NFL Coloring Pages

Pick a color and create your very own unique NFL team jersey!

On this page, you will find 15 all new NFL coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

The National Football League is a popular sports league, composed of 32 teams that compete every year to win the Super Bowl.

There’s the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and other teams. Playing football is fun, whether you’re an amateur or a pro.

Below is a compilation of NFL coloring pages, perfect for kids who love to play football or any sport in general.

Coloring these NFL coloring sheets is a great way to have a good time and unleash your creativity with your friends and family.

With these free NFL coloring printables, coloring activity is as simple as 1-2-3. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and fill it with various colors.

Have fun transforming these colorless NFL images into colorful ones!

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15 All-New NFL Coloring Pages — Free to Print and Color

This coloring page shows a football player in his glorious moment holding the ball. There’s even lots of stars in the background for a dramatic effect.

Is he going to run with the ball or pass it to another team player? Either way, the player looks like he’s doing a good job playing football.

Which colors would you choose to create a colorful football jersey for this player?NFL coloring pages printable

Are you ready for some football? This coloring page features a dynamic scene of a football player in action. He is wearing a helmet and a uniform.

He’sholding the ball in his right hand and is running towards the end zone with his left arm extended. He looks determined and confident as he dodges the defenders.

Can you guess which NFL team he plays for? What colors will you use to make him stand out? This coloring page is great for NFL fans who love to watch exciting football games. NFL coloring pages for kids

Wearing a football helmet is essential when playing football. It protects your head from being hit by a ball to avoid head injuries. This coloring page shows a football helmet in motion.

This printable gives you the opportunity to color and design this football helmet according to your style. Which colors will you use to create a colorful and unique football helmet?free printable NFL coloring pages

This NFL coloring sheet shows a football player firmly holding the ball up to his chest.

There’s probably a player from the opposite team nearby and he’s protecting the ball. His other hand is clenched into a fist, he seems determined and focused to win the game.

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NFL coloring pages to print

Football is a fun—yet challenging—ball game. This coloring sheet shows a football player catching the ball mid-air. He jumps up high as he grasps the ball with one hand.

What an impressive move! He’s probably the goalkeeper and he successfully made a save. Amazing! His team must be very proud of him.NFL coloring pages black and white printable pdf

Get ready for game day with this action-packed NFL player coloring page! This star athlete bursts forward, focused intensely on the end zone ahead.

His strong arm carries the football tightly against his jersey emblazoned with number 11.

He wears a helmet that you can color to match his team colors. A red jersey and pants with white accents complete his uniform.

Black cleats grip the grass as he runs, stiff arm extended for extra speed. The blank background allows room to sketch in your own creative features.NFL coloring printable for kids

In this coloring sheet, the football player is running as fast as the wind as he holds the ball with one hand. With muscular arms and brawny built, it’s no wonder he can run impressively fast.

He’s protecting the ball from the opposite team as he runs towards the goal post. Hopefully, they win the game!free NFL coloring pages for kids

This NFL coloring page shows a football player holding onto the ball for dear life. It looks like he is getting ready to run as fast as he could.

Is he going to run with the ball towards the goal or pass it off to another player? Either way, it looks like he’s enjoying the printable NFL coloring pages for adults

In this NFL coloring page, the football player is holding the ball. It looks like he’s getting ready to pass the ball to another player.

The ball must reach the goalpost for the team to score a goal and win the game.

Which role does this football player possibly play? Is he the quarterback or the wide receiver in the offense team? Whichever it is, he’s surely doing his best to help his team win.

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Here’s our star athlete again. For this NFL coloring page, you can use bold shades of black, white and gold to make up his uniform.

His jersey number is emblazoned in a large way, making it easy to trace and color.

His helmet matches his team’s colors, ready to protect him from hard tackles. The background is empty, perfect for illustrating your own creative stadium.

Use your favorite team’s colors or experiment with bright hues on the player’s uniform and gear. Sketch in cheering fans, coaches yelling plays, or the rival defense attempting to stop his surge. NFL coloring pdf sheet free download

Good catch! In this NFL coloring sheet, the football player dives down to the ground to catch the ball.

And he did it! He catches the ball mid-air with one hand—so awesome! His team must be clapping for him while the cheerleaders cheer for him.

This football player looks like a professional player. How would you color his jersey? Are you going to copy your favorite football team’s uniform or create your very own?

We suggest picking your favorite color to create your own customized football jersey. How cool is that?viking NFL coloring pages printable

How would you color this pro player protecting the ball? This wide receiver clasps the football tightly to his chest as he maneuvers down the field.

He’s wearing his team’s official jersey, pads, and helmet decorated with team logos.

Use your favorite colors to design his uniform in your team’s colors. In the background, draw in a giant stadium packed with cheering fans.

Let your creativity loose and imagine you’re at the big championship game.

Color this page as you learn some cool facts about the NFL. How many yards for a first down can you remember? NFL coloring printable for adults

This coloring sheet displays the iconic NFL flag. There’s the football right in the middle with stars in the background. The acronym NFL is right underneath the ball.

The background of the NFL flag is originally blue, the stars are color white, and the letters are in red.

But feel free to mix and match any colors you like to create a customized, unique NFL flag. Remember, your imagination has no limits!

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In this NFL coloring page, the football player is grasping the ball up to his chest using one hand. His other arm is protecting the ball from anyone who may attempt to take it.

His hand is clenched into a fist and his body looks tense. He surely looks like he’s very determined to win.

There are stars all over the background. We think coloring the stars with a variation of bright colors would look awesome! Which colors will you use for the stars?falcon NFL coloring pages printable

Here’s another NFL coloring page for you to enjoy. This skillful player has both arms wrapped around the football to shield it from defenders.

Let your creativity fly by designing your own original uniform and helmet logos! In the background, imagine the player barreling toward the end zone as rivals try to flag him down.

Use bold colors and action lines to capture his speed and intensity. Here’s a short quiz for you as you color – How many career rushing yards does the great Emmitt Smith have? NFL free download coloring pages

NFL Coloring Pages — Which color would you choose for the football jersey?

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most-watched sports. So hopefully, you have fun with these NFL Coloring Pages.

Remember, all of our crafts and coloring printable sheets are 100% free for you to print, color, and enjoy.

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