10 Wicked Cool Halloween Witch Crafts

Since my favorite Halloween kids book is (affiliate) Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman, it probably comes as no surprise that I also love Halloween witch crafts.

We’ve made several over the years and today I’m sharing those together with a few others from around the web that will surely get you grinning and excited to do some Halloween crafting with your family.

Without further ado, here are 10 wicked cool Halloween witch crafts your kids will love!


10 Wicked Cool Halloween Witch Crafts for Kids

1. This paper bag witch craft is not only wicked cool, but the fact that kids can play with it as a puppet after making it is awesome! | I Heart Crafty Things

2. I’m always amazing at how versatile paper plates can be when crafting. Combine Paper plates and handprints together to create this adorable paper plate witch craft. | Crafty Morning

3. This  stuffed paper bag witch craft might be the coolest I’ve seen. Hang it on a shelf for a super cute Halloween decoration. | I Heart Crafty Things

4. Turn a foot print into this oh so cute flying witch craft that also makes a cute Halloween keepsake craft. | Sweet and Lovely Crafts

5. Potato print crafts are a classic craft loved by all children. Here is a cute and clever way to turn potato prints into an adorable witch craft for Halloween. | Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

6. Paper crafts are a definite favorite at my house. Kids will love getting creative decorating the hat on this paper witch craft and the pointy nose makes this one perfect for hanging up on a school bulletin board or at home on the fridge. | I Heart Crafty Things

7. Here is another great Halloween keepsake craft, this time made from a handprint. Kids will love making this friendly handprint witch craft. | Crafty Morning

8. Craft sticks and felt pair together perfectly to make this darling Halloween witch craft. | Glued to My Crafts

9. Looking for a fun craft to hang up in your front window for a Halloween decoration? This stained glass witch craft is perfect! (not pictured) | I Heart Crafty Things

10. Who knew empty egg cartons could be used to make an awesome Halloween craft?! These egg carton witches have got to be the most unique and clever witch craft I have ever seen. (not pictured) | Crafty Morning

BONUS: This Bubbling Brew Pretend Play Activity goes along perfectly with any one of these fun Halloween witch crafts. (not pictured) | The Craft Train


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