The Chore Card

I have had some chore cards pinned for a while from My Sweet Swirls Etsy shop and I was excited to get making them this month for my Pinterest-inspired project.
I made them in Adobe Illustrator and saved them as a PDF file so I could re-print them and cut them out easily from my home printer.


I never received an allowance growing up for doing my chores. I remember all of my friends always having a small amount of money of their own from doing chores, but my parents either didn’t believe in chore money or just didn’t have it to give. Since I’m living vicariously through my own children (true story!) I have made a weekly allowance part of our family routine. I have to say how much I am LOVING it! Not only is my house in much more of an orderly state since we started this, but my kids no longer constantly harass me while at the store to buy them a toy. They now know that if they want a toy they have to save up money for it and buy it themselves. That my friends, is worth every penny of allowance I will ever give!  🙂
My kids have an everyday set of simple chores that are mandatory and after completing those they automatically get a punch on their card. If they want to earn extra punches they have the option of doing extra chores. Like this morning my son was close to having a whole card punched so he helped me clean and organize our front closet and helped with laundry to earn 3 extra punches.
I even have a card for my toddler. She always gets excited now about helping me and earning punches.
I wish I could offer these as a free printable but since they are copyrighted and sold through My Sweet Swirls, I can’t. Sorry!!
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