How to Draw A Puppy – A Step by Step Guide

Puppy Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

Having a cute puppy by your side is a wonderful thing, and there are so many different kinds of puppies to meet!

No matter their shape, size, coloring or pattern, it would be impossible to find a puppy that isn’t adorable.

Millions of people love puppies, and it’s hard not to want one of your own!

Whether you’re lucky enough to have one of your own or enjoy looking at pictures of other cute puppies, you may have wondered how you can learn to draw one yourself.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a puppy will take you through the steps of learning to draw a cute puppy of your own!how to draw puppy in 8 steps

How to Draw A Puppy – Let’s get Started!

Step 1puppy drawing step 1

To begin this guide on how to draw a puppy, we shall start with the face of your puppy. Using the reference picture as a guide, carefully draw in a line with a few curved lines in it.

The top of the head should be round with a much longer curve on the right. Once you’re happy with how this step looks, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Now, draw in a first ear for your puppypuppy drawing step 2

Now that you have the start of the head of your puppy drawing, we can add in an ear for your puppy.

This puppy will have some pig, floppy ears that folds down on itself. This ear on our left will be completely folded over, so you shouldn’t be able to see the inner ear of this one.

This will be created with another very curvy line that folds in on itself.

Step 3 – Next, add in the other earpuppy drawing step 3

We will be adding in the other ear in this next step. This one will also be folded over, and with the angle of this ear you will be able to see a bit of the inner ear.

You can use the reference image of our guide to add in another line that curves in on itself similarly to the previous one.

Step 4 – Let’s give your puppy a cute facepuppy drawing step 4

The head and ears are complete at this stage of our guide on how to draw a puppy, so now we will add in a cute face for your puppy. There are a few elements to the face, so we shall take it one step at a time.

Starting with the eyes, we will make them very big and rounded for an extra cute look. They will be made of a few very curved lines for the outline that have some circles within.

Referring to the reference picture will help a lot with having them look like the example. They will have some short, curved lines above them to look like some cute eyelashes for them.

You could also use some more simple circles with dots in them for a less detailed look if you prefer!

Once you’ve drawn in the eyes, you can draw in a cute little nose. The mouth beneath it will be very curved with an open mouth and tongue. When you’ve finished the face, it’s time for step 6!

Step 5 – Now, we will draw in the back and tailpuppy drawing step 5

For step 5 of this guide on how to draw a puppy, we shall use another curvy line coming down from the head to form the back of your puppy.

Then, you can draw in a small but curvy tail to show that your cute puppy is feeling happy!

Step 6 – Draw in some legs for your puppypuppy drawing step 6

Your puppy drawing is sitting comfortably on the floor, and we will be showing how it is sitting by drawing in some legs for it in this step.

The front legs will be made much straighter, and they will extend with one coming from below the head and the other down from the chest.

Then, you can draw in some cute paws at the end of them as they appear in the image.

The leg at the back will be a lot more rounded to show that the puppy is sitting comfortably.

Step 7 – Let’s add in some final detailspuppy drawing step 7

You’ve pretty much finished your puppy drawing now, but it could still use some final details!

We will show you an idea of some details you could draw, but don’t be afraid to draw in some other patterns or details that you like!

For our details, we have drawn in a circular shape around the eye as ell as one on the back to give the puppy some character. Will you go with these details or will you add in some details of your own?

Step 8 – Now finish it off with some colorpuppy drawing step 8

This guide on how to draw a puppy has reached its end, but before your puppy is done it needs one more thing: some beautiful colors!

The image that we have provided gives you one way that you could color in your puppy, but this is a step where you should really show off your creativity!

You could color in this puppy drawing to look like a puppy or a dog that you have owned, or maybe you could make it look like a puppy that you would love to have one day.

Once you’ve chosen your colors, you can also have some great fun choosing and experimenting with some fun art mediums such as paints, watercolors, colored pens and more.

What colors and art tools will you use for your cute puppy drawing?

