Ghostbusters Coloring Pages

No need to call anyone to have a great time with these Ghostbusters coloring pages!

The Ghostbusters were introduced to the world in 1984 as a hugely successful film that audiences worldwide fell in love with.

It started as a story about four friends taking on supernatural beings in New York.

Since then, it has spawned multiple sequels, reboots, TV shows and all sorts of merchandise. The popularity of the series is still going strong with new films and media still releasing.

This collection of free Ghostbusters coloring pages for kids is the perfect collection for anyone that loves this series!

The pages will cover the films and TV series, and you will be able to get really creative with the colors and art tools that you use.

So let’s get ready to do some ghost busting as we start the first page of the collection!

15 Brand New Ghostbusters Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The Ghostbusters have united on this first Ghostbusters coloring sheet! The team of 4 is all together and they look like they are ready to take on some ghostly threats.

This scene may remind you of some scenes from the films or the TV shows, and if so you could replicate the scene here.

Drawing a background setting would be a great way to recreate that favorite scene.

Can you think of some favorite Ghostbusters scenes that you would like to recreate on this page?ghostbusters coloring pages

While the Ghostbusters themselves are the stars of the show, some of the ghosts and ghouls they have faced off against have become just as iconic.

This second page features two of the most iconic ghosts in the series. The puffy big guy on the left is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

On the right is the ghost Slimer, who has a shiny green color to him. I would use some bright colored pens or markers for Slimer to make the colors shine on the page.

That would be my suggestion, but what will you use?marshmallow ghostbusters coloring pages

The famous Ghostbusters theme song proudly proclaims: “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” However, this character does look like he is a bit afraid of what is happening.

It looks like quite an intense scene that he is a part of, so it’s no wonder he’s looking a bit perturbed. There are so many great details on this page, and you could have a lot of fun coloring them.

This will definitely be a really cool and action packed scene to behold once you have finished it!ghostbusters coloring printable

This next character looks like he is ready for business! He is fully kitted out in his Ghostbusters gear, and you can admire all of the details of his iconic uniform and kit.

Once you have colored his uniform, you can also fill in the background. You could focus on just adding color, but you can also add some additional details to color as well.

Doing so can help to make your picture even more unique, and it lets you add even more color to the scene. What are some cool details you could add?cartoon ghostbusters coloring pages

Here’s a cool Ghostbusters coloring printable, as it not only features Slimer but also the iconic Ghostbusters logo. The outline of the logo looks slimy, as if Slimer has infected it.

Because of this slimy look, I would probably use some runny paint for this page. At the least, I would use it for the slimy effects.

You could mix some water in with some acrylic paint to make it a bit runny. Then, you could apply it, tilt the page and let it run down a bit.

That would be fun, but you may have some other ideas!ghostbusters coloring book

Things seem to be getting a bit out of hand on this next page. This Ghostbuster is running from a building that looks to be overrun with ghosts.

It’s no wonder that he is looking a bit concerned with the situation! This would be another great page to add some more detail to.

You may even want to add some more ghosts from the films to finish off the scene. It will be an action packed scene no matter how you decide to color it in!ghostbusters coloring pages free download

Every team needs a way to get around, and if that transportation method can be really cool, then that’s a bonus! That’s why the Ectomobile is such a beloved part of Ghostbusters lore.

This awesome car is what they use to get to haunted spots, and it’s on full display on this next page. Not only do you get a good look at it, but it also seems to be going at full speed.

This shows that there is a ghost emergency that needs to be taken care of. You could even draw the Ghostbusters inside the car to make it even cooler!original ghostbusters coloring pages

I always love it when text is incorporated into a coloring page. That’s because it allows you to add lots of different colors, and it also makes the image perfect for a poster to hang on the wall.

This page shows a Ghostbuster member looking awesome, and it also has the word Ghostbusters for you to color. Coloring text can be a bit tricky if you use thick art mediums.

I always use some colored pens, markers or pencils for text, as these give you some more precision. What will you use for the text?ghostbusters coloring sheet free download

This next Ghostbuster seems to be living up to the theme song, as he does not seem very scared of these ghosts that are around him!

The ghosts look rather spooky, and you can make them look even cooler with your colors. The right colors and effects can produce some interesting looks.

For example, if you surround the ghosts with some bright colors, it will make them look like they are shining. You can print out a few copies of the page if you want to experiment with it a bit!black and white ghostbusters coloring pages

How awesome is this next Ghostbusters coloring page? This Ghostbuster is outrunning some kind of ghostly force, and he seems confident that he can do so.

There are lots of small details on his outfit as well as the entity chasing him, and so it would be another page that would be well suited to some thinner art mediums that allow for more precision.

If you want to add some more details, you should always feel free to do so, as it will make it even more unique to you!ghostbusters coloring sheet for adults

This lady Ghostbuster is looking very cool as she strikes a pose. It’s another page that incorporates text, and that allows you to incorporate so many amazing colors.

When coloring text, you have a few ways that you can go about it. You could use one color for all of the letters, or maybe alternate between two.

If you want it to look really colorful, then you could use a unique color for each and every letter. It’s up to you, so go where your inspiration leads you and see what happens!ghostbusters coloring pages for adults

This page is an interesting take on the Ghostbusters logo. It normally has a generic ghost crossed out, but Slimer seems to have invaded the logo and is crossed out instead!

The background is separated into segments, and you can color these in some interesting ways. You may want to make the colors bright and alternating or maybe make them more muted.

If you have too many ideas, remember that you can print these pages as many times as you like. That way, you can try all of your ideas without having to worry about making mistakes.logo ghostbusters coloring pages

Now here is another action packed scene! The way this Ghostbuster is posed makes it look like he is at war with the ghosts.

With how hectic their battles can get, it really can feel like they’re at war! You could color this awesome scene in so many different ways.

He is surrounded by some ghostly apparitions and effects, and you could really use any colors you can think of for these details.

There are no wrong ways to color them, as it all depends on your own interpretations and preferences. This will be a fantastic page when it’s done!ghostbusters drawing coloring pages

The look of triumph on this Ghostbusters’ face shows that the victory we are seeing was not won easily. He has just succeeded in trapping a ghost in his proton pack.

We can still see what the ghost looks like, and so you could color it in some interesting ways and make it look really cool.

If you’re feeling extra creative, then perhaps you could draw another Ghostbusters member!

If you wanted to add some classic Ghostbusters villains, then that would of course work too. Who would you potentially like to add to this page?ghostbusters coloring pages kindergarten

This final Ghostbusters coloring sheet portrays one of two scenarios. Either this ghost is being captured by the proton pack, or it is escaping one that it was trapped in.

For the Ghostbusters sake, let’s hope that it’s the first scenario! There are plenty of details and effects to color on this page, so you can get really creative with it.

If you want to use some craft supplies, then that could be a great way to make the colors pop and stand out in different ways as well.scary ghostbusters coloring pages

Ghostbusters Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

That concludes the 15 pages of this collection of free Ghostbusters coloring sheets for kids!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reliving your favorite Ghostbusters moments with these pages.

They showed a good mix of the Ghostbusters themselves along with some of their most famous foes. The best part of this collection is that it allows you to use any and all colors that you like.

It could also be fun to use some new and unique art tools and mediums that you’re not as used to. If you know any other Ghostbusters fans, then be sure to share it with them too!

You can also share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy.

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