St Patrick’s Day Craft

I am a sucker for a cute holiday craft, and truth be told, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when my children are too old to enjoy this kind of thing…We have a trip planned to go see Grandma Linda and Papa Pete so we wanted to make them something special. We made hand print  4-leaf clovers.

First I had the boys put their hand prints in green paint on a cardstock piece of paper. Once that dried I drew the clover shape around their hand prints and made a stem.

DSC 7421

Then the boys had a blast painting the entire clover with glitter paint. Even though paint is messy, you just can’t ever go wrong with it at this age. All they want to do is play with the messy stuff!

After the glitter paint was dry, we cut out the 4-leaf clovers.

DSC 7440

And to make it extra special we wrote a message on the back: “I’m so Lucky to have you.”

And WA-LA….A masterpiece! haha!

DSC 6787

Celebrating LOVE Day!!

DSC 8032

Storytime “Planting a Rainbow”—Making a Rainbow Garden Craft