“Red Light, Green Light” Collage

We decided to do one more activity with “Red Light, Green Light” before taking it back to the library. I saw this fun idea to make a collage in “The Mailbox Magazine” and knew my preschooler would enjoy it.

The vibrant colors of the paper and cars are reminiscent to what is in the story so it goes along well with it. I hunted through my husband’s cupboards in the garage and found some electrical tape to make the roads. Being able to help cut the tape and put it on the paper wherever my son wanted was his favorite part.

The great thing about electrical tape is that it easily peels off your paper without leaving any marks in case you make an error or want to change something. This made it ideal for using it with a preschooler.

I let my preschooler look at some free clip art images with me to help decide which cars he wanted to add in his collage. I tried to make sure to pick black and white ones so he could color them how he wanted to, but the police car was already colored. I thought it was cute how he wanted a police car on there to catch the race cars driving really fast.

After coloring and cutting out the cars, just simply glue them onto the roads however your choose. Simple and FUN!

Happy Crafting!!

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