Erasable Frames Wall Decal – A Fun Way to Let the Kids Color on the Walls!

My kids love to draw! In fact, they can go through a whole ream of printer paper in a few days if I let them. I never want to tell them to stop drawing because I love encouraging their creativity, but I’ve been on the look out for a better solution to save a little money in my pocket book on buying printer paper. This Erasable Frames Wall Decal from Plaeful is just the solution I’ve been looking for!
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(We received our Erasable Frames Wall Decal free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are completely my own. We only write about products we absolutely love!)


The decal is 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall and is filled with whimsical and fun frames for your little ones (and you!) to fill with doodles and drawings. You can make the decal permanent on your wall by removing the backing off the back of the decal, or you can use the 4 removable sticky pads that come with the decal to secure it to your wall. We chose to use the sticky pads to adhere ours to the wall. I added some washi tape around the edges just for more decoration and to help smooth the edges down.


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Once it was on the wall my daughter was so excited to get busy drawing. She had been playing dress up before I hung up the decal but I think wearing her sorcerer costume helped fuel her creativity while she drew. We used Crayola washable markers when drawing on our decal and they wiped off perfectly with a damp cloth.


erasable frames wall decals 3


It wasn’t long before one of my sons came over and picked up a marker. I have to admit, it was hard to pass up grabbing a marker myself. I ended up helping my daughter color in some of the details on the frames while she was drawing. The details on the frames were one of my favorite parts. They were a fun coloring project all in themselves.


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Another one of my favorite parts is that each frame is like a sheet of paper in itself. It isn’t a project you have to sit down and finish all in one sitting. With the amount of frames contained on the decal, my kids have hours and hours of fun drawing and doodling ahead of them. And the best part, once they have it filled they can simply wipe it off and start all over again!

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We have only filled our frames with drawings so far but I love how Hello Wonderful also taped up pictures and cards inside some of her frames. I can’t express enough how much my children and I have adored the erasable frames wall decal. We are excited to make it permanently affixed on the wall!


To purchase and learn more about the Erasable Frames Wall Decal, visit the Plaeful website.


erasable wall frames decal review


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