Mewtwo Coloring Pages

Feel the power of this legendary Pokemon with these Mewtwo coloring pages!

One of the main appeals of the Pokemon series would be the many amazing Pokemon that you can find in the games, shows and films.

They all represent different types and come in many shapes and sizes.

There are a few Pokemon that are considered to be legendary, and it would be hard to find one more legendary than Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is a powerful experimental Pokemon that is quite a challenge to catch in the games.

He has many fans thanks to his power and his unique design that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. This collection of free Mewtwo coloring pages celebrates this mysterious Pokemon.

You will see him in many different poses and situations to color, and you can relive some of your favorite Mewtwo moments right now!

15 Brand New Mewtwo Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Mewtwo coloring sheet shows him in a dramatic pose with the sun (or maybe the moon) framing him.

Whether you want to portray the sun or the moon, you can use this element to add some bright color behind Mewtwo.

This will help to create an amazing contrast that will highlight Mewtwo’s design brilliantly. I would use some bright yellow paint for that detail behind him while keeping the rest of the background dark.

That’s what I would do, but what are your ideas for this page?New Mewtwo Coloring Pages

Mewtwo is a formidable Pokemon who wields immense power in battle. This not only makes him a challenge to capture but also to defeat.

The image on this page shows Mewtwo gathering his power for an attack, and it seems to take a lot of concentration. You can also color this power detail using some stark, bright colors.

That would really help to show that he is gathering a ball of powerful energy in his hands. If you have some favorite bright colors, they would be perfect for this detail, so be sure to use them!mewtwo coloring printable

Here we have another page that really shows off the immense power of Mewtwo. He is floating in the air wielding a huge ball of power, and it’s a dramatic image indeed.

Using a combo of light and dark colors can help to create emphasis. For example, I would use some black markers to completely fill the background of the picture.

Then, I would use lighter colors for Mewtwo and the ball of energy, which would bring the focus squarely to him. Of course, this would be just one of many ways to color the page.

I would love to see what ideas you have!pokemon mewtwo coloring printable

Often, Pokemon will have various forms to show their different variations and power levels. This page shows Mewtwo in a more powerful form, and this is visible from the fins on his head.

His body also has more dramatic shapes to make him look more armored. If you’re a fan of this Mewtwo variation, then this will be the perfect page for you!

You could also replicate your favorite moment featuring this form of Mewtwo by drawing and coloring a background. What Mewtwo moments would you like to replicate on this page?pokemon mewtwo coloring sheet

This next Mewtwo coloring printable shows him in a quieter moment, but he has an intense look on his face. It makes it seem as if he is in a tense situation, possibly before a big battle.

This is another page that would be perfect to add a background. You could use moments from the games, movies or series as inspiration for this background.

If you’re feeling extra creative, then you could also create your very own Mewtwo moment with a unique setting. It’s up to you, so have fun getting creative with it!pokemon mewtwo coloring printable free download

This is another page that shows off the awesome power of Mewtwo. He is gathering power, and this is represented with some wavy lines surrounding him.

The way that this is drawn creates various ‘layers’ of lines. It would be amazing to color these layers in deliberate ways.

For example, you could alternate light and dark colors or use some complimentary colors. It’s good to improvise color usage, but sometimes it can also be nice to put a bit more thought into it.

As always, it’s up to you in the end, so you should go with what feels right to you!pokemon mewtwo coloring book

This view of Mewtwo is quite unusual compared to what we have seen previously. We have him looking up at us from a top-down view, and I would imagine that he is probably in mid-flight.

It really helps this page to stand out and looks amazing. The background is also separated into different sections, which allows you to work in different colors and effects.

This is a page that allows you a lot of creativity, so don’t be shy about experimenting with the page to see what comes of it when you’re done!mewtwo drawing coloring pages

Mewtwo is ready for action on this next page. He’s in a dramatic pose, and to me it makes it look as if he is going to take off for flight.

There are a few small background details on the page, and you could add some more details whether they are subtle like little rocks and stones to more drastic details like buildings and other Pokemon.

It’s up to you, and you could make the scene as involved or as subtle as you would like. What kind of background would you like to add to this particular page?pokemon mewtwo coloring book

This next page shows Mewtwo floating in the air looking very thoughtful. Because he looks more relaxed here, I would use some more muted colors and art mediums.

I think I would go for some watercolor paint here, as that would help the colors to look a bit softer.

Even just using that for Mewtwo himself and then darker mediums for the background would be interesting.

You can use that suggestion if you like, but you should also feel free to use any other colors and mediums that come to mind for you!pokemon mewtwo coloring sheet free download

Our next Mewtwo coloring page shows him alert, as if he has just detected some kind of threat. This is shown by the sharp lines around his face that look a bit like his senses going off.

I would use some bright yellow applied with colored pens or markers for this particular detail. The more you can make it stand out, the better if you ask me.

If you want to take it even further, then you could also add some elements that would show what has got his attention on this page. What could it be?pokemon mewtwo coloring pages for adults

Things are really heating up on this next page! Mewtwo is floating in the air with flame effects beneath him, and it makes him look very cool.

When coloring these flame effects, you could use colors like red and yellow if you would like to make it look like fire.

Or, you could use colors like blue or green to make it look more like power flames.

Either approach would look amazing, and you could always print a few copies to try out any ideas that you may have.pokemon mewtwo coloring pages for children

The lines surrounding Mewtwo on this page creates a really cool visual that highlights the act of speeding through the air. I always love it when the background is separated into sections.

That’s because it allows you to incorporate different colors, gradients and effects to the page. It also allows you to work in lots of different art tools and mediums on one page too.

The more variety you can have on a page, the better! This page will allow you to really express all of your creative ideas and inspirations.pokemon mewtwo coloring book for kindergarten

Can you feel the power on this next page? I know I can, as we see Mewtwo gathering immense power for a really powerful move.

There are a few ways you can make things look bright on the page.

Using bright colors with mediums like markers or colored pens, especially on the edges, can help to make a flat image shine bright.

You could also use some subtle glitter effects and mediums to add some very real sparkle to the page. How else would you like to represent Mewtwo’s awesome power?original pokemon mewtwo coloring printable

The pose that Mewtwo is striking on this next page makes me think of a martial arts move. Considering he is such a proficient fighter, this would be a safe thing to assume here!

You would not want to be facing down Mewtwo when he is looking this intense, that’s for sure. There are so many ways that you could represent the background on this page.

For instance, you could use some flat colors and shapes, or you could draw some more specific background elements that would help to build a scene around this awesome pose.original pokemon mewtwo coloring book

This last Mewtwo coloring sheet in the collection shows him striking a confident pose, and it’s the perfect way to close things off.

Mewtwo looks tough in power poses, but he also looks intimidating when simply standing.

That is the sign of true power, as you don’t need to do anything fancy in order to strike fear and respect into your enemies.

This will be an even more incredible image once you have added some color.

Will you use Mewtwo’s normal colors or perhaps go for something a bit more unique?original pokemon mewtwo coloring sheet

Mewtwo Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Mewtwo is one of the most iconic and beloved Pokemon characters in the whole series. This collection of free Mewtwo coloring printables for kids aimed to pay tribute to this mighty Pokemon.

Hopefully, you got to enjoy tons of coloring fun with these poses and other portrayals. There are so many opportunities for amazing colors and art mediums, so let your creativity flow!

When you’re ready to show off your Mewtwo artwork, you can share pictures on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so that we can check out how incredible they look.

We can’t wait to see the results of your coloring talent!

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