How to Draw a Lightning Bolt — Step by Step Guide

Complete lightning bolt drawing in just 9 easy steps!

Lightning bolts are a common phenomenon during rainy weather. It is a furious blinding flash that tears across the sky as the rain pours.

With its sharp pointed edges and vibrant luminous colors, it’s easy to think that drawing a lightning bolt is nearly impossible.

However, you might be surprised to discover that drawing it is actually not as hard as you think!

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lightning bolt, divided into 9 easy and digestible instructions.drawing lightning bolt in 9 steps

What’s more, each step comes with elaborate illustrations, helping you better understand the process. With this comprehensive guide, we’re sure you can draw a proportional lightning bolt in no time!

A lightning bolt drawing is heavily dependent on straight lines, feel free to use a ruler to help you draw perfect straight lines quickly and easily.

Go ahead and grab a piece of paper and your favorite pencil to start drawing! While you’re at it, prepare your favorite coloring materials too so you can color the lightning bolt right after drawing it!

Have fun creating a fiery luminous lightning bolt!

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt — Let’s get started!

Step 1lightning bolt drawing step 1

To start, draw a straight horizontal line on the upper right portion of your paper. Then, starting from the left end point of the horizontal line we drew just now, draw a downward diagonal line heading left.

At this point, you should have now completed the topmost part of the lightning bolt.

The spot where you start drawing is crucial. By starting at the upper right corner of your paper, you’ll have enough space for the entire lightning bolt because its shape is typical diagonal.

Remember, every line we’ll be drawing in the following steps always starts at the end point of the previous line. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to follow the instructions effortlessly.

Step 2 — Outline the Top of the Lightning Boltlightning bolt drawing step 2

Draw an upward diagonal line starting from the bottom end point of the last diagonal line we drew in the previous step.

Afterwards, draw another downward diagonal line emerging from the tip of the previous line.

Step 3 — Refine the Zigzag Shape of the Lightninglightning bolt drawing step 3

Draw a short upward diagonal line heading right connected to the diagonal line we previously drew.

Keep in mind that the structure of the connected diagonal lines should look like a continuous zigzag line.

Step 4 — Finalize the First Half of the Lightning Boltlightning bolt drawing step 4

Draw a downward diagonal line to form the bottom part of the lightning bolt.

At this point, the lightning bolt should now be halfway through!

Step 5 — Now, Draw the Sharp Pointed Edgelightning bolt drawing step 5

Create the lightning bolt’s razor sharp tip by drawing another downward diagonal line on the opposite side of the lightning bolt.

Make sure that the end points of this line and the one we drew in the previous step intersect, creating a sharp pointed edge.

Step 6 — Draw the Other Half of the Lightninglightning bolt drawing step 6

On the top end point of the previous diagonal line, draw a short straight line heading towards the left side.

This structures the first edge in the right side of the lightning bolt, as shown in the illustration.

Step 7 — Afterwards, Work Your Way Upwardslightning bolt drawing step 7

On the left side of the lightning bolt, we started from top then worked our way downwards. On the right side, however, we will be starting at the bottom and move progressively upwards.

Continue by drawing a long upward diagonal line going right.

Step 8 — Next, Draw Another Diagonal Linelightning bolt drawing step 8

Draw a short line going to the left that is slightly diagonal.

After completing this step, there should now be only one line missing to complete the shape of the lightning bolt.

Step 9 — Connect the Lines to Complete the Drawinglightning bolt drawing step 9

Now, draw a diagonal line on the remaining blank space to finalize the shape of the lightning bolt.

As you can see, we’re now done with drawing the lightning bolt. Now, all it needs is a splash of radiant colors to make it appear like it’s glimmer—as how it should be!

Now that we have successfully drawn a lightning bolt, it’s finally time for the most enjoyable part, which is choosing the colors and coloring your drawing!

In this step, feel free to showcase your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match different colors.

The lightning bolt is often depicted to have a white-yellow color, but it largely depends on the color of the skies when the lightning strikes.

Make the most out of your experience by picking a unique set of colors and coloring the lightning bolt however you like! You can even use some of your favorite colors. It’s all up to you!lightning bolt drawing 9 steps

Your Lightning Bolt Drawing is Complete!

Hopefully, you enjoy learning how to draw a lightning bolt with this step-by-step tutorial. Now that you are capable of drawing a symmetrical lightning bolt, you can incorporate it in your future drawings.

You can draw a lightning bolt in natural scenery to depict gloomy weather or you can draw Harry Potter, a famous fictional wizard with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

We’ve seen how you worked hard to learn how to draw a lightning bolt, so you should feel proud of yourself!

Don’t forget to show off your artwork by sharing it on our Facebook page and other social media platforms such as Pinterest.

We’re sure your lightning bolt drawing looks incredible and we can’t wait to see it!

Go ahead and flaunt your awesome artwork!how to draw a lightning bolt in 9 easy steps

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