Cross Coloring Pages

Cross coloring pages for children of all ages

On this page, you will find 15 all new Cross coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

These beautiful cross coloring pages are ideal for children, teens, and even adults!

They can be colored or decorated with glitter glue, gems, or torn-up bits of paper. Keep it simple, or turn these cross coloring pages into elaborate crafts.

To feed one’s passion for art while keeping them busy, why not share these printables with your children? Let them discover unique combinations of colors for the below crosses.

15 Brand New Cross Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Here’s a cross model that you can’t jinx even if you try to. This mosaic cross it’s perfect for kids’ crafts during an Easter Bible story lesson of any kind.

Grab your colors and let your creative juices flow.

From the inception to the final touches, a lot of work goes into creating each individual piece of this mosaic. Its beauty lies in different patterns, such as repeated lines and geometric shapes.

Turn that white into different hues and let them blend for your own delight. Why not teach your little one a few things about creating beautiful works for others with these lovely cross coloring pages?Cross Coloring Pages for kids free download

This intricate Celtic cross coloring page will capture your imagination. The cross has a round center with curved arms extending in four directions.

Intricate braided knots and loops decorate the frame in beautiful Celtic style.

Try using shades of emerald green, forest green, and olive green to make the design pop. Add touches of gold and yellow to illuminate the cross.

This cross celebrates faith, history, and craftsmanship.cross coloring pages

The second cross also teaches us about creating lasting work. Surrounded by segments that can be easily turned into a fine mosaic, the cross symbolizes the centre of this piece.

Make sure it stands out by adding noisy colors like purple or pink. The rest of the piece can be completed with different neutrals like caramel, marine, light blue, khaki, coffee and aurora yellow, and turquoise.

Because your little one is taking the lead on these cross coloring sheets, it’s normal to let them explore with whatever colors their mind is taking them to.Cross Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Roses are red, violets are blue, who doesn’t love those eye-catching hues? Our third piece depicts a rose growing and climbing on the cross.

Roses are not just flowers – they are a feast for the eyes. It’s also believed that roses create a magic illusion for human eyes that connects them to the human heart.

Roses are the masterpiece of all the flowers because they emit beautiful positive feelings. In a world full of different flowers, the rose symbolizes love.

Roses are available in almost all colors, so it doesn’t matter which color you choose to apply as long as you get the desired result.Cross Coloring Pages free pdf download

Add joyful color to this graceful oval cross coloring page. The slender vertical and horizontal lines form a simple shape with a circle at the center.

Delicate ovals accent the cross, with four smaller circles connecting the lines.

Try cool tones of sky blue, lavender, and soft pink to create a peaceful background. Add salmon, melon, or gold accents to highlight the oval frames.

Use colored pencils, markers, or watercolors to make this cross shine with gratitude and optimism. The flowing shape and pastel colors convey harmony and hope.original cross coloring pages

This cross has touched the sky already. It’s up there, which means you can apply all the heavenly colors you have in your arsenal.

Did you know that warm colors like yellow and orange evoke emotions like passion and happiness? Well, now you do.

On the other hand, the blue and purple of the sky are linked to calmness, sadness, and sometimes indifference. Colors have a way of triggering states and emotions.

And who can blame them? We’re so easy to trigger. As you enjoy these cross coloring sheets, you will also experience emotions linked to the colors you play with.

So make sure you use whatever inspires your light and affection.Cross Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

This cross seems to hold the Seamless Robe of Jesus or at least a garment believed to be worn by Jesus.

Numerous depictions of Jesus in life almost always show him dressed in bright red, or vermilion, a color with many complex meanings.

In Christianity, red represents sin or the Devil. However, it can also imply martyrdom or the blood of Christ.  In ancient Greece, red was thought of as a romantic symbol, as well as one of sacrifice.

Regardless of its meaning, nothing can’t stop your little one from using red on these cross coloring pages.Cross Coloring Book free printable

This brilliant Celtic knot cross coloring page glows with intricate detail. The thick vertical and horizontal lines form a basic cross shape. The design is symmetrical and has a repeating pattern of ovals and lines.

You can make it even more stunning by adding some colors. You can use different shades of green, gold, and white to create a fresh and bright look.

This cross coloring page is perfect for anyone who loves Celtic art and symbolism, or who wants to express their hope and peace in a creative way. black-and-white cross coloring pages

This simple upright post with a transverse bar isn’t just a symbol of death. The cross is so much more.

Life and death, hate and love, violence and peace, sin and purity, accusation and forgiveness, brokenness and wholeness, all is lost, yet everything is gained and much more.

The cross means different things to different people. For some, it means love, for others abundance, and it’s normal to be depicted in all possible kinds.

The cross it’s also something very personal, so why not download these cross coloring sheets and make it your child’s personal crafting project?Cross Coloring Book for kids free printable

This cross coloring page features a rustic cross that will remind you of the countryside. It has a simple shape with two lines, one vertical, and one horizontal.

The horizontal line is shorter than the vertical line.

The cross has a thick black outline. You can make it even more cozy by adding some colors.

You can use different shades of brown, tan, and beige to create a warm and natural look, or you can mix other colors that suit your taste. cross coloring sheet free download

How lovely this cross is, reaching the blue of the sky. It gives you another chance to colour a melody of crimson hues and crepuscular rays or get lost in the clouds. But why those colors?

Well, first things first, light travels in waves. The sunlight is white since it’s made up of all seven colours of the spectrum – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Each of them has a different wavelength, with violet having the shortest and red the longest.

When the sunlight reaches our atmosphere, the air particles interact with it, scattering the wavelengths in different directions.Cross Coloring Sheet for children free download

Roses, roses, everywhere! Did you know the rose is well-known as one of the most popular and appreciated  flowers out there?

They have been given as declarations of love and gifts for hundreds of years. Roses are known to make a tremendous impact.

Not only do they express love through their romantic appearance, but they help remind someone of the value of your relationship.

Giving someone yellow roses, for instance, is a great way to celebrate a strong friendship. Pour some yellow on these cross coloring pages and give it to your bestie. He or she will appreciate it.Cross Coloring Book for adults free download

This modern geometric cross has a contemporary vibe. Thick 3D-effect lines in vertical and horizontal formations create a sleek cross shape.

A multi-patterned circle at the center adds eye-catching texture.

I would suggest using sharp contrasts with black, white and gray pencil shades. Add neon, metallic or pastel marker colors for a fun pop of color.

Outline the edges in black for a graphic look. This stylish design celebrates your originality and faith.religious cross coloring pages

It seems like the above cross has caught some wings! Let your imagination carry you away and delve into the wide world of coloring with this cross model.

There’s no need for noisy colors since you depict a cross in heaven. All you need is some sky blue, gold, and yellow mixed with white to form the wing aspect.

However, these colors aren’t mandatory – play with whatever color is in your reach and make sure you enjoy the process. Cross Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

There’s no better way to depict Easter than this coloring sheet.

Given the symbolism of new life and rebirth, it was only natural to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through these beautiful cross coloring sheets.

All three crosses are empty, which means everyone has reached heaven. This printable sheet also gives enough room for flora and fauna that are reborn every spring.Cross Easy Coloring Pages

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