Yarn Wrapped Cloud and Rainbow Craft

Making rainbow crafts is among my favorite things in spring time! In our excitement about the prediction of an early spring this year, we combined our recent favorite activity of yarn wrapping with some fun fine motor work and created this yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft.

Square image of yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow painted clothespins attached to it sitting on a faux wood background.


This yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft is super simple and it’s a great activity for working on colors with toddlers and preschoolers. It’s also great fine motor work for kids with pinching the clothespins open and closed.

Read our tutorial below for how to put together this preschool fine motor activity for your kids.

Supplies needed for this preschool fine motor activity:

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Instructions for making your own yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft

1. Start by cutting out the shape of cloud from your cardboard. If you want your cloud to appear completely white, you’ll want to paint it white. If you don’t mind the brown cardboard color showing through, don’t worry about painting it.

2. Paint your clothespins the different colors of the rainbow. Set them aside to dry completely.

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yarn wrapped cloud and painted rainbow clothespins sitting next to each other, ready for a child to assemble together.

3. Cut off an extra long piece of white yarn. Tape one end of it to the back of your cardboard cloud then have fun wrapping it around your cardboard to make your fluffy, white cloud. When you are finished wrapping, tape the other end of the yarn onto the back of the cloud.

4. Now have fun clipping the clothespins onto your cloud to make a rainbow.

Close up image of the yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow clothespins put together.

For some extra fun, paint both sides of your clothespins and turn your cloud into a pretty mobile by punching a hole in the top of the cloud, adding some string and hanging it up.

Vertical image of yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft put together with the words "Yarn Wrapped Cloud & Rainbow Craft".

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