How to Draw A Megalodon – A Step by Step Guide

Megalodon Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Our planet is full of many impressive predators both large and small. While many still walk the planet, some became extinct long ago, and the mighty megalodon is one of those fearsome creatures.

This gigantic shark was one of the largest predators to ever roam the Earth, and they have captured the imaginations of many people.

We only have a relatively vague idea of what these sharks may have looked like, and learning how to draw a megalodon is a great way to imagine how they may have looked.

Drawing animals can be a challenge, however, but this is the guide to be on if you want to make it easier!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a megalodon will show you how to create this awesome shark without stranding you in deep to draw a megalodon in 6 steps

How to Draw A Megalodon – Let’s get Started!

Step 1drawing a megalodon step 1

We will begin with the outline of the shark’s head in this first step of our guide on how to draw a megalodon. First, use a horizontal slightly curved line for the top of the head.

Then, you can use another similar line that’s a bit longer to start the back of the megalodon. But what is a shark without the famous fin?

We will also add that in this step. For the fin, you can draw a curved line with a point at the top of it.

Once you have drawn these lines as they appear in the reference image provided you’re ready to swim on ahead to step 2!

Step 2 – Next, continue drawing the back and the tailfindrawing a megalodon step 2

This part of your megalodon drawing will see you continuing the lines that you started in the previous step.

To do this, simply draw another slightly curved line back from the fin with a very small pointy part extending up near the end.

Then, at the end of this line you will extend it sharply upwards in a slight curve. This will form the first edge of the tailfin,  and we will finish off that aspect very soon.

Step 3 – Now, start drawing the face and finish off the tailfindrawing a megalodon step 3

The megalodon was so fearsome because of its massive jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth. We will be drawing that along with some more of the tailfin in this step of our guide on how to draw a megalodon.

First, let’s draw the line for the tailfin that you started in step 2. To do this, simply draw a line curved in an almost boomerang shape down from the top of the tailfin.

Then it’s time to start drawing the face of the shark. Start by drawing a line going slightly diagonally down from the line for the head.

Then you can draw the mouth into the face as it appears in the reference picture, but you could also draw the mouth a bit more open if you wish.

Finally, finish off with a dot for the nose and a larger one for the eye on the side of the face.

Step 4 – Next, finish off the outline of the sharkdrawing a megalodon step 4

There’s a lot to cover in this next part of your megalodon drawing, so be sure to take it slowly and follow the image closely!

First, you can start by drawing the large fins at the bottom of the shark’s body.

Then, you will be drawing a curved line for the belly of the shark starting at the bottom of the face, going behind those fins and then ending as the bottom of the tail.

This line will also have some small sharp shapes extending down from it near the back.

Then you will be drawing the large gills and can add some line details throughout the body to finish off this step. Then there are just a few details to add to complete this drawing before you color it in!

Step 5 – Now, finish off your megalodon drawingdrawing a megalodon step 5

In the fifth step of this guide on how to draw a megalodon, we will be adding the final details before the final step.

These details will be made up mainly of some curved line details throughout the body of the shark that will be colored in when you get to the next step.

Once you have replicated the lines in our example then you’re ready to move on! Before you do, you could also add some elements of your own.

These could include drawing an ocean background with more sea life swimming around or perhaps some extra details for the shark.

These are just two of many ideas you could go for, so let your creativity flow and see what happens!

Step 6 – Finish off your megalodon drawing with some colordrawing a megalodon step 6

Our sixth and final step of your megalodon drawing will be all about adding some amazing colors to your artwork to finish it off.

In our reference image, we used some greys and blues to create a more muted look to the shark.

Scientists can only speculate as to what these mighty animals may have looked like, so this is your chance to show what colors you think they could have been!

You can also experiment with various art mediums and tools to create some vibrant looks for this image. We can’t wait to see what you go for!

Here’s how you can make your megalodon drawing even better…

Confront this gigantic extinct creature as we make this megalodon sketch look even better.

Part of the reason that the megalodon is so notable is that it was such a massive animal. You could show this size in your drawing of a megalodon in a few different ways.

One would be to compare it to the sizes of other large animals. If you search online, you will see many visual representations of the megalodon compared so some creatures today.

Whales and great white sharks would be great ones to compare it to!

Luckily, humans have never had to encounter megalodons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t imagine what that would be like in your artwork.

You could create an awe-inspiring scene by drawing a human next to the shark. Once again, you can find comparisons online of how large humans would appear next to these creatures.

You could either show the size difference or create a terrifying underwater scene! What kind of situation would you like to create when adding a human to the image?

The Megalodon was a fascinating animal, and you could make this megalodon drawing educational by adding some fun facts about the animal.

These could be arranged around the megalodon you have drawn and could include facts about its size, where it lived and how it compared to other creatures that lived around the same time as it.

You might already know some fun facts, but you could always look up more to include here.

Finally, we think it would be great to add some background details to your megalodon sketch. Luckily, due to the fact that this is an ocean creature, the background could be simple and still work.

For example, you could simply use a dark blue color for the background, to make it look like the megalodon is deep under the sea.

Or, you could make it more involved by adding other sea creatures and details of the ocean floor.

What kind of setting would you like to create?

Your Megalodon Drawing is Complete!

All six steps of this guide on how to draw a megalodon have been successfully completed, and you have a fearsome prehistoric predator to show for it!

There were some tricky details to this drawing, so we hope that having it broken down into simpler steps made it so much easier for you to take on.

Now you can get really creative with it and show us all of the incredible details you would add to this image.

Whether you change up how the shark looks or create an incredible background, there are many ways that you can put your own spin on this image.

The fun doesn’t stop when this guide is finished, though! Be sure to check out our website for many more amazing drawing guides. Don’t forget to visit often, as we upload new ones frequently.

Then, when your megalodon drawing is finished, we would love it if you would share this monstrous artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!how to draw a megalodon in 6 easy steps

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