How To Draw Corn – A Step by Step Guide

Corn drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Corn is one of the most versatile vegetables that many people enjoy daily! It can be part of healthy salads, thrown on the barbecue or even made into delicious popcorn.

It all starts with the corn itself, and while it is easy to take for granted it is actually quite a complex vegetable when you look closely! That can make learning how to draw corn a bit of a challenge.

It’s a challenge that is made easier with the right guide to help, and this happens to be that guide!

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw corn will show you how you can recreate this wonderful to draw a corn in 6 steps

How to Draw Corn – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1drawing a corn step 1

Corn is made up of lots of smaller kernels attached to the central pillar of the plant, and it is encased in some big floppy leaves.

We will be tackling each of these elements throughout this guide on how to draw corn, but we shall start with the leaves in this first step.

You can start with a rounded shape at the base of it to show where this corn was cut from the rest of the plant.

Then we will be extending some curved lines up from this base for the first side of the leaves. At the top, there will be some thin sharp parts of the leaf that are bent over a bit.

Then you can add some line details to this leaf to give it more definition, and then you’re ready to move on.

Step 2 – Next, start drawing the kernelsdrawing a corn step 2

We will be starting on the body of the corn drawing in this second step, and that means drawing the kernels for the corn.

This can look a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult! We will start by drawing the outline for the body of the corn.

You can do this by drawing a very bumpy line in the general shape of the corn for the outline of the various kernels.

Be sure to refer to the reference image as you draw, as this bumpy line will end at a certain point, as we will be drawing a leaf there.

Then you can draw rows of rough little soiree shapes for the individual kernels. We will only be drawing the first half of the corn for now, but we will draw the rest soon.

Step 3 – Now, draw some more kernelsdrawing a corn step 3

This third step of our guide on how to draw corn will see you continuing on from the last step by drawing more rows of individual kernels.

To do this, simply keep drawing more rows of those rounded little squared shapes that you started to draw in the previous step.

By the end of this part, there should be two more rows drawn. Again, try to refer to our image to see where the gaps should be!

Step 4 – Next, draw the final row of kernelsdrawing a corn step 4

There’s just one more row of kernels to add to your corn drawing before we move on to the final two steps.

You know what to do now! Simply draw another row of those squared shapes to form the final part of the kernels. They should connect nicely to the outline on the right-hand side of the corn that you drew in step 2.

Then we will be ready to move on to those final details in the next step, so let’s move on as soon as you’re ready!

Step 5 – Finish off your corn drawingdrawing a corn step 5

This fifth step of our guide on how to draw corn will see us going full circle as we replicate what we did in the very first step of this guide.

That means that we will finish off by drawing the other side of the leaf encasing the right-hand side of the corn. To do this, you can essentially mirror what you did in that very first step, and that will help fill in any remaining gaps.

Once you have finished that leaf, you have completed all the parts of this corn! Before you move on, you can have some fun adding some elements and details of your own.

One idea would be to draw a background, as this would be a great way to show what kinds of other food you would like to enjoy with this corn. What other fun ideas can you think of?

Bonus: Try Out Some Different Art Styles For This Corn Drawing

You have almost reached the end of this guide on how to draw corn, and the final step will be all about coloring in this picture. Before we go over how you can do that, we wanted to take a quick break to consider other ways you could tackle this drawing.

When taking on a guide like this, you do typically want to stick closely to it to begin with, as you get to grips with the drawing. However, when you feel confident with it, it can be fun to put your own spin on it.

There are a few reasons why you may want to play with the style of this corn drawing. For starters, a different style may be easier for you to draw.

Some people find drawing in an exaggerated cartoon style to come much more naturally to them. If you are one of those people, then you could adapt this drawing to fit that style.

You could still follow through the steps of the guide as normal, but just change a few things and remove a few details to create the style you want.

However, this may not be because you’re finding the present style to be difficult. It could just be that there is a different art style you may prefer.

Or, you may want to push yourself and challenge yourself to attempt different styles. Whatever your reasons may be, we encourage you to take this design and try to put your own spin on it.

If you have too many ideas, then feel free to make a series of artworks all tacking the same image in different styles! Then, no matter how you choose to draw it, you can color your art in the next step.

Step 6 – Finish off your corn drawing with some colordrawing a corn step 6

We have arrived at the final part of your corn drawing, and in this one we shall finish off with some color!

In our reference image, we went with pretty typical colors for corn, and that means using some shades of yellow for the kernels while using some shades of green for the leaves.

This helps to replicate the wonderfully vibrant look that corn has in real life!

You could use similar shades for your own drawing, but don’t be afraid to experiment a bit as well!

Sometimes corn will have some brown or black kernels that have rotted, so you could color some in like that for some variety.

You could also go for a more stylistic look by using your favorite bright and vibrant colors to fill in each separate kernel. What color scheme will you choose for your corn drawing?

Do this to take your corn drawing to the next level

There’s nothing corny about these tips we have for making your corn sketch even better!

When you enjoy some corn, it will usually not be on its own. Many people like to put something on the corn, and you could add these as extra details for this corn drawing!

One very easy example would be to use lots of small dots that would look like salt and pepper on the corn. For a more involved example, you could put a pat of butter melting on top.

This all depends on what you would like to have with this corn, so what other toppings can you add?

People also like to eat corn as a side for other foods, and you could add some of these as extras for your drawing of corn. This is another case of where you could show off what your own preferences are!

You could draw some bread rolls and some meats to make it look like this corn was served at a barbecue. That’s one idea, but what else could you add to make this a meal?

If you want to focus on the corn itself, you could fill the page with corn to make an extravaganza! You know how to draw corn after finishing this guide, so you could add as much corn as you like.

You may even like to add different corn variations such as creamed corn, kernels or even some popcorn. These are just a few ways to populate this drawing, but you may have some more ideas!

When you have decided on all the extras you would like to add to this corn drawing, you can finish it off with a cool background. This background could be themed to go with the additional changes you made!

For example, if you surrounded the corn with barbecue food, you could create a barbecue setting around it. You could also maybe have the corn on a more regular dinner table.

These are a few ideas, but what other background settings can you think of?

Your Corn Drawing is Complete!

Corn is not always the easiest of vegetables to draw, as there are tons of small kernels to account for.

Hopefully this guide showed you that there are ways to make it a bit easier so that you can concentrate on the fun of being creative instead of the frustrations of difficulty!

Finishing the guide doesn’t have to mean that you are finished with the drawing itself. You can keep it going by adding some more awesome details and additions to make it even more personalized to yourself.

We went over a few ideas that you could go for, but what else can you think of to finish it off?

Our website is full of incredible guides featuring everything from famous characters to more fruits and vegetables. We have more on the way, so definitely keep checking in!

We would love to see how you finished off this incredible corn drawing, so please be sure to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!how to draw a corn in 6 easy steps

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