How to Draw Venom – A Step by Step Guide

Venom Drawing in Just 6 Easy Steps!

In the comics, films, video games and other media Spider-Man has appeared in, he has faced off against an impressive roster of villains. Many of these villains have become as popular as the heroes!

Of all of them, Venom is one of the most memorable. He functions as a dark reflection of Spider-Man, made up of an alien symbiote that gives him similar spider powers.

He’s become a popular villain among fans, not only because of his cool design but also because of what a worthy adversary he is for Spidey. Because of this, fans have wanted to know how to draw Venom.

This can be easier said than done, as the character is quite tricky to draw, but it’s worth the effort as you can then create your own cool scenarios and adventures.

That’s where this guide comes in! We’re here to show you how to draw this famous character in just 6 easy steps. By the time you get to the end of this guide, you will see how easy and fun it can be.

We will also go over a few ways that you can make it even cooler with your own details and ideas. So let’s get ready to have some villainous fun as we learn how to create this Venom drawing.

How to Draw Venom

How to Draw Venom – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

How to Draw Venom step 1

When it comes to the design for Venom, it’s fair to say it’s not realistic to how real people look. This just helps to make him look even cooler and more intimidating, however.

Venom is a really imposing character who is huge and muscular. Even though he’s got an exaggerated physique, you can still plan out your drawing the same way you would for a normal person.

Even though you have a guide to work from, you can go even further with the planning for the character. You can do this by using the final images in the guide to help you.

Start off by drawing a sort of stick figure version of the character. This stick figure should mimic the limb and body placement of the character, and you should try to get the proportions as close as possible.

Once you have this stick figure version of the drawing, you can add some simple shapes above it.

You should either use a very light pencil for this, or press very softly with a regular pencil, as we will be erasing these later.

As we mentioned, Venom is a very muscular character, so you can use various rounded shapes to represent the basic build of the character,

With all that done, we can draw the outline of his head. His head is relatively thin and rounded and fairly small compared to the rest of his body.

We will draw the bottom of his chin, but be sure to leave a space where we did, as that will be where his long tongue will stick out later.

Speaking of which, we will add that and other facial details in the next step.

Step 2: Draw some facial features for Venom

How to Draw Venom step 2

Now it’s time to draw the facial features for Venom. It may seem like a small part of the design, but it will actually be quite important.

A big part of Venom’s character is portrayed with his facial features, as it helps to give him his attitude. First, we will draw the eyes, which look fairly similar to the eyes on Spider-Man’s mask.

Unlike Spider-Man’s eyes, Venom’s can move and are more expressive. They are also a bit more ragged when it comes to the outline.

The eyes are shaped a bit like bent teardrops, as shown in the reference image. Remember that there are no pupils in Venom’s eyes, so don’t worry about adding those.

Now, it’s time to add the mouth. Venom’s mouth is arguably the most important part of the design, as its one of his most visually striking features.

His mouth is big and angular on his face, and it’s a bit reptilian in appearance. It also manages to make it look like he’s smiling while also making him look quite ferocious.

There are rows of sharp teeth inside his mouth, which make him look even more intimidating. We can finish off the most important part which is his long, twisty reptilian tongue.

This will fill in the empty space at the base of his head that we left in the previous step. That’s all there is to it for this step, so now we can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Start drawing his arm outlines in this step

How to Draw Venom step 3

Now we will start drawing Venom’s arms, and this could be a bit tricky. For this step, we will focus mainly on his hands and the top outline of the arms.

As we suggested, this will be much easier if you decided to draw some basic shapes with your pencil first. Doing so will help you to visualize how the arms will look when they’re complete.

Venom has pretty much no neck, so his shoulders will connect to his head. They are drawn using some smooth, rounded lines connected to the muscles of his neck.

His arms will also be very rounded to show how muscular they are, and his arms are extending up in a menacing pose. His hands are also very large, and his wrists are quite thick.

His hands are very claw-like, with long pointy fingers that look like they could really do some damage if swung at you.

Drawing hands can be difficult in the best of times, so be sure to simplify them if you need to.

Otherwise, simply follow the design in our example as closely as you can. Drawing the hands with your pencil to plan them out can also be really helpful.

There will be a big empty space at the base of the character so far, but we will fill that in the next step when we add the rest of the outline for Venom’s design.

