Kuromi Coloring Pages

Have some wicked coloring fun with these Kuromi coloring pages!

Hello Kitty is one of the most iconic and fashionable characters in the world. Since her creation, fans worldwide have loved the character and the world she inhabits.

While Hello Kitty started it all, she has since been joined by many other characters. This collection of free Kuromi coloring pages for kids celebrates one of the more villainous characters.

She presents a darker, more sinister look while still remaining cute and adorable. This character is perfect for people who love cute and fashionable things with a bit of edge!

We have 15 pages featuring Kuromi in various poses and situations for you to enjoy. You can stick to her established colors and styles, or you can create some of your own.

Without further ado, let’s begin the collection and join this adorable villain on her adventures!

15 Brand New Kuromi Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Kuromi coloring sheet that we have for you shows her looking appropriately wicked! Try as she might, she can never look convincingly evil, as she always looks adorable.

Any fans of the character will know that she is not a particularly colorful character.

In fact, she has mostly black or dark gray on her, and the rest of her design is white with a splash of pink for the symbol on her hat.

You can use these colors or choose unique ones if you prefer!kuromi coloring pages

Kuromi is surveying all that is beneath her on this next page. She is perched up on some sort of platform, and there are some clouds above her.

The background is simple, but it still allows you to get creative with it. It could look good with some simple blue in the sky if you want to keep it as is.

Of course, you could also add some details such as birds or airplanes above her. These are some ideas, but you can use any others for the background!original kuromi coloring pages

Kuromi seems up to no good on this next page! She is winking, but it does not seem to be in a friendly way.

The page is pretty simple in terms of background details, but you can still do some interesting things.

For example, you will note that the background is separated into sections. You could alternate different colors or create a rainbow of colors as well.

There are no wrong ways to do it, so go with your creative instincts and see what happens! I’m sure whatever you choose will look amazing.original kuromi coloring printable

This next page has Kuromi looking rather joyful, and it makes you think that a plan must have gone well for her.

If you wanted to create a story around the page, you could do so with some simple additions.

Some props, background elements or even extra characters can all help to create a narrative for the image. It can be easier than you think, and you can easily make your picture even more unique.

With so many possibilities, what do you think you will do for this page to make it more unique to you?kuromi coloring printable for kids

The next Kuromi coloring printable that we have for you shows her with an accessory. She is carrying a little bag with a simple symbol on it.

It definitely seems like she is up to some dastardly scheme, and I wonder what it could be! Once again, you could always add some extra details to show what is going on here.

There are some small shapes surrounding her, and you could use some crafts to make those stand out. Glitter or even small beads stuck to the page can add a lot to an image!kuromi coloring printable for adults

There is quite a sinister expression on Kuromi’s face on this next page, and it definitely seems she is up to no good. She is also walking through what looks a bit like a canyon.

This could help you to create some interesting color contrasts for the page. You could use the regular darker colors for Kuromi in the foreground of the image.

Then, you could use lighter natural colors for the background elements to create that contrast. What other techniques could you use?kuromi coloring sheet free download

Everyone has their softer side show from time to time, and that is certainly the case on this next page. Kuromi is showing that she’s not sinister all of the time as she gathers some flowers.

Not only does this show a different side to her, but also gives you a lot of fun details to color. The flowers could be colored with some bright mediums like colored pens or paint.

Doing so would help to add some wonderful splashes of color to the image. You could even stick small fake flowers or stickers over the flowers on the page to make them stand out even more!cute kuromi coloring printable for kids

Here’s another sinister picture, as Kuromi is perched on some skulls on this next page. The composition of the page makes me think of Halloween, as they kind of look like decorations.

If you agree with that opinion, then you could add some more Halloween details. These could be decorations or maybe a Halloween setting like a haunted house or a spooky graveyard.

This is one theme you could go for, but be sure to use any other themes that you have in mind for this spooky portrayal of Kuromi!easy kuromi coloring pages for preschoolers

This next page makes it look like Kuromi is dreaming up her next big scheme. It’s tempting to wonder what could be going through her head at this moment!

If you have some ideas, then you could show what you think she is plotting. One way to do that would be to draw a speech bubble over her head.

Then, you could use text or some small pictures to show what she is thinking. You could also add some additional details and props to suggest the kinds of things that she is planning.black and white kuromi coloring pages

Even villains need their nap time, and that is apparent on this adorable Kuromi coloring sheet! She is settling down for a rest, and she is cuddled up with her little teddy bear.

This would be another great image to add some detail to. If you have a favorite place to take a nap, then you could replicate it on this page.

Adding details like a blanket or some pillows would create the perfect sleepy time setting! What are some details that would finish off this peaceful nap time for Kuromi and her teddy bear?kuromi coloring pages free download

Kuromi is showing off her devilish side on this next page. She has a little trident and horns, and that really makes it feel like she is up to no good.

Because of these details, I would probably incorporate some red into the design. That would help to highlight the devilish feeling of the pose.

Doing so would also be a great source of some brighter, warmer colors than we have maybe seen in the collection so far. What colors does this devilish theme make you think of when you look at it?kuromi coloring pages for preschoolers

We have a picture of Kuromi looking uncharacteristically vulnerable on this next page. Her pose suggests this, but she is also surrounded by some flowers around her.

The flowers allow you to add some amazing colors to the page, and you could once again use some interesting art tools and mediums.

Thanks to the flowers, this has potential to be one of the most vibrant pages in the collection.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use some special crafts and other art tools to make the colors really pop and stand out.transparent kuromi coloring pages

There is a frantic energy to this next page, and it will be really fun to add some color to it! First of all, Kuromi is looking a little insane on this page, and you can use colors to suggest this.

I would probably go for some bright and high contrast colors for this page if I were coloring it. The background is also segmented, and you could use some colors to make it stand out.

This will certainly be a fun page to look at once you have worked your colorful magic on it, so have fun with it!kuromi coloring pages for preschoolers

Here we have another picture that shows off Kuromi’s soft side a bit. She seems to be giggling with glee about something, and she is surrounded by some sparkly shapes.

This is a page that I think would be perfect to add some glitter to. You could do this in a few different ways.

Some craft stores will sell special glitter glue that you can apply to the page to add some textured sparkliness. You could also use a thin layer of glue and then sprinkle some glitter over.

How else could you add some sparkle?easy kuromi coloring pages for kids

The final Kuromi coloring sheet of the collection is here, and it’s such a cute pose for her! The background has been left totally blank, and so you have a lot of freedom.

You could use some solid color, add some shapes or try out some cool art techniques. If you’re feeling extra creative, then you could also add some background details or some props and accessories.

There are so many possibilities, so be sure to use any ideas you have to finish off this collection in style!kuromi coloring pages free pdf

Korumi Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of Kuromi coloring pages featured so many great portrayals of this adorably villainous character. Hopefully, you enjoyed going through the collection to pick your favorites.

It’s free to print and enjoy the pages as you wish, so you could try out lots of different approaches. It’s also free to share the pages with as many people as you like.

That can be a great way to spread the joy, and you can also have fun comparing the different ways you and your friends approached the images.

These pages would also make some excellent posters to hang on your wall! When you want to share your finished pages, be sure to do so on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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