Camping Coloring Pages

Get ready for some outdoors fun with these camping coloring pages!

It’s always great to get to go into the great outdoors and spend some time enjoying nature, and camping is the perfect way to do just that! Whether it’s overlooking some majestic mountains or out in a quiet forest, it’s great to get away from it all sometimes.

Camping exposes us to many natural colors like greens, browns and more vivid colors for the many flowers found in nature. These free camping coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have fun coloring in what you think would make for a perfect day or night out camping!

It will be interesting to see what colors of nature you pick for these coloring pages and to experience the outdoors from our homes.

Once you’ve finished coloring your favorite free camping coloring sheets we hope you’ll share your creations on our Facebook page for us to see, we always love to see how you color in our printables!

10 Brand New Camping Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

In this first free camping coloring page for kids we have a tent set up on a beautiful clear day. I bet the sky is a brilliant blue on such a wonderful day!

Or maybe you could use oranges to create a sunset scene for this camping printable? I’m sure you could create several different times of the day just using different colors!free camping coloring pages

There’s a roaring campfire in this cozy camping coloring sheet. For this image I would think the sky would be a darker blue, as it’s probably getting close to nighttime.

Maybe you could do some bright yellow dots around the campsite to look like fireflies floating around. How will you color in this camping coloring page?free printable camping coloring pages

The campsite in this next camping coloring sheet is set up with a few seats around the fire. Maybe some friends will gather around this campfire to tell some spooky stories.

Maybe you could use some really dark blues and purples for the night sky. If you have some paint, you could use a thin white layer to create some mist to finish off a spookier mood!camping coloring pages to print

There’s a stunning mountain range background in this camping coloring sheet. You can practically smell the fresh, chilly mountain air in this picture.

You could use some light sky blues and leave some white at the top of the mountains to radiate this chilly mountain atmosphere for this camping coloring page.camping coloring pages for kids

Night has fallen on this next camping printable. I think that this image would look incredible with a black night sky with bright yellow for the stars and the nighttime mood.

You could also use a darker shade of whichever color you pick for the tent to show that it’s darker at this campsite as an extra detail.camping coloring pages free pdf

It can be all too easy to get lost when hiking and camping, so signs like the one in this camping coloring sheet can be very useful to find your way around.

This sign is pointing the way to camp, and I bet it would be a welcome sight after a long day of hiking. You could represent the happiness of finding a sign like this with bright and cheerful natural colors for the background.camping coloring pages preschool

There are some preparations for night time being made in this camping printable. The campfire is ready to be lit and there’s a lantern waiting nearby, so I bet this campsite is in for a dark night!

This would be a good opportunity for more beautiful oranges to show a sunset, or you could use bright yellow colors for a morning time feel and use some grays to make smoke coming from the dying fire.easy camping coloring pages for toddlers

All signs point to camp in this camping coloring page. It sure seems like a very welcoming camp to come back to, and a fire is already burning and welcoming you back to safety and comfort.

For this camping printable, I would think more orange for the sky would look great again to show dusk as this campsite prepares for nightfall.children camping coloring pages free printable

It’s a stunning place for a campsite in this next camping coloring page! This tent is perched on top of a cliff and looking down over a valley.

This would be a fantastic view to wake up to in the morning! You could use lighter colors for this coloring printable to show that it’s a bit cooler thanks to the snow on top of the camping coloring pages free printable

If you’ve ever been out camping you’d probably have noticed that the stars and the moon appear very clearly in the clear night sky, and the moon is huge and looming over the campsite in this final camping coloring page.

This would be a stunning image with some light and dark contrasts. If you kept the night sky as black as you can and made the moon the brightest yellow you can then this camping coloring sheet would really have a distinct look to it. We can’t wait to see how you color in this night time image!summer camping coloring pages free download

Camping Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

It was a lot of fun to imagine some fun camping adventures with these free camping coloring sheets, and we hope you had a great time coloring them all in!

All of these camping coloring printables are free for you to download and print out, so why not try some different mediums like paint and pens for some of them to see if you can make some distinct looks for the same images.

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Also, be sure to send your favorite camping coloring pages to our Facebook page as well when you’ve completed them so we can see your creativity and relive your favorite camping moments with you!original and free camping coloring pages


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