Fancy Y – How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y

A Step By Step Drawing Guide To Your Own Fancy Letter Y

As the second to last letter of the alphabet, the letter Y is often one of the final letters we will learn. Once learned, it’s one we use fairly often in our everyday lives.

It’s a pretty easy letter to write normally, and the upper and lowercase versions of the letter are fairly similar to one another.

You may think you know everything there is to know about this letter, but we’re here to look at the letter Y in a whole new way!

Throughout the 6 steps of this guide, we will learn how to draw a fancy letter Y. This will be done with all sorts of great details and additions to the design.

We will also try out some fun colors, background ideas and extra details to make this the fanciest letter Y you have ever seen!

So let’s not delay and dive into the first step of this guide.

How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 1

When you write a capital letter Y normally, you will use three straight lines connecting to one another. That is not the approach we will take for this fancy version, though!

Instead of using any straight lines, we will be using only curved and rounded lines. This may make it look more like a lowercase Y than a capital one, but you could use it for either form.

Before we begin properly, why not quickly sketch out a letter Y using your pencil? Doing so will help you to keep the shape of the letter in mind as you draw.

It will also allow you to plan out the size of the letter. Then, we can draw the first lines of the design. To begin with, we will be drawing a curved line with a spiral on the end.

Start out by drawing a loose spiral shape that then extends into the dip of a curved line. It may be a bit tricky to tell where this fits into the letter, especially if you didn’t draw a pencil Y.

As we will see soon, it will form the left ‘arm’ of the letter as well as the dip in the center. With that done, we can add the next section in step 2.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 2

Now that you have the start of the left side of the letter Y, you are ready to add the upper part of this section! We shall start at the spiral section you began with in the first step.

Add a pointy tip there, and then draw the spiral twisting out in a curved line. This part can look a lot more difficult than it actually is, so be sure to follow the reference image closely as you draw.

This spiral will turn into a curved line running parallel to the line from the previous step. It will follow the same dip in the middle and then veer sharply up.

By the end of this step, we have what looks like a letter U with a gap on the right side. But we want the letter Y, not a U!

That’s why we will fill that gap in the next step in order to complete the outline of the letter.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 3

As promised, we will now finish off the outline of your fancy letter Y in this step. We shall begin right where you left off last time!

At the point where the dip ended last time, we will add another pointy tip. This tip will extend down in a slightly wavy, curly line.

That curly line will go way down past the base of the letter, and then will curl to the left at the bottom. It will curl sharply, looking a bit like a tail.

That tail will have a pointy tip at the end as well. And then it will curve up again to fill the gap and connect back to the letter.

It’s really not as hard as it sounds as long as you follow the image closely! Now you have a complete outline, and you can erase the pencil lines you used in the first step.

Then, it’s time for step 4.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 4

Drawing this letter Y has presented some challenges, but it all gets easier and even more fun from here! In this and the next step, we will be adding some details to your drawing.

In this particular step, we will focus on the interior details of the letter. First, we drew some spiral lines poking off the two tips of the letter.

We didn’t add one to the tip of the spiral on the left as that may be spiral overload! You could add one there if you like, however.

Then, we wanted to add a simple pattern to the interior of the letter. To do this, we drew wavy lines all throughout the letter.

It’s a simple example of details that look intricate while still being easy to draw. If you like how this pattern looks, then you could add it to your own drawing.

Of course, you could also go for a different pattern instead! This is where you can show off how creative you are, as there are so many ways to decorate the letter.

We’re not done yet, though! We have some more details to add in the next step.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 5

There are some cool details inside the interior of the letter now, and next we will add some details to the exterior of the letter.

First of all, we changed our minds about there being enough spiral action on the left side of the letter! You can see this as we added one more spiral line to the left side.

Next, we drew some small dots along the outline. These went on the upper and right hand curves of the outline.

Finally, we drew another line poking off the top left of the image and added some small leaves to it. This makes it look like there is a little plant growing out of the letter!

You’ll notice that with all these details, we kept them rather minimal. You could add many more of these details if you wanted, and you could stick to one or two.

Now that you have seen some of the details that can be added, you could also come up with some of your own to decorate it.

It’s up to you now, so what are some details you could add to the drawing?


How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step 6

Adding color is always the ultimate way to finish off a drawing, and that’s what we intend to do in this final step! We show you the color choice we would make in our example image.

To color the letter, we added a bright pink color to make this picture bright and eye-catching. If you love the color pink, then you could make yours the same color!

There are many other shades of pink you could use instead, or you could also go with any other color you like!

You could go with yellow, as it starts with the letter Y. There are so many opportunities, and you should go with what feels right.

We used just one color for our example, but you could use multiple colors if you wanted to. We also just colored the letter, but there is a lot of empty background space as well.

Adding color to the background could be a great way to emphasize or complement the colors of the letter. Now that you have some inspiration, which colors do you think would suit this picture best?

My Final Tips To Make Your Fancy Letter Y Drawing Even Better!

It’s almost time to wrap up this guide on how to draw a fancy letter Y, but we’re not done just yet! There’s never an end when it comes to creativity, and there is a lot you can do.

For an example, earlier when talking about color we mentioned how the word yellow starts with Y. You could go with this by writing out the word yellow in this fancy style.

Then, you could use all different shades of yellow for each letter of the word for the ultimate celebration of the color.

It’s just one example, but you could think of other words that begin with the letter. Once you have a word to use, that gives you a theme to use as you fill the background with details.

You don’t need to stick to just a word, as you could also pick a name of someone you know that starts with Y.

If you write out their name, you could then fill the background with all of their favorite things! Can you think of words or names that start with Y?

How To Draw Your Own Fancy Y step by step guide

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