Hocus Pocus Coloring Pages

Have some magical coloring fun with these Hocus Pocus coloring pages!

Hocus Pocus is a film that came out in 1993, and it didn’t take long for it to become a Halloween classic. It is known for its imaginative characters, story and visuals, and fans love it to this day.

It even spawned a recent sequel which was a great treat for fans and revived the love for this classic movie. This collection of free Hocus Pocus coloring pages for kids is here to celebrate the film!

You will find 15 pictures featuring some of your favorite characters from the films as well as some unique interpretations of their designs. When coloring, you can copy colors from the films or use your own.

It’s all about making some artistic magic, and you can do that by expressing your creativity and having a ton of fun doing so!

15 Brand New Hocus Pocus Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Hocus Pocus coloring sheet is a wonderful celebration of the film, featuring the three main characters. These are the Sanderson sisters: Sarah, Winifred and Mary.

Anyone who knows the film will certainly recognize this trio, and now you can bring them to life with color. Not only that, but the Hocus Pocus logo is also above them, giving you even more to color.

You could match the logo to the film’s poster, or you could go for a unique color scheme instead.New Hocus Pocus Coloring Pages

The next page that we have for you features a short witch that you may recognize from the films. She is looking a bit unhappy, and it makes you wonder what could have caused this reaction!

If you want to build a little scene around her, then you could add a background or some props and additional elements. Doing so not only creates a scene, but gives you even more to color.

It’s always a great challenge to add to a picture, so be sure to go ahead and try your best if you’d like to!original hocus pocus coloring pages

The feeling of Halloweeen is captured brilliantly on this page. This witch is making some bubbling brews, and she is surrounded by pumpkins and other props.

The cat Thackery Binx is also there for an extra fun touch to the page! If I were coloring this page, I would use some watercolor paint and lighter shades.

That would help to give the page a subtler, more classic feeling, almost as if it were from a storybook. While that would be my choice, you should go for whatever you like for your page.

What will you choose for this page?original hocus pocus coloring sheet

I just love the fire details on this next page. The way the flames have been drawn makes them look a bit like vines snaking around the cauldron, and it fits the stylistic look of the page brilliantly.

This kind of stylistic approach is perfect for this whimsical film, and you can use the colors that you feel fit this style best. I think that I would use some colored pens and markers for this page.

That would make the colors bright and glowy, which I think would suit the style. Do you agree, or do you have some other colors in mind?original hocus pocus coloring printable

This next Hocus Pocus coloring printable is a very cool one to look at, even without color. It has a witch in the center, and she is surrounded by some creepy branches and other details.

For this one, I think I would use some darker colors. I think it would look amazing to use black or a dark purple for the background to bring the focus to the character at the center.

That’s one way to do it, but how else could you color this page? I can’t wait to see what you choose!hocus pocus coloring sheet free download

The spirit of the film is once again brilliantly captured on this page. It shows the three Sanderson sisters, and they are surrounded by several Halloween props.

Having small details like these on the page really allows you to have some fun working in smaller color details and effects. Changing up the art tools and mediums you use can also make a big difference.

Sometimes, it’s fun to try out a brand new art medium you’re not as familiar with. What do you think would suit this fun picture the best?hocus pocus coloring book

This next character is looking awesome as they are posed with a staff and display multiple details on their clothing. The thing about this page I like most is the segmented background.

It’s a simple thing, but it gives you many more opportunities for color integration. Just these segments give you around 14 more opportunities for color.

You could alternate between a few different colors, or pick a unique color for each segment. There are so many ways to go about it, so you may want to print a few copies of the page to experiment.hocus pocus coloring book for adults

Billy Butcherson is the star of this next page, and he’s quite a sight to behold! He is a zombified character that looks scarier than he actually is, but he will be fun to color.

Not only are there tons of details on his design, but there are also some great background details as well. These also help to add a Halloween feeling to the page.

Pumpkins, gravestones and other spooky details help to make the page display a delightfully scary feeling. These details will look even better when they have some colors added.

This is your chance to create a wonderfully spooky Hocus Pocus page!hocus pocus drawing coloring pages

There are so many great details on this next page. Her clothing is flowing around her in a really cool way, and the background is once again separated into segments.

I would probably use some watercolor paint for the flowy clothing she is wearing, as that would make the colors nice and soft. Colored pencils would also be a good bet if you don’t like to paint

It’s up to you in the end, and anything that you choose will look amazing in its own way, so don’t be afraid to experiment!cartoon hocus pocus coloring pages

We’re really soaring on this next Hocus Pocus coloring page! This witch is flying through the sky, and you can almost feel what it would be like to fly on a broomstick.

The background has not been highly detailed, and that allows you to add some amazing background details.

You could show where she is flying over by adding a landscape and some buildings.

It could be fun to make it look like she is flying over the area that you live in! Where else could you set this page?hocus pocus coloring printable for children

The detailing on this page is absolutely amazing, and you can almost feel the power this character gives off. For the power effects, I would use some bright and vibrant colors and mediums.

Colored markers make the colors look bright with an almost neon effect, so I think that would be great for these details.

Adding some splashes of glitter and other crafts can also help to add some magic to the page.

This is a page you can get very creative with, so be sure to have fun experimenting with your options!hocus pocus coloring printable free download

There is a more whimsical feeling to this next page, as she is looking rather happy and content. For once, there are no spooky details and additions to the page, which is a bit of a change!

For this page, I would use some of the happiest colors there are, and I feel you should do the same. There are also some segments in the background so you can use any colors you want.

It will be amazing to see how you express yourself with this page!original hocus pocus drawing coloring sheet

This next page is a really cute one! In it, there is a young witch paired with the cat Thackery Binx, and fans will know that this is a transformation from a human character.

The cloud effects in the background give the picture some nice atmosphere, and this will only be enhanced with the colors and art mediums that you use to finish it off.

Once again, you should feel free to add any of your own additions and details to build even more of a scene around this page. What details would you like to add?hocus pocus coloring pages for kindergarten

The Hocus Pocus trio are working on a new potion on this next page. They are standing above their brew, and they seem to be pretty pleased with how it is going.

Witch’s potions are known to have many weird and wonderful ingredients in them, and you could show what these could be.

Perhaps they could be floating above the cauldron, and you could draw whatever you think of!

This is your chance to get a bit silly and use your imagination. What are some crazy potion ingredients that could be added?hocus pocus cartoon coloring pages

This collection of free Hocus Pocus coloring pages is ending on a lighthearted note. This character is looking a bit frazzled, and it makes for an amusing scene!

You will notice that there are some sparkly star shapes around her. These would be perfect for some glitter or some glitter glue.

Using these crafts is the best way to add some magic to a page, and it would be perfect for this one! Have you got any other crafts that you could use to finish off the collection?hocus pocus movie coloring pages

Hocus Pocus Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a magical time with this collection of free Hocus Pocus coloring printables! The goal was to represent your favorite characters in some fun and interesting ways.

Even if you stick to the colors shown in the films, you will have plenty of opportunities for some fun colors and extra details.

This would be an awesome collection to share with other Hocus Pocus fans!

If you want to show off your magical pages, please be sure to share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We would love to see the fun and creative ways you brought this collection to life!

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