How to Draw a Kitten – Step by Step Guide

Complete kitten drawing in just 9 easy steps!

With the kitten’s fluffy body and irresistibly cute face, it’s no wonder that many kids of all ages are obsessed with these young cats.

Kittens have also long been a staple in several animated movies and series, among the most iconic characters are Hello Kitty, Tom Cat, and Puss in Boots.

The adorable features of kittens are what make them interesting subjects to draw.

Fortunately, we have curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a kitten summarized in 9 easy and simple steps.

You can apply these steps whether you want to draw a realistic-looking kitten or an animated one.Drawing Kitten in 9 Easy Steps

Each step is accompanied with comprehensible illustrations that serve as your visual guide as you follow the instructions.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in drawing, we’re sure you can follow these steps effortlessly. What’s more, you can add your own style and improvise in every step.

Feel free to mix and match colors to customize your artwork and make it unique. Let your imagination wander and unleash your creativity. Have fun and use your artistic skills!

How to Draw a Kitten – Let’s get started!

Step 1Kitten Drawing – Step 1

Starting on the upper right portion of your paper, draw two triangular cat ears connected together by a curved downward line. This outlines the kitten’s pair of ears as well as the top of its head.

To ensure that the outline will be positioned in the appropriate spot, draw a horizontal and a vertical line across the paper to create reference lines. When drawn correctly, the guideline should divide your paper into four square divisions. The space on the upper right corner is where you should draw the outline.

By starting on the upper right part of your paper, you have sufficient space to draw the kitten’s entire face and body.

Step 2 – Draw an Outline of the Kitten’s FaceKitten Drawing – Step 2

Extend the lines from below the ears all the way down to the kitten’s chin. The shape of the kitten’s face must be a bit wider at the button compared to the top to emphasize its chubby cheeks.

Don’t forget to add pointed clumps of fur on each side of the face!

Step 3 – Then, Draw the Kitten’s Front LegsKitten Drawing – Step 3

Right underneath the kitten’s face, draw two front legs side by side. As shown in the illustration, you can draw the front legs by simply drawing overlapping curved lines below the face.

Emphasize the fur on the kitten’s chest area to make the kitten look more furry and fluffy!

Step 4 – Draw the Bottom Part of the Kitten’s BodyKitten Drawing – Step 4

Draw a downward curved line to create the outline of the kitten’s back and bottom part. The back should be structured downwards, while the bottom should be curved like a half circle shape.

When drawn correctly, the outline should appear like a downward slope to make the kitten look like it is sitting down.

Step 5 – Next, Draw the Kitten’s Hind LegsKitten Drawing – Step 5

Draw another curved line facing the kitten’s bottoms to outline the thighs. Then, draw a leg with a paw right underneath the kitten’s bended thighs.

Don’t forget to add lines on the kitten’s paw to create divisions between its claws.

Step 6 – Then, Draw the Kitten’s TailKitten Drawing – Step 6

On the lower bottom part of the kitten’s body, draw a long, fluffy tail. As you can see in the illustration, the tail is as simple as drawing a curved sausage.

However, you can draw the tail any way you like. You can make it as furry as you want it to be by adding large chunks of fur poking out all over the tail.

Step 7 – Outline the Kitten’s Inner EarKitten Drawing – Step 7

Inside the ear of the kitten that we have drawn in the first step, draw a triangular shape following the outline.

This will outline the inside of the ears, thus making the kitten’s physical features appear more dimensional and realistic.

Step 8 – Now, Draw the Kitten’s Nose and MouthKitten Drawing – Step 8

On the bottom part of the face, draw an upside down triangular shape in the middle to create the kitten’s nose.

Then, draw two curved lines right underneath the nose to outline the mouth. The kitten’s mouth should appear like a curved letter “w”.

Step 9 – Afterwards, Draw the Kitten’s EyesKitten Drawing – Step 9

Right above the nose, draw two upright oval shapes slightly apart from each other.

Then, within the eyes, draw another two tiny oval shapes. Shade the eyes side from the tiny dots inside the eyes to create an adorable “glimmering eyes” effect.

Don’t hesitate any more facial features that you think would look awesome. You can even add eyelashes and whiskers if you like!

Finally, here is the most exciting part—filling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

Kittens come in a wide range of colors, with white, black, ginger, grey, cream, brown, cinnamon, and fawn being the most common. There are also some kittens with distinctive patterns on their skin, thus they typically have more than one color. This gives you a lot of options to color your kitten with!

Feel free to color your kitten drawing however you like and use any colors you prefer! And while you’re at it, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials such as watercolor and brush pens as well?Kitten Drawing – 9 Steps

4 More Ways To Make Your Kitten Drawing Unique

Make this cute kitty even cuter with these fun and easy tips!

Cats come in many different colors and patterns, so you could change these and other elements for this kitten drawing.

These are so easy to change to your liking, and they can completely alter the nature of the design.

You could also change things such as the length of the cat’s fur or the shape of its face! What are some other aspects you can think of that you could change to your liking?

Next, we would suggest that you add some accessories for this kitty! Examples could be a food or a water bowl that it is about to use. Or, you could give it a ball of yarn or another cat toy for it to enjoy!

There are so many different objects that you could come up with to really complete the scene. The best part is that the more objects you add, the more colors you will get to use on the picture as well.

This kitten sketch shows a kitty that is cute on its own, but it can be even cuter with some friends to interact with!

You could add some more cute kittens or maybe even some puppies and other animals.

By using the steps of the guide, you can adapt them to create some new animal pals easily. What are some animals that you may like to add to this cute little scene?

Lastly, we think this drawing would look amazing if you were to add a background. You can make this drawing of a kitten even more interesting to look at when you create a background, and you have many options.

The kitten could be sitting in a park or in a cozy room next to a fireplace. These are just a few ideas you could try out!

This would also go brilliantly with the other suggestions we have made in the guide. If you add accessories, other animals and a background, you will have a wonderfully unique picture to show off.

Your Kitten Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a kitten. With this guide, you can surely draw and color a kitten along with its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, you can customize its physical attributes and play with various colors as much as you like!

We are always updating our “How to Draw” catalog, so make sure to keep checking back on our website to take advantage of newly uploaded tutorials.

All you need is a pen and paper and you’re all set to start drawing! We are excited to see what you will draw next. We’re sure it will be just as amazing as this one!

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, we’re certain you must be feeling very proud of yourself—as you should be! Completing this kitten drawing is definitely fulfilling.

Make sure to show off your work of art and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest. We’re sure it looks amazing! We can’t wait to see your colorful kitten drawing!How to Draw a Kitten in 9 Easy Steps


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