Fancy M – How To Draw Your Own Fancy M

A Step By Step Drawing Guide To Your Own Fancy Letter M

The number 13 is often said to be an unlucky number, but there isn’t anything unlucky about the subject of today’s guide!

We will be covering the letter M in this guide, and it’s a letter we should all be very familiar with. It’s a fairly common letter in the English language, and it has a simple but unique look to it.

The letter is similarly shaped with its upper and lowercase formats, while the capital letter version has some straighter lines.

In this guide, we will take you through the process of drawing a fancy letter M in just 6 steps. It will be based on the capital letter, but it will be a lot more rounded.

However, we will do more than just show you how to draw this design. By the end of it, you will also have some ideas for coloring and decorating the design.

How To Draw Your Own Fancy M

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 1

If you look at the final images of this guide, you will see that we make this common letter into quite a stylistic design. This could make it tricky to maintain the design.

For that reason, we would highly recommend using a pencil drawn M to map out the shape of the letter. If you do this, try to make the shape of the letter rounder than you would write it normally.

This pencil letter will also allow you to anticipate and keep the shape of the letter properly throughout the guide.

When you’re ready, we can draw the first part of the design. Throughout the guide, we will be adding a lot of curled shapes and elements to make it look fancier.

You will be drawing the first of these curled shapes on what will eventually be the upper left side of the drawing. This will be done by drawing two lines that curl and run parallel to one another.

They will meet at a central pointy tip, as shown in the reference image. There will be a small gap at the right side of the spiral where it will connect to the letter later.

With this first spiral drawn, we can continue to step 2 and add more to this design.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 2

If you look at a regular letter M, you will see it’s separated into three sections. These would be the two sides and the dip in the middle.

In this second step, we will be drawing the side on the left of the letter. This section will extend down from and connect directly to the spiral from the first part.

Draw a vertical line down from the base of this spiral, and be sure to give it a slight waviness and curve. As you get to the base of the letter, it will start to curve to the left.

This will gradually turn into another spiral shape that is similarly shaped to the first one. As you will see in the example, it will be facing the opposite direction to that one.

This spiral will loop and curve to the right until it becomes another slightly wavy vertical line. The vertical line will extend to the top of the letter.

You will see that there is a small gap at this point, but we will fill that in shortly!


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 3

There is a lot to cover in step 3 of this fancy letter M, but we will go through it slowly! This is a step where we especially suggest following our example image as closely as possible as you draw.

First, we will begin simply with a sharp little shape near the top of the letter. This will begin to fill in that gap left at the end of the previous step.

At the base of this sharp point, we will then draw a curved line heading down. Just above the halfway point of the letter, you can end this line and create a dip.

The line will slope up and around to form the top of the right-hand side of the letter. This will then slope down sharply, ending in a sharp little section at the base.

Curl it back around and then up to form the right-hand ‘leg’ of the letter. Near the top, it will loop down again to create the central dip of the letter.

The dip will have a flat base before arching up to fill in the gap higher up. This may sound complicated, but it’s easier than it looks if you go slowly.

It will also be easier if you drew out the letter in pencil to start with. Speaking of those pencil lines, they can be erased now, as the outline is complete.


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 4

There was a lot to do in the previous two steps, but in this one you can slow down and relax a bit, as there is nothing as complex in this step.

In fact, this is a step where you can experiment and have some fun with the design. In our example, you will see the pattern we chose for the letter.

We used some wavy lines all throughout the interior of the letter to give it a more intricate look. You could fill the letter with other patterns or texture details as well.

If you prefer a more solid look for the letter, then you could leave out interior details altogether and rather fill it with color later.

It can be difficult to decide with all these options! If you find it a challenge to settle on one idea, you could always make several versions of the drawing so you can experiment.

When you’re happy with the interior, we will then add some extra exterior flourishes in the next step to prepare your drawing for some coloring fun!


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 5

Now you’re ready to add some final little details and touches to the design in this step. We give you a base to work from by showing you some details we chose for our version.

If you like the way these look, you can copy them all for your own drawing exactly as they are! Or, you could use them as inspiration for your own detail choices.

It’s up to you, but for now we will stick to our designs. First, we added some spiraled lines to the letter, one from the top tip and one from the tip on the bottom right.

Next, we added some simple small dots along the upper edges of the letter. Finally, we tried to create a sense of movement and vibrancy for the letter.

This was done by adding some lines around some of the outlines of the letter. These are all examples of simple touches that can help to make this drawing come alive!

Can you think of any other little lines and shapes you could use to make this image more vibrant?


How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step 6

You have worked really hard on this fancy letter M, and now you can relax with some coloring fun to finish it off. This is a step where you can really show off your creativity!

In our reference image, we show you one of the thousands of colors you could use for the drawing. We chose a rich purple color to give the letter a lovely soft look.

You could use a similar color scheme for your own one, or you could use entirely unique color choices! There are other ways to get creative with it, too.

For example, one way would be to color the letter as we did and then use a colored pen to go over the detail lines.

For example, you could use a complementary color like orange to contrast it. These are some ideas to try, but be sure to let your creativity flow!

Before we finish off, we will now show off a few more ideas to try out to make your drawing even more special.

My Final Tips To Make Your Fancy Letter M Drawing Even Better!

Before we close off this guide, we have a few more ideas for you to try! Specifically, these will be based on creating a theme for your drawing to fill the background.

For one idea, you can think of some cool words that begin with M. This could be the name of a place, maybe somewhere fancy like Milan.

If you wrote out that word in a fancy style, then you could draw little pictures and designs that remind you of Italy.

It’s just one idea, but you could make a theme no matter what you choose! If your name starts with M or you know someone who does, then writing out the name in this font would also be cool to do.

What other themes could you create?

How To Draw Your Own Fancy M step by step guide

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