Step 4: Now draw the rest of the outline for Venom’s body

How to Draw Venom step 4

Now, we can add the rest of the outline for your Venom drawing in this fourth step. The arm on the right will have a small line added to it to finish it, but the one on the left will stay pretty much as is.

This is because it will be partially obscured by the chest that we will be drawing in this step.

His chest on the left side is drawn with a fairly straight line that connects with the arm on the left that you drew in the previous step.

The line for the right-hand side of his chest is a lot more curved and angular. Then, we will draw his legs, each of which is posed differently to create his pose as a whole.

The leg on the left is bent at the knee whereas the one on the right is straight out. Both legs are very muscular and fairly long.

The leg on the left will be drawn with curved lines for the top half to represent the muscles. Because of the angle, the shin will be shown with a straight line but a curved one for the calf.

His food will be shown from a side angle and will have long, pointy toes. On the right, that leg will be drawn with only curved lines, as we won’t see the shin at this angle.

Now that you have the whole outline for Venom’s body, you are ready to add some details! Before moving on, you can erase the pencil guide we suggested, as you won’t be needing it from now on.

When you erase them, be sure to wait a couple of minutes for your pen ink to dry, if you used a pen.

If you used a darker pencil, then be sure to not accidentally erase any of the final lines you want for the drawing. Now it’s time for those final details!

Step 5: Draw the final details

How to Draw Venom step 5

This drawing of Venom is already looking awesome, and you can already pretty much tell who it is. But the final details we will add in this step will really help to bring him to life!

One of the most important details to add in this step is the spider emblem on his chest. This is similar to the one on Spider-Man’s chest, but it is much larger and a bit more sinister looking.

It;s quite detailed and follows the contours of his muscles, so try to copy it from our example as closely as you can. Then, we have a few more details to add.

Most of these are on his muscles to make them look more textured and realistic. When you have added all of these extra details, you’re ready to move to the final step!

Before you do, be sure to add any extra details that you would like. Drawing a background or adding other characters would be a few ways that you could do this.

Drawing Spider-Man would be a great choice, as you could make an awesome battle scene between the two.

If you have a favorite Venom moment or scene from the comics, films or games then you could recreate it here.

Which of your favorite Marvel characters or situations would you like to add to this drawing to finish it off?

Step 6: Now, finish off with some color for Venom

How to Draw Venom step 6

On paper, Venom should be a really easy character to color in. He has a black and white color scheme, so surely you just need to add black to most of his suit and you’re done, right?

While that is his primary color scheme, coloring him in is a bit more complicated than that. Using solid colors will make the character look too flat, so we will work in some subtleties.

You will see in our example that some areas of his suit are pure black. The other areas are various shades of grey, however.

This helps to add some tone to the character, and it also helps to make his muscles look more realistic. His red tongue also adds a splash of warmer color to the design.

Even the white eyes and spider emblem have some grey colors incorporated in order to add some tonality. If you like how it looks, then try to follow our guide as closely as possible when coloring.

Otherwise, you can experiment with the placement of the tones and the details to make it more unique. Using different art tools and mediums can also help to make the colors look different.

However you decide to color in Venom, we know it will look awesome, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Your Venom Drawing is Complete!

While Venom may seem like he has a simple character design if you were to describe him, he can actually be really difficult to draw.

However, you have completed all steps of this guide on how to draw Venom, and you have done a great job with it! If you found it challenging, remember that you don’t have to get it perfect the first time.

You can practice a few times until you have it looking exactly as you want it, and then you can experiment with different poses and situations.

When you have completed your villainous artwork, we hope you will share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. This is the best way to show off your art skills and let us see how it turned out.

It will be interesting to see what antics you create for Venom to get up to!

Here Is A Venom Sketch To Inspire You!cartoon venom drawing

Venom is arguably the most terrifying villain in the Spiderman series. He is a force of nature that is a major threat every time he appears.

This Venom sketch for kids by our artist Freddy really captures the terrifying nature of this villain. He went with an exaggerated, stylized version of the character that really captures his ferocity.

There are so many details on him, and his face looks a bit like a skull, which is a really cool effect. Now, you can try to replicate this drawing with all of its amazing details.

When you have finished the drawing, you could also draw a background. It could also be fun to draw Spiderman drawn in a similar style to Venom.

If you can think of any other villains that would go well with him, then they could be added as well!

How to Draw Venom step by step guide


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