How To Draw A Cartoon Seal – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon seal drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

There are many different animals that live in and around our oceans. Some are fish, and some are mammals with every variety you can think of in between!

Seals are some of the cutest creatures that live around the ocean. These dog-like mammals are known for their grace in the water as well as their intelligence.

They can also be fun to create artworks about, and that is what we will do in this guide as we learn how to draw a cartoon seal.

By the end of this tutorial you have before you, you will know everything there is to know about replicating one of these cute creatures.

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon seal in just 6 steps will show you how to create your very own seal to draw a cartoon seal in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Seal – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon seal step 1

The cartoon seal drawing that we will be creating in this tutorial is a really cute and happy one! For this first step, we will focus on the head and face of this seal.

To begin, you can draw a horizontal oval shape for the big nose of the creature. We will then create a snout and muzzle for the seal, and these will be drawn using some rounded lines.

Once the nose and snout are drawn, we will then add the eyes. These will be drawn as some large, vertical oval shapes that have line details above and below them.

Finish off this step by drawing the back of the head with another rounded line, and then we can proceed to step 2!

Step 2 – Now, draw some facial details for this sealhow to draw a cartoon seal step 2

This second step will see you adding some facial details to the face outline that you started previously.

First, draw some small black circles with even smaller white ones within for the pupils. Then, we will add some short, slightly curved lines coming from the muzzle for his whiskers.

Next, you can draw the bottom of his open mouth with a rounded line for his tongue. That’s all there is to it for now, and then we can proceed!

Step 3 – Next, draw the body outline for this sealhow to draw a cartoon seal step 3

For step 3 of this guide on how to draw a cartoon seal, we will start adding the body. First, let’s begin with the back.

You can do this by drawing a long, curved line coming down from the base of the back of the head.

This will then have a much smaller curved line near the end of it. This smaller line will show where the skin is bunching up a bit.

Then, for the chest of the seal we will be using a curvy, rounded line. The reference image will show you how this should look!

Once you have drawn these aspects, we can continue drawing the body in the next steps.

Step 4 – Now, draw the front flippershow to draw a cartoon seal step 4

Now, we can add the flippers for this cute cartoon seal drawing in this fourth step. This should be a rather simple aspect to add! All you need to do to begin this is draw the outlines.

The outlines for the flippers will be rounded with pointy tips at the ends. Then, we will add some more slightly curved lines inside of these outlines to add some texture.

That will do it for this step, and then we can add some final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5 – Add the final details to your cartoon seal drawinghow to draw a cartoon seal step 5

This step of the guide will see you finishing off the outline for the rest of the seal’s body. This mainly means that we will be adding the tail for the animal.

As shown in the reference picture, the back portion of the seal gets narrower as it goes, and it is drawn also using some curvy lines.

Finally, it will end in the forked tail flippers. These ones will be drawn in a very similar way to the front flippers, but they will be much smaller.

Once these final details have been added, you can add some extra details of your own! It could be fun to add a background, and there are many options you could go for when doing this.

You could draw a lovely ocean background, and this would provide a great opportunity for some more fun sea creatures! How will you finish it off?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with colorhow to draw a cartoon seal step 6

We went for a rather muted color scheme in our example image for this final step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon seal.

You’ll see that we went for a more realistic color scheme by incorporating some shades of grey for the skin of the seal.

We then used some shades of brown for the nose. You could go for some similar colors for your own drawing, but you should also feel free to use any additional colors of your own!

You can also have some fun deciding on the art tools and mediums you will choose to achieve your chosen colors, and that opens up so many opportunities.

We can’t wait to see how you finish this one off!

4 More Ways To Make Your Cartoon Seal Drawing Unique

Take a dive into a few ways you can make your cartoon seal sketch even better!

Seals are social creatures that will often hang out in groups. For that reason, it could be fun to add some more to your drawing of a cartoon seal!

All you would need to do is follow through the guide again and then add some more similar looking seals.

You could change a few small details to make each one unique, but all of them could look fairly similar.

How many seals would you like to hang out with this one?

You could also add different kinds of ocean creatures to make this cartoon seal less lonely. There are similar land animals such as the walrus who could make a fine addition.

Of course, you could also add any number of animals that live in the water. These could include dolphins, sharks or even whales, just to name a few.

Adding a whole load of different ocean creatures done in a similar cartoon style would help to make this drawing look even more dynamic!

Once you have added all of the animals you want for this cartoon seal drawing, you could also consider adding a background. There are so many different settings you could use!

The seal could be sitting on a rock in the ocean with the waves crashing around it, or it could be swimming in the ocean having a fun time. What are some settings you could use to finish it off?

Finally, you could also go for some less natural elements for this cartoon seal sketch.

For example, you could add a beach ball that it could play with, and maybe it could even be wearing some sunglasses.

We spoke about putting this seal in a realistic, natural setting, but you could also put it in a context such as a zoo or even a circus.

There is no wrong way to go about it, and anything you choose will look great in its own way!

Your cartoon seal Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoyed this trip to the seaside with this guide on how to draw a cartoon seal! These creatures are really cute and unique, and this is a really fun and adorable portrayal of one.

As long as you follow all of these steps we’re sure you will have the hang of it in no time!

Once you have completed the drawing, remember that you can keep the fun going by adding some details of your own.

We mentioned drawing a background and new details, but you can also expand the image with some color choices and fun mediums.

Then, you can keep the fun going when you visit our website! We have a massive selection of drawing guides and other activities, and the list just continues to grow.

Be sure to keep checking in to never miss out!

Lastly, we hope you will share your finished cartoon seal drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see. It’s always fun to see how your artwork turns out!how to draw a cartoon seal in 6 easy steps


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