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Make This Puppy Drawing Even Better!

This drawing of a puppy that we created together is almost too cute! You should be proud of your drawing, but we have a few ideas that you could use to make it even better.

These could be used to add to the drawing or for you to create different variations. First, you could change a few subtle details on the puppy as it appears in the guide.

This could be as simple as changing the markings on its body or by changing the facial expression. You could even make its ears a bit pointier.

There are so many distinctive dog breeds, and if you have a favorite then you could change this puppy to match that breed. For example, let’s say you love fluffy poodles.

By following the guide again and changing a few details along with the fluffiness of the puppy, you could transform this puppy into a poodle.

This could be done instead of the design, or you could create a little friend for the design we worked on in this guide. You could also add some props and objects for the puppy to interact with.

If you wanted to add other animals like cats or a parrot, then that would be perfect as well! There are so many ways to add to the drawing.

You can also experiment with the colors you choose for the drawing along with the art tools and mediums you use to apply them. We would love to see the adorable drawings you create with your own ideas!

If you need a bit more help with drawing this puppy drawing, we have one more section with 3 tips to make it easier that we will go to now.

3 More tips to make your puppy drawing easy!

Make this puppy drawing even more fun and easy with these helpful tips!

Following the steps in this guide will help make this puppy drawing easy to do, but you can also use some extra references.

Whenever you are drawing something that exists in real life, it’s always recommended that you use some photos to help.

Luckily, the internet is full of pictures of cute puppies! You can use these to help you with details such as the ears, muzzle or paws if you’re struggling.

If you know someone who has a puppy, then you could use that as a live model to help you draw this one! You’d be surprised how much it can help when you use some references.

Getting the proportions right can be a bit challenging even for an easy to draw puppy such as this one. If you find yourself struggling with the shapes and proportions, you’ll want to get a light pencil.

You can then use it to draw simple shapes such as a big circle for the head. Then, use a darker pencil to draw some of the finer details over these shapes.

Once you have these planned out, you can then get out your pen and draw the final lines. Simply erase the pencil lines and you’re good to go!

If all else fails, you can also simplify this puppy drawing a bit in order to make it easier. For example, you could use two large dots for the eyes instead of the more complicated eyes we added.

This would make it easier if that’s a part you struggle with, but it will also make the puppy look cute in a different way.

This is just an example, but it’s true for whichever part you may be working on. You could also draw certain parts in different poses and positions if that will make it easier as well.

Even if you change the design, we know it will look amazing! What are some elements you may want to alter for this puppy?

Your Puppy Drawing is Complete!

We wanted to make this step-by-step guide on how to draw a puppy a lot of fun for you to use as you learn to draw, and we hope it was fun for you!

Learning to draw something new can be frustrating if you jump in blind, so that’s why we wanted to have a guide that shows you how you can draw in each element easily.

Now that you can draw a cute puppy, it’s up to you to decide how to make this image your own by choosing some fun colors, details and maybe a fun background for it too!

We can’t wait to see how creative you can get with it.

Now that you’ve finished this guide, you might be glad to know that we have many more coming out all the time, so please check in to our site often to make sure you can enjoy every new guide!

Lastly, we would love to see your cute puppy drawing, so please be sure to share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

Here Is A Cute Puppy Drawing To Inspire You!cartoon puppy drawing

It would be hard to look at this cute puppy drawing for kids and not find it adorable! Our artist Amanda did an amazing job on this drawing, as she has created the cutest little puppy.

The puppy looks fairly simple at first, but there are some tricky parts to this design. As long as you take your time with it, then you will see that it can be easier though!

Elements such as the ears and collar could be challenging, but you can always try a few attempts if it doesn’t look as you want it on the first try.

Amanda also created a bit of a background setting for the puppy, but she left it minimal.

This means it would be perfect for you to add to the background to make a perfect setting for this adorable puppy!how to draw a puppy in 8 easy steps


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