How To Draw Yoda – A Step by Step Guide

Yoda Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

There are so many iconic characters in the Star Wars series that it would be quite difficult to decide on which one is the most recognizable!

There are a few that would definitely be at the top of the list, and one of them is certainly the wise Jedi master Yoda.

He is known for his small size, immense wisdom and unique way of speaking, and he is well known by even those who have never seen a Star Wars film.

Learning how to draw Yoda is a great way to celebrate this famous character!

If you love this Jedi master, then this will be a tutorial that will provide lots of drawing fun for you.

Get ready to enjoy a drawing tutorial that’s strong with the Force as we begin this step-by-step guide on how to draw Yoda in just 6 easy steps!how to draw Yoda in 6 steps

How to Draw Yoda – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw Yoda step 1

Learning how to draw Yoda can be a bit of a challenge due to the fact that he has a rather detailed design to him.

That’s why in this guide we will be taking it slowly to make sure that none of these details get too intimidating! To begin, we will be drawing his head and face.

To start this, draw a bumpy line for the top of his head. Then, we will be using some curvy lines to draw his long, pointy ears extending off the sides of his head.

You can then finish off the bottom of the outline for his face.

Finally, draw his intense facial expression using some simple lines, and then add some curved lines for the wrinkles on his forehead.

We will also be drawing the top of his robe before heading to the second step.

Step 2 – Now, draw the arms of his Jedi robeshow to draw Yoda step 2

To continue this Yoda drawing, we will now be adding the sleeves of his robes. Like all Jedi robes, his clothing is quite flowy and sits quite loosely on him.

The arm on the left will be drawn with some rounded lines that end in a wide rim. Because this arm is closer to us as the viewer, it will look much larger than the arm on the right.

Speaking of the arm on the right, you can draw that one as well. This one will also have a sleeve drawn with some curved lines, and his little hand will be balled in a fish at the end of it.

Step 3 – Draw his wrist and more of his robehow to draw Yoda step 3

In this step of our guide on how to draw Yoda, we will be adding his other wrist and hand along with some more of his robe.

For the wrist on the left, we will be using some slightly curved lines for his thin wrist. This will end in another fist, and this hand will be clutching his lightsaber later on.

Then, once this hand is drawn you can draw some more of his robe flowing to the left.

This will be drawn with yet more curved lines, and we will also add lots of rounded lines to the interior of this section to make it look more like fabric.

Step 4 – Next, draw his legshow to draw Yoda step 4

For the next part of this Yoda drawing, we will now be drawing his legs. For the legs of his robes, we will be using more curved lines that end in some wide, flat edges.

Be sure to also add lots of curved line details to the interior of his pants legs to again make them look more like they’re made of fabric.

Finally for this step, we will be drawing his feet. These feet have three toes each with some large, pointy toenails at the end of each toe.

Step 5 – Add the final details to your Yoda drawinghow to draw Yoda step 5

The picture we are drawing in this guide on how to draw Yoda is a real action shot, and no action shot featuring this character would be complete without his trusty lightsaber!

This is the signature weapon of all Jedi, and it will really finish off this picture nicely.

Draw a thin, straight shape clutched in his hand on the left for the handle of this lightsaber. When it comes to the laser blade of the weapon, there are a few ways you could go about depicting it.

In our reference image, we draw a long, thin shape. You could do this as well, but if you plan on coloring this image then you could also depict the blade using just color.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, then you can leave this part out for now and proceed to the next step.

Step 6 – Finish off your Yoda drawing with colorhow to draw Yoda step 6

Now we can finish off this Yoda drawing with some colors! In our reference image, we show you how you could color this picture to make Yoda look accurate to how he does in the films.

To do this, you will need to use some dark greens for his skin and then use some lighter browns for his robes.

We spoke about depicting his lightsaber blade with color in the previous step, and we will cover that now.

His lightsaber is green, and you could use a darker green for the blade and then use a lighter shade for the glow surrounding it.

We would recommend using some colored markers for the blade and then using a light wash of watercolors for the glow around it.

What colors and art mediums do you think you will use to finish off this picture?

Do this to take your Yoda drawing to the next level

There’s no need to force yourself to be creative with these tips for your Yoda sketch!

This drawing of Yoda shows him swinging his green lightsaber, and you could add some effects to show this. One would be by using a light wash of green paint to show the trajectory of his swing.

You would want to use the biggest brush possible for this as well as make sure the paint is very watery.

If you don’t want to use paint, you could draw some green lines to show the swing of his lightsaber.

How else could you suggest the movement of the lightsaber?

In the films and TV shows, Yoda would fight alongside many famous Jedi. These could be added to your drawing to show that Yoda is not alone!

There would be so many Jedi characters to choose from. Some examples would be Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mace Windu.

These are just a few of the amazing characters you could add, but what are some other famous characters you could add?

Adding good guys to your Yoda drawing is one way of adding to the scene, but there are plenty of bad guys to add as well!

Some examples would be Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader or maybe Darth Maul.

These guys may be pretty evil, but they tend to look very cool at least! What are some classic Star Wars villains you could add to add some conflict to this awesome drawing?

Finally, the last thing this Yoda sketch could use would be a background to create the scene.

Just as it was with the characters, you have many iconic locations to choose from when it comes to Star Wars.

There are so many planets and other places in the movies that would make for an awesome background.

You could start by picking your favorite scenes from the movies and then pay attention to the background.

If you can’t decide, then you could make a few different versions of this drawing!

Your Yoda Drawing is Complete!

It would be hard to find a character more iconic than this, and we hope that you had a great time creating some artwork featuring him in this guide on how to draw Yoda!

He can be a bit of a tricky character to draw, as there are loads of details to get right.

Now that you have completed this depiction, you could add even more awesome details to the mix by adding elements such as a background or even more characters from Star Wars.

When you’re finished with this guide, you can find many more like it on our website.

We have tons of guides covering a huge selection of subjects, and you’ll want to keep checking in as we plan to release even more soon!

Please also be sure to share your finished Yoda drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!how to draw Yoda in 6 easy steps

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