A Delicious way to Ruin your Swimsuit Body…

(Except that I never had a swimsuit body to begin with, so that just makes it much easier to indulge. haha)

I have been enjoying Oreo’s WAY TOO much lately! A couple months ago I made a delicious ice cream cake out of them and it’s been a downhill battle since then. It’s really just ice cream made to look fancy, but doesn’t it look YUMMY?? It is, trust me….That’s why I’m going to show you how to make this simple creation.

1. Take your carton of ice cream out of the freezer to let it soften. It needs to soften enough that you are able to give it a rough stir.

2. Take a spring form pan (isn’t that what it’s called? you know a cheesecake pan) and line the inside with plastic wrap in both directions, making sure to leave extra hanging off the sides.

3. Open up your package of Oreo’s. Take a handful of them and break them apart in half and layer them on the bottom of your pan to make a crust. (I know you are all mesmorized by the cute blue summer Oreo’s I picked out. haha It really adds a little somethin-somethin in my opinion. LOL!)

4. Next layer Oreo’s around the entire edge of the pan and set aside to get your ice cream ready.

5. Put your softened ice cream in a large mixing bowl. Add any extra yumminess to your ice cream that you desire. Sometimes I crumble up the left over Oreo’s in a ziplock bag and add them to my ice cream. This time I drizzled some caramel syrup in mine and gave it a rough stir. The possibilities are endless. You can add fresh fruit, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate syrup, crumbled candy bars, marshmallow cream, whatever you want!

6. After the ice cream is stirred, pour it into your Oreo crust.

7. (Optional) Sometimes I drizzle some syrup on top of the ice cream to make it look pretty.

8. Wrap the plastic wrap (not too tightly) over the top of the pan and place it in the freezer for several hours. I usually let it go at least 6-8 hrs (depends on how anxious I am, LOL!).

9. When you can’t stand to wait any longer, remove your ice cream cake from the freezer. Undo the snap on your pan, the cake slips right out. Unwrap the plastic wrap and you have a masterpiece.

10. Cut two slices (one for yourself and one for your hubby, or two for you, whatever works!), drizzle some more caramel and chocolate syrup on it, cuddle next to your hubby on the couch way past your bedtime and indulge in a little slice of heaven!!

And then leave me a comment of how it was soooooo worth having to buy a bigger swimsuit….  😉

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