How To Draw A Cartoon Steak – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon steak drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

When it comes to deciding what one will have for each meal, there are so many options that it can get overwhelming!

For many people, a delicious steak is always the best option, but even then there are choices to be made about which cut you will have and how it will be prepared.

No matter your preference, steak fans can all agree that steak is always a good choice! In this guide on how to draw a cartoon steak, we will see steak in a different light as we create a fun portrayal of this famous food.

By the end of the tutorial we have for you, you will know exactly how to create a steak as you’ve never seen one before!

So grab your art tools as you dig into this mouth-watering step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon steak in just 6 easy steps!how to draw a cartoon steak in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Steak – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon steak step 1

This first step of this cartoon steak drawing will be rather simple! For this initial step, we will simply be drawing the outline for this steak.

Steaks come in many different shapes and styles, but this one will follow a fairly typical steak shape.

That means it will be a rounded, vaguely egg-shaped form. While it may be slightly egg-shaped, it will be more rounded and curvier than a real egg would be.

Once this outline is complete, we can move on to the next step of the guide, and then we can start adding some finer details to this fun steak design.

Step 2 – Now, draw some facial details for this steakhow to draw a cartoon steak step 2

At the beginning of this guide on how to draw a cartoon steak, we mentioned that this steak would be unlike any steak you’ve seen before!

In this second step of the guide, you will see why this is as we add a smiling face to this steak! To do this, you can begin by drawing two oval shapes.

They will be slightly different in size, as this adds to the cartoony look of the design. Then, each one will have a smaller oval inside for the pupils.

We will then draw a small, curved eyebrow over each one. You can finish off with a big smiling mouth, and this will have some teeth and tongue details. Then it’s on to step 3!

Step 3 – Next, draw some more details for the steakhow to draw a cartoon steak step 3

Now, we will be drawing some details at the inner edge of this steak. These details will show where the separation between the meat and the outer fat layer is.

Simply draw some rounded lines on the inner perimeter of the outline, and then extend some thin, pointy sections into the steak interior.

That’s all there is to it for now, and then we can move on!

Step 4 – Now, draw some limbs for this steakhow to draw a cartoon steak step 4

This fourth step of your cartoon steak drawing will have you adding some limbs to this character. That will set this steak even further apart from any steak you’ve seen in real life!

These limbs are drawn in an exaggerated cartoon style. That means that the limbs will be very thin with exaggeratedly large hands and feet.

As shown in the reference image, the arm on the left will be extended outward, whereas the one on the right will be bent at the side.

Finally, the legs will be rather short and will each be pointing outwards. Once these limbs are added, we will start adding the final details of this drawing in the next step!

Step 5 – Add the final details to your cartoon steak drawinghow to draw a cartoon steak step 5

It’s almost time for the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon steak, but first we have some smaller details to add in this step.

These details may be smaller, but they will make it look even better! You will also have a chance to add some details of your own.

First, let’s add those smaller details. We added some small, thin lines to the arms and legs, and these help to give some shading details.

Then, you can add any extra details of your own! It could be fun to draw a background for this character, and that would open up a lot of possibilities.

If you enjoy steak in real life, you could create more characters based on sides that you would have with steak. This is one idea, but what else can you think of?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with colorhow to draw a cartoon steak step 6

Now, it’s time to finish off this picture with some color! In our reference image, we colored this picture with some light pinks for the meat, and then we used some very light beige for the fat layer.

You could go for these colors too, but there are other ways you could color it as well.

The color of steak changes depending on how long it was cooked, so you could color this steak to show how you like your steak.

This would mean incorporating ever darker browns and pinks depending on how well done you like it.

What colors and art mediums will you choose for this steak?

5 Tips To Make Your Cartoon Steak Drawing Even Better!

Make a tasty drawing with these tips for your cartoon steak sketch!

This drawing of cartoon steak has a fun facial expression, but you could customize it by changing up the face of the character. This could be a different expression or maybe even a brand new art style.

Changing the expression or the way the face looks can make your drawing even more personalized, so what faces could you use for this steak?

Another way you could change up this cartoon steak would be to make it a bit less cartoony. The easiest way to do this would be to remove the face entirely.

You could also remove the limbs of the steak if you wanted to make it more realistic. That way, you could keep the stylized look of the steak while making it a bit more realistic.

If you did decide to remove some of the cartoony elements of the drawing, then you could add some details that would make it a bit more realistic.

For example, you could add some sauce or other garnish to the cartoon steak. This would be a great way to show what you enjoy on your steak.

A great steak needs some great sides, and these would be great to add to your cartoon steak drawing. One classic would be a pile of fries or maybe some mash.

There are tons of vegetables, bread items and other sides that go really well with steak. Once again, it’s a great way for you to show what you would like to enjoy with a real steak.

Whether you went with our previous tips or not, you could finish it off with a background. This is something you could do whether you kept it cartoony or made it more realistic.

This could be something like a restaurant, a kitchen or maybe a living room setting.

These are some of the more common settings you could go for, but there are so many creative settings you could go for!

Your cartoon steak drawing is Complete!

You have finished all 6 courses of this guide on how to draw a cartoon steak, and you have ended up with a really fun picture at the end of it!

We hope that working through the steps in this guide showed you that creating this picture can be really fun and easy when you know what to do.

Now that you have finished the design, you don’t need to stop! There is plenty of room for your own creativity as you add your own touches and ideas.

In the guide, we spoke about adding a background that features food characters as one idea. Will you try out this idea or maybe go with a unique one of your own?

Then, you can head to our website for even more fun as you try out more of our drawing guides and other activities! Be sure to check in often, as more are coming soon.

You can then show off how well your cartoon steak drawing turned out by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!how to draw a cartoon steak in 6 easy steps


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