of fun to try out new art tools and mediums, so maybe you could try out some new ones you’ve never used before to get some great new looks to your favorite pages.

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Lastly, we would be thrilled if you would share your favorite completed PJ Masks printables to our Facebook page!

We can’t wait to see your colorful creativity on display and look forward to some awesome colorful superhero fun!original and free pj masks coloring pages


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