How to Draw a Cat — Step by Step Guide

Complete cat drawing in just 9 easy steps!

Cats have long been a staple in many animated films, among the most iconic cat characters are Garfield, Tom, and Sylvester.

Because of its adorable features and mischievous behavior, cats have always been a favorite subject in drawing, thus creating a huge demand for a free cat drawing tutorial. You’ve asked for it, so we delivered.

Finally, we have curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cat, summarized in 9 easy and simple steps.drawing cat in 9 easy steps

With the help of this extensive drawing tutorial, we’re sure you can draw an adorable cat in no time!

The best part about this drawing tutorial is that you can customize your drawing and handpick the colors you will be using.

This enables you to stimulate your artistic skills and create a unique cat like no other.

Have fun drawing an adorable cat!

How to Draw a Cat — Let’s get started!

Step 1cat drawing – step 1

Sketch a diagonal oval shape to outline the head of the cat. Use it as a guide to help you draw the face quickly and effortlessly.

Make sure to draw the outline with a light hand, so you can easily erase it later on when you no longer need it.

Step  2 — Outline the Fur of the Cat’s Cheekscat drawing – step 2

Underneath the oval shape we drew in the previous step, draw the fur coat to outline the chin and the cheek of your cat.

Make sure to draw thick clumps of pointed fur on the edges of the coat to make your cat appear fluffier and more adorable!

Step 3 — Complete the Outline of the Cat’s Headcat drawing – step 3

Now that we have drawn the lower part of your cat’s face in the previous step, we will now be working on the upper part of its face.

Draw a pair of ears above the outline. Then, draw a chunk of fur coat in between the ears. Afterwards, get rid of any visible lines from the outline we drew in the first step using an eraser.

Step 4 — Put a Collar on the Cat’s Neckcat drawing – step 4

Right underneath your cat’s chin, draw a collar with a bell hanging down. Don’t hesitate to style and design the collar any way you want.

After all, it’s your work of art and your cat! You can draw patterns on the surface of the collar or customize the jewelry dangling from it.

Step 5 — Outline the Body of the Catcat drawing – step 5

Structure the cat’s body below its face. Make sure to draw some clumps of fur to make your cat look furry! When drawn correctly, the shape of the body should look quite similar to a thick sausage.

Step 6 — Draw the Left Front and Hind Legcat drawing – step 6

Draw the front and hind leg of your cat on its left side. Don’t forget to draw the paw with three cute little toes!

As you can see in the illustration, the cat’s left front leg is slightly raised upwards. You can mimic the position of its legs similar to the illustration, or position your cat’s legs any way you want. It’s all up to you!

Step 7 — Now, Draw the Right Front and Hind Legcat drawing – step 7

Continue by drawing your cat’s front and hind leg on the right side.

Step 8 — Afterwards, Add the Cat’s Tailcat drawing – step 8

Create the cat’s tail by drawing a long, narrow and curved line at the bottom of the cat’s body.

We think a rounded curved end looks best for the tail, but you can make it look furry, pointed, or any form you prefer.

Step 9 — Draw the Facial Features to Finish the Drawingcat drawing – step 9

To finish the details within the cat’s head, we will be working from top to bottom. Start by drawing a triangle shape inside your cat’s ear to create the outline of its inside ear.

Now, to structure the cat’s facial features, draw two standing oval shapes in the middle of the face to create the eyes. Then, draw a snout with an upside down triangle shape and two connected upward curved lines forming a letter “W”.

Don’t forget to shade the eyes while leaving a tiny dot inside the eyes unshaded to create a charming “gleaming eyes” effect!

As you can see, the drawing is finished at last! Now, all it’s missing is a splash of vivid and vibrant colors to make your cat drawing colorful.

Finally, we will now be doing the most fun and enjoyable step, which is filling in the colors for your drawing!

Cats come in a wide range of colors, with white, black, gray, brown, and red being the most common. These colors also come in various shades, and so does the color of a cat’s coat. This gives you a lot of color options when choosing the colors for your wonderful cat drawing.

Enjoy picking the colors and watch as your cat drawing ultimately comes to life!cat drawing – 9 steps

Your Cat Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step cat drawing tutorial. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in drawing, you can draw a lovely cat effortlessly with the help of this comprehensive tutorial.

We are always updating our catalog of “how-to-draw” series and uploading new content, so make sure you keep re-visiting our website to continuously enjoy all-new drawing tutorials.

If you would like to see a drawing tutorial of a subject we haven’t covered yet, let us know about it!

After completing your cat drawing, don’t forget to show off your masterpiece and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Go ahead, don’t be shy! You’ve worked so hard for this artwork, so we can tell it looks incredible!

We are looking forward to seeing your colorful cat drawing!how to draw a cat in 9 easy steps


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