King Kong Coloring Pages

Celebrate this iconic movie monster with these King Kong coloring pages!

King Kong is one of the most famous monsters in movie history. He appeared all the way back in 1933, and it is a story that has been reinterpreted and enjoyed in many ways through generations.

He’s popular for his unique and scary design, but also for the complex characterisation he and his human counterparts exhibit. It’s fair to say that King Kong is still going strong almost 100 years after his introduction.

This collection of free King Kong coloring pages for kids is here to celebrate this iconic monster. You will find 15 reprintable pages showing him in all sorts of poses and situations.

You’ll definitely be able to use all of your favorite colors as you work through the collection, so let’s begin and see what’s on offer!

15 Brand New King Kong Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first King Kong coloring sheet really captures the majesty and menace of this character. It also has the word Kong written in big bold letters above him, and you can color these as well.

There are so many colors to go for with these letters, and you should go with whatever feels right to you. My first thought was to use some dark red for the letters.

You could also use that, but you may have had other colors pop into your head. What will you use for this first page?New King Kong Coloring Pages

In the films, King Kong will rampage through New York City, and that is being shown off on this next page. We see Kong in this famous city, and it provides you with lots of different details to color.

The details of the city are quite intricate, so you may need to use some colored pens or pencils for small details such as the windows on the skyscrapers.

What are some of your favorite art tools and mediums to use when it comes to coloring details such as these?original king kong coloring pages

King Kong has a reputation for being a fearsome character, but in this image we see a softer side of him. There is a gentle expression on his face as he wanders through a forest.

He has encountered a mother and child, and only the child has noticed him so far. It makes you wonder what is happening in this scenario, but King Kong definitely seems to mean no harm.

If you wanted to make a bit of a story for this page, you could draw some extra details or even some dialogue in speech bubbles.original king kong coloring printable

This next page has King Kong looking very ferocious and angry. While he can be a misunderstood beast, he definitely can live up to his ferocious reputation at times.

This page definitely seems to be reinforcing that, and it makes for a terrifying portrayal of King Kong. If I were coloring this page, I would use some harsher colors.

In my opinion, that would help to heighten the intensity of the image, but it is of course only one way of coloring the page.

If you have any other ideas, then you should definitely use them for this awe-inspiring page!original king kong coloring sheet

This iconic beast is looking a bit different on this King Kong coloring printable. He is drawn in a more stylized way, and it’s a unique interpretation for this monster.

King Kong is rampaging through the city, and some airplanes are being used to survey the threat. It makes for a rather dramatic image indeed!

Once again, you have loads of details to color, and you could also change aspects such as the weather and time of day to make it more dramatic or impactful.

This will be an interesting one to behold once it’s done!king kong coloring pages for kids

We’re seeing a different side of King Kong in this next image, as we see the adult Kong with a much smaller ape. There are a few different ways that this could be interpreted.

You could see it as a child of King Kong that he is protecting. Or, you could see this as an adult King Kong compared to how he looked when he was a baby gorilla.

One thing is for sure, it’s an interesting picture to look at. It will be even better when it’s finished, so it will be great to see when it’s complete!full size king kong coloring pages

King Kong is in his natural island on this next page. It shows him drawn in a really unique style once more as well, and it really captures the feeling of his character.

Once you have colored King Kong himself, you can then use some more natural colors for the background.

I often like to use watercolor paint for outdoor environments, as it helps to give the colors a softer look.

You probably have some favorite mediums that you like to use for these aspects, so be sure to go for them!king kong coloring sheet free download

We have a more stylized approach to King Kong for this next page, and it shows him standing tall above the city.

When coloring stylized pictures like this one, I like to use brighter, high contrast colors.

This helps to create a larger than life feeling, and it can also make the picture look like a panel of a comic book.

Some people don’t like to use such intense colors though, so it depends on personal preference.

What would be your ideal preference for a stylized picture?cartoon king kong coloring pages

The feral ferocity of King Kong is captured brilliantly on this page. His fur is more matted and untidy, which helps to make him look even wilder.

He is also in his natural habitat, and he is drawn in an exaggerated comic book style. This is another page that I would use some brighter, more vibrant colors on if I were coloring it.

That’s not to say that more realistic, muted colors wouldn’t work too. As it often is with art, it’s all about personal preference.realistic king kong coloring pages

This King Kong coloring sheet stands out from many of the rest, as it has a really different interpretation of the character.

He is posed in front of some temples, and it makes it seem like he’s a deity of some kind.

It’s a picture that would be well suited to all sorts of color styles and approaches, so you could really try some unique things.

Printing out the picture a few times would also allow you to experiment with different kinds of colors.

It’s free to do that, so take as many approaches as you like!king kong coloring sheet for children

Can you imagine what it would sound like to hear a roar from King Kong? It would probably ratte your whole body, and would likely be quite terrifying.

This page shows King Kong giving a mighty roar, and one can almost hear it when looking at the image. You could also add some text in a speech bubble to show what the roar sounds like.

The background is also really detailed, so you can make this a really dramatic picture with lots of incredible colors to use and look at.king kong coloring pages for kindergarten

The next page we have for you shows King Kong looking a bit more realistic. He really does look like a giant gorilla on this page, and it reminds me of the more recent King Kong films.

Because of this more realistic approach, if I were coloring this page, I would use some realistic, muted colors. It’s one that I think would be well suited to some watercolor paint.

You don’t have to keep the colors muted and realistic if that’s not your style, though.

Different people will have different ideas, so just because that’s what came to mind for me doesn’t make it the only good way!king kong coloring pages for adults

In his film history, King Kong has gone up against some truly terrifying giant beasts. This page shows him up against a fearsome monster, and it’s a very epic scene, that’s for sure!

There is a city in the background, and you can imagine that the people in those buildings are probably feeling a bit nervous as they behold this spectacle!

Luckily, we are safe from our vantage point and can merely have a great time bringing color to this dramatic scene before us.original king kong coloring pages for adults

We once again see the softer side of King Kong on this next page. Some see him as a remorseless, fierce beast, but he has shown many instances of caring about people.

This page shows him with a young boy, and the boy doesn’t seem too scared of him. In fact, they seem to be getting on rather well!

Kong is very furry on this page with plenty of hair details that you could color with your colored pens or markers. That would really help bring this page to life!easy king kong coloring pages

A really cool, cartoony interpretation of King Kong is up next for you to color. Here he is leaping above the city, and it’s done in a really interesting cartoon style.

Even though it is a bit cartoony, I still think it captures the ferocity of King Kong well. It’s a great interpretation of him, even though it’s more stylized.

This is another one that I would use some brighter colors on, as it would fit the cartoony style well. What kinds of colors came to mind for you when you first saw this page?king kong coloring pages free download

King Kong Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed paying tribute to this famous movie monster with these free King Kong coloring sheets for kids!

There was such a great variety of different styles and poses in this collection.

Whether you prefer more realistic portrayals or stylistic ones, you are covered here. It could also be good to challenge yourself to color pages that are done in a different style to what you’re used to.

You can also share the pages with friends, and that way you can see how you all interpreted different pages. We also always love to see your finished pages!

You can show them off by sharing some of your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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