Fancy Z – How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z

A Step By Step Drawing Guide To Your Own Fancy Letter Z

The letter Z has a few distinctions that makes it unique. For starters, it is the final letter of the alphabet, so it’s usually the last one we learn.

It also happens to be the lest used letter in terms of how many words it appears in, at least in the English language. It’s also pronounced differently in some places, as some countries pronounce it ‘zee’ while others say ‘zed.’

It may be the least used letter, but it will get to enjoy the spotlight in this guide on how to draw a fancy letter Z!

In this guide, we will go through 6 steps on how to draw a fun and unique version of this letter. We will also go over some cool ideas on how you can make it even more unique.

So let’s begin with the first step of the guide and see how it is all done!

How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 1

Whether you’re writing or drawing an uppercase or a lowercase letter Z, it’s a fairly simple letter to write. It is made up of two horizontal lines and one horizontal line.

It may be easy to write normally, but it can get a bit tricky when you’re making it as fancy as we will in this guide.

To make sure you keep the shape of the letter consistent, we would recommend taking a pencil and drawing out the letter normally.

This one doesn’t have to look like the final product, and it will be erased when we don’t need it. Think of it as a skeleton for your drawing!

Then, we will be ready to draw the first part of the design. As we mentioned, the letter Z is normally drawn with straight lines.

There’s nothing normal about this design, though! Instead, we will be using spirals and curved lines to create this version of the letter.

We will begin with a spiral that will form the top line of the letter. This spiral shape will look a little bit like a letter G, and it could be drawn as one long line or two connected.

Right now it may not look much like a letter Z, but it will soon enough! When your spiral shape looks like our example, we can move on.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 2

You have the upper line of this letter Z, but now we will start drawing the diagonal main line of the letter.

We shall start at the top of the curvy shape from the first step. Draw another small line up that ends in a very pointy tip.

This pointy tip will then drop down in another slightly wavy line. It will end near the base of the letter, but we will finish off that section in the next line.

First, we need to draw the left side of the diagonal part of the letter. This will be another curvy line dropping down from the top of the letter on the left.

Now you will see the letter starting to take shape, as we have the top and middle of the letter done. In the next step, we will finish off by drawing the base of this letter Z to finish off the outline!


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 3

It’s time to finish off this fancy letter Z outline so that we can start decorating it! This will mean drawing the bottom line of the letter.

Unlike the top line, we won’t be adding a spiral to this one, but it will still be a bit wavy and curvy. On the left side of the base, there will be a pointy tip.

This will then extend to the right in another slightly wavy line. It will gradually curve up to form another pointy portion poking to the left.

There is still a gap between this section and the diagonal part of the letter, so you can fill that gap with one more curved line.

Then you will have your complete outline for the letter! Before we move on, you can erase any pencil lines you don’t need, as they were mainly there to help plan the shape of the letter.

Now, we will move on to step 4 where we will start drawing the details of this letter.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 4

It’s time to start decorating this letter Z, and this is where you can have lots of fun being creative! From this point on in the guide, anything we show you is just a suggestion.

You can take any ideas that you like, change them a bit or come up with your very own ideas! For now, let’s take a look at what we added in this step.

We wanted to create a pattern for the letter, and we did this with some curvy, wavy lines all throughout the letter.

It’s a simple way to decorate the letter, but it looks really cool. For another simple touch, we added some small spiral lines poking off various parts of the letter.

These show you a few simple ways that you can decorate this letter! Now that you have some ideas, you can try out a few of your own.

You could fill it with different kinds of lines or other small details poking off the letter. In the next step, we will add even more details around the letter to make it look even more intricate!


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 5

It’s almost time to add some color to your Z themed artwork, but first we have a few more details that we want to show you!

The previous ones were mostly on the interior of the letter, but these next ones will go mostly on the exterior. For starters, we added some dots on various edges of the letter.

These vary in size and placement, and you could add more to other places on the drawing. Then, we drew a wavy line on the right side of the picture.

We added some small leaves to this line to make it look like a vine with leaves growing on it. Finally, we drew some more of these small leaves on the lower right side of the letter.

Once again, these are all examples of details you could add, and you can play around with how they look and where they are placed.

We would also love to see what details you can come up with! You can keep it as minimal or as extravagant as you like.

Remember that you also have the background, and details can be added there. If you want some more ideas, stick around until after the next step, as we have a few more for you!


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step 6

We hope that you’re ready for some coloring fun, as that is what is the focus of this final step of your fancy letter Z.

You worked hard on this drawing, so it’s only fair that now you get to have a good time playing around with colors! In our example, we show you just one way that you could color your picture.

We decided to use a bright yellow color to make the letter really pop. If you want colors that are this bright, then you could use colored pens or highlighters.

These are some mediums that are really bright, but there are also certain kinds of paint that can be this bright. You could also use other arts and crafts!

You should also use any of your favorite colors if yellow isn’t quite what you’re looking for. If picking one color is too hard, then why not use multiple colors instead!

There are no wrong ways to color this letter, so let your creativity take over and see what happens!

My Final Tips To Make Your Fancy Letter Z Drawing Even Better!

Before we finish off this guide, we have a few more ideas on how to add to your artwork. Earlier, we mentioned filling the background, but how can you do that?

There are lots of things you can add to the background, and these could include colors, shapes and other letters. Another way is to write out a word in this style.

Using the letter Z we created here, you could then think of a word that starts with Z and write it out. There are less options than with some other letters, but there are words you can use!

Words like zebra, zombie or zoom would be a few words you could use! Then, once you have your word you can write it out and then fill the background with elements relating to that word.

If you know of some people with names starting with Z, then you could write out their name! Writing out a full word is a great way to experiment with other letters in this fancy style.

How To Draw Your Own Fancy Z step by step guide